Chris Blue was almost locked out of The Voice experience because he was one of the last people to audition and only Alicia Keys had a spot available, but lucky for him, the coach wanted Chris on her team very badly.

Chris, a 26-year-old from Knoxville, TN, sang "The Tracks of My Tears" for his blind audition with impressive falsetto, perfectly-executed runs and other tricks.

While Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton probably would've loved to have Chris on their teams, Adam was especially disappointed he missed out because he knew he'd have a lot to teach the artist since they both have high male voices. Chris appeared thrilled, however, just to make it to the next round, the infamous "Battle Round."

During a Wednesday conference call with reporters, Chris talked to Reality TV World about making a team on Season 12 of The Voice. Below is what he had to say.

Reality TV World: It was clear to me that more coaches would have turned around for your blind audition if their teams weren't already full. I believe you probably would have gotten all four chairs actually. So if you did have a choice between all four coaches, do you think you still would have gone with Alicia's team?

Chris Blue: You know, I am going to be honest with you... It is a win/win situation to be honest with you. All four are legendary in this music business and all four are incredible at what they do. And so, to be honest with you, I have no idea. Going in, I would have, you know, probably said Alicia. I feel like we have a lot in common. 

I feel like musically, she would just kind of understand me, you know, in a different way than maybe Blake, Gwen or Adam. I grew up listening to Maroon 5, so my heart would have been tugging that way [towards the band's frontman Adam]. Then again, I learned how to spell "bananas," like [Quizz Swanigan] said, listening to Gwen.

And Blake, he is just a super awesome guy and he knows what he is doing. I mean, he is doing this show more than any of the other coaches and probably I think all of the coaches on the panel now combined. He has won more shows than all of them.

So to be honest with you, it is a win/win situation either way it goes. I am happy, you know, I am grateful to God, you know, the way things played out. But had all four chairs turned, we probably still would be watching the episode right now because I would be confused as whom to pick.

Also during the call, Chris talked to reporters about his thoughts on being a member of "Team Alicia.'

So how do you feel about being on "Team Alicia" now?

Chris Blue: How do I feel? So what I did was the other day I tried to look up words in the dictionary that would describe incredible, magnificent, awesome, stupendous, superb something that could like surpass that. And I couldn't find much, so to be honest with you, man, I am really speechless.  It is an incredible experience.
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I am super stoked as you can still hear in my voice. I am super excited at this opportunity and to be able to work with Alicia. She is definitely one of the greats in the music industry and I am looking forward to it man seriously.

Can you talk about the kind of music you would like to make as a solo artist? Because obviously with the Blue Brothers band, you were singing mostly gospel, Christian music.

Chris Blue: Yes, yes absolutely. I would probably say I don't know if this is a genre, but I would say inspirational, you know, pop or soul, funk and gospel, and R&B of course influence based.

But just something that inspires people, man, because that is kind of the life I am in. I am into inspiring people and presenting hope and giving hope. And so if there is a genre called "inspirational," then that is where I think my lane would be.