The Biggest Loser's  The Biggest Loser cast-offs Adam and Stacey Capers haven't let their defeat affect their dedication to dropping their waist size.">first week cast-offs Adam and Stacey Capers haven't let their defeat affect their dedication to dropping their waist size.

"We are super competitive and we are still reeling from getting booted off first. So we feel we have a lot to prove [in order] to prove them right and, you know, we're sticking with it. And there's nothing that is gonna stop us," Stacey, a 33-year-old contract pricing analyst from Gainesville, VA, told reporters on Wednesday.

The couple -- who initially weighed in collectively at 561 lbs. before the start of the competition and dropped 28 lbs. before their elimination, told Reality TV World that Stacey had been the initial driving force behind applying for the contest. After learning that the show would be holding a casting call in Suffolk, VA, Stacey said that she lobbied to get Adam and her two children into the car to embark on the three-hour drive to the audition.

"Actually on the day of the audition -- at midnight -- we decided to go. I was like 'C'mon lets just go and do it!'" she said.

Once in the competition, Stacey said that she was impressed by trainer Bob Harper, who oversaw the Capers -- as well as each other married couples' -- workouts.

"We loved Bob," she told Reality TV World. "I mean he just has an incredible spirit. His heart is so committed to helping people realize hat they can make a change in themselves and with issues that they have with weight... it was really intense."

Adam added that the intensity of the workouts spread throughout the competition, including the season's first challenge in which contestants had to trek through one-mile of rough terrain in 100-degree heat.

"To be honest with you, I wanted to quit" he said with a laugh. "It wasn't just the heat, it was the terrain."

"Adam and I are pretty athletic, and we didn't know that it could actually hurt that bad," Stacey said about the workouts' effects on the couple's bodies.

However both Adam and Stacey agreed that the intense program was well worth it, and launched them on the path to significant wieght loss.  After beginning at 340 lbs., Adam had dropped his weight to 286 lbs. at the time of the update that aired at the conclusion of Tuesday night's premiere broadcast. After starting at 221 lbs. Stacey had dropped to 175 lbs.

But both Adam and Stacey have actually continued to lose additional weight since their update clip was filmed.  Adam said he now weighs 275 lbs. while Stacey now weighs 158 lbs. and both expect to continue shedding additional weight.

"I've struggled with my weight my entire life. When I was 11-years old I think I weighted like 142 lbs. and I was always the friendly girl, the nice girl, the girl with the pretty hair, but I was never the thin girl," Stacey said. "But now I'm pretty amazed at my transformation and what I've been able to accomplish."
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Acknowledging that she and Adam had fallen victim to significant portion control problems prior to joining the show, Stacey said that the family had gone through a drastic change in their eating lifestyle that focused on a more balanced diet between proteins, carbohydrates and fats for her, Adam, and their children in order to drop the weight.

"We're very conscious about checking labels and making sure that the nutrition value of the food that he's eating, even as an infant, are what he should be eating," she said of applying their The Biggest Loser knowledge to feeding their youngest child, an infant.

Stacey added that and Adam also stuck to the food intake limitations that had been established while at The Biggest Loser ranch, in which Stacey was limited to 1,200 calories a day and Adam to 1,800.

Adam said that they had found a gym and personal trainer soon after returning home from the show, and had developed a workout schedule that also allowed both enough time to work and spend time with their children as well.

"Basically we trained with a certified trainer for Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we did it three days a week and then we also did it on our own," Adam told reporters, before adding that he often would try to hit the gym before going to work while Stacey would usually workout after their children had gone to bed in the evening.

"But that's a sacrifice that we've decided to make to make this lasting change in our lives," Stacey said.

While they're both determined to back up their reputation as one of the competition's bigger threats with a strong showing at the finale's weigh-in, Stacey and Adam admitted they do have separate rooting interests among the remaining teams.

Citing their determination and hard work in the gym, Stacey said she was hoping Orange team members Ed Brantley and his wife Heba Salama -- the team that ended up in the bottom two alongside Adam and Stacey during the season's first weigh-in -- will prevail.

Adam, on the other hand, felt that the Pink team may pull off a surprise victory.

"They seem under the radar," he said of the team made up by made up of Renee Wilson and her daughter Michelle Aguilar . "No one's really looking at them and they seem like a team that could sneak up and win it."