Carly Rose Sonenclar's family is reportedly furious at LeAnn Rimes for throwing The X Factor finalist under the bus after the two singers performed an awkward duet of "How Do I Live" during Wednesday night's final performance show.

Sources close to Sonenclar are extremely pissed at Rimes, whom some had speculated was drunk during the performance, for saying she had been "trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song" due to nerves, when in fact, the sources told TMZ that Sonenclar had out-performed Rimes and wasn't the one making the vocal mistakes.

The family sources apparently believe Rimes is trying to insist Sonenclar was struggling to hit the right notes to take the heat off her own portion of the performance.

Rimes and her lawyer Larry Stein denied all rumors yesterday that the country singer was in any way impaired during Wednesday night's show.

Now that Sonenclar's family is speaking out, Rimes is reportedly claiming she never gave TMZ a quote to begin with. However, the website is insisting Rimes' representative gave them the quote to use.

Sonenclar finished The X Factor's second season as the runner-up during last night's finale broadcast. She was defeated by winner Tate Stevens.