Another week, another bad leadership casualty on The Apprentice 3.

Exhibiting an apparent inability to get along with any of his fellow team members, Brian McDowell failed to effectively lead his Networth team to victory in The Apprentice 3's Jersey shore motel renovation task. After following up his poor project manager performance with an opening boardroom admittance that he should in fact be fired, Donald Trump gave Brian the early checkout that the 29-year-old New Jersey real estate broker had suggested, dismissing him without even bothering to go through the motions of having him select a couple of other team members that should also be considered for firing.

The Apprentice 3's second episode began with Trump announcing that the two corporations would be tasked with renovating and operating two run-down New Jersey shore motels, with the task's winner to be determined by customer feedback ratings collected by Yahoo! Local, the corporate sponsor of the episode's challenge.

Citing his real estate sales experience and the fact he lives in New Jersey, the diminutive Brian (who bares more than a passing physical resemblance to The Practice's Michael Badalucco and appears to share the personality of the abrasive and boisterous Jimmy Berluti character that Badalucco played) "stepped up" and offered to become project manager for the challenge, landing the role by default when no other team member indicated interested in the position.

Despite some Omarosa-like diva behavior from Verna Felton that threatened to sabotage the Magna team's efforts, Magna easily came out ahead in the guests' final review evaluations, sending the college-educated team off to a victory dinner cruise on billionaire Steve Forbes' yacht and Networth up to its first boardroom session.

Having alienated his entire team with his heavy-handed management style that resulted in both a failure to consult his fellow team members before making key decisions and a perceived misallocation of the team's renovation budget, Brian appeared to enter the boardroom as a man resigned to his fate. Blaming Networth's loss on a lack of team cooperation but acknowledging that it was his fault that his team lost, Brian agreed with Trump's opening suggestion that he should be fired -- a move that left Trump nearly speechless.

Following some brief discussion of Brian's poor interaction with his fellow team members and his bad decision making (which included replacing 14 adequate toilets instead of purchasing new carpeting), The Donald took Brian up on his offer, cutting short the boardroom session and making Brian The Apprentice 3's second candidate to be fired.