Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen is opening up about what viewers can expect to see from this season's cast and which houseguests are potential game-changers or ones to watch out for.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday night on CBS, and the world is going to see a different side of 11 celebrities.

The celebs include former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault, American Pie actress Shannon Elizabeth, former NBA player Metta World Peace -- formally known as Ron Artest -- former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, Big Time Rush singer James Maslow, Hairspray Broadway star Marissa Jaret Winokur, and Miss Universe 2015 Ariadna Gutierrez.

Julie said in an interview with TV Guide that the reaction to Omarosa's casting has been "amazing" because her participation was "jaw-dropping" and made everyone interested.

"You can't tell me every news organization isn't going to have to monitor her in the house to see if she says anything about the White House or the president," Julie explained, indirectly referencing Big Brother's live feeds that will record the celebrities' every move 24 hours a day.

"So it's amazing... whether you are offended by her or you don't really have a big opinion of her. After knowing Donald Trump for 15 years from her experience on The Apprentice, the original first season of The Apprentice, to the past year in the White House, she had a front row seat to one of the most fascinating names in the news today. That has to make you stand up."

Due to Omarosa's association with Trump and his unpopularity, fans may assume she'd be an easy first target in the Big Brother house, but Julie apparently disagrees.

After the first day of filming, Julie told TV Guide, "I think that in many ways it is an advantage to someone who's coming in as a 'villain' like Omarosa. The only way is up for her, in my opinion. Because I watched her totally charm everyone yesterday because they want to hate her and they think they know her."

Julie continued, "If you build someone up too much like they're your hero, the only place to go is down. They're just going to fall from grace. But if you think of someone as the worst person ever on reality TV, the only way is up because nobody can be that bad."

Julie therefore suggested an unflattering reputation would be irrelevant in the Big Brother house.

"It's not going to mean anything. It's someone who doesn't have a reputation, like an unknown. Like I could tell some of the older people in the house didn't really know who James Maslow was. And James Maslow, he's a baby, he's 27, I'm not sure he knows who he is. He's just trying to figure out this celebrity game. He's not like Justin Bieber, who's been a big name for a long time," Julie explained.

"So I think he's going to have it harder, or even Miss Colombia, nobody really knows what to think of her except that she was humiliated on a world stage when she thought she was Miss Universe and then had to embarrassingly, you know, give back the crown... They're going to have to work harder to prove 'you should like me, you should trust me.'"

So what are Julie's thoughts on Marissa with whom she previously co-hosted The Talk? Julie admitted there's a "soft spot" in her heart for that particular houseguest.

"She's a superfan, she's a great person, she makes me laugh... We all love her and it's hard to watch her and not like her because she's very self-deprecating, she's very funny, she's very upbeat, she's very bubbly," Julie said.

"So of course there's a secret part of me that's rooting for her... And it's hard to win Big Brother. I think if she ever won, it'd be really emotional and I'd love to see her do it for her 10-year-old son, who's the biggest Big Brother fan. So mom-to-mom and former co-worker-to-former co-worker, I secretly root for her because she's an underdog."

In terms of another Big Brother houseguest viewers should pay attention to this season, Julie mentioned Shannon Elizabeth.

"Shannon Elizabeth is one to watch. I didn't realize she was such a big fan until we were trying to cast Celebrity Big Brother," Julie told TV Guide.

"But I didn't know that she had become a serious, high stakes poker player and really good. Just watching her last night, she's in shape, she can do endurance challenges, she doesn't let her mouth get in the way of playing the game. I think she's the dark horse to watch in this."

These 11 celebrities are going to have to get used to the live feeds, and Julie disclosed it was a bigger adjustment for some houseguests over others.

"I think Omarosa knows exactly what she's doing. This woman is no fool... She knows how she has been portrayed on reality TV before, so I think she is ready for it. Someone like Metta World Peace, I think he has no idea what is happening right now," Julie explained.

"I don't think he knows what Big Brother is. I don't think he knows the concept of how to win this game, how to play the game. He's just kind of own his own planet. Obviously he's a fierce competitor on the basketball court... but Big Brother is a competition, an experience and a game like no other."

Julie added, "I don't think he's aware that everything he says and does is going to get scrutinized, repeated, blown up and is being watched and monitored by the live feeders. So yeah, I think some people are very aware and others are not."

Fans can anticipate the celebrities will be competing in "a pressure cooker" due to the short filming schedule of two-and-a-half weeks, according to Julie, and she's obviously expecting big things from this cast. 

"I saw all these people getting along, which was a little cause for concern for me... [but] no one likes to be humiliated and especially not stars. So I think once we get our first Nomination Ceremony down, then you're going to see the house divided," Julie teased.