Chris Jericho feels any of Dancing with the Stars' six remaining couples are capable of being crowned the show's twelfth-season champs and the competition will be decided by who bring their "A" game the rest of the way.

"At this stage of the competition, it's such an even playing field that if you're not at your absolute best every night, you're going to be where we are right now," the WWE wrestler said during a Wednesday morning appearance with professional partner Cheryl Burke on Good Morning America.

"So, anybody can win. People ask, 'Who do you think's going to win?' I don't know because it could be any one of the remaining six couples for sure."

Jericho had thanked his fans for their support and suggested he had learned some information about the results of this week's home-viewer voting in a Twitter message he posted after his elimination on Tuesday night's live results show.

"Just want you guys to know that my votes went up a lot this week. Thanks to all of you! My exit was a lot closer than you think," he tweeted Tuesday night.

However, Jericho backtracked from the idea that he was privy to any actual details of the week's voting results when asked about the tweet during his Good Morning America appearance.

"Well, it's just a feeling -- what I'm thinking about," he said.

"The entire concept of the show was just, 'Do the best you can,' and to continue to improve. I think the fans got behind me for that and I was just really excited about the results that we had. It's sad to go home, but it was a great experience."

Burke also reiterated her belief that Jericho came far during his time on the show and held him up as an example of an ideal Dancing with the Stars contestant.

"I think that's the whole point of the show. Someone with no dance experience, like Chris, coming here and improving every single week. That's what this show is all about," she said.

"It's about the journey that you take and I think Chris has done a great job proving to people that he can be graceful on the dance floor."