Blake Shelton taught Jimmy Fallon how to milk a cow on Monday during his appearance on "The Tonight Show."

The skit, which was put together as a way for Shelton to get back at Fallon for having him try sushi for the first time in May, involved the pair working on a farm with a cow named Oreo.

"You dressed very disrespectful, you look like Howdy Doody right now," "The Voice" coach joked about Fallon's outfit which consisted of a cowboy hat and overhauls.

"You think this is a game? This is serious!" he continued.

As Fallon attempted to reach his hand out to milk Oreo, Shelton was quick to stop him in order to make sure it was done in a gentle way.

"You don't just reach out and grab a tete. This is all about romance and finesse. So have a connection with Oreo," the country singer explained.

After the late night host was unable to get milk into his bowl of cereal, Shelton helped Fallon get the job done.

Afterwards the pair shared a congratulatory shot glass of fresh milk that left Fallon with a sour face.