Big Brother unveiled an additional twist to the season's new "coaches" gameplay format and revealed it's first eviction nominations during Sunday night's broadcast of the CBS reality show's fourteenth season.

Big Brother's second episode featured host Julie Chen explaining to the 11 first-time houseguests and four returning houseguests -- who are each serving as a coach to a group of newbie contestants in the hopes of guiding one of them to a Big Brother victory -- that the season will include weekly coaches' competitions in which Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, "Boogie" Mike Malin, and Janelle Pierzina must battle against each other in challenges to earn the power to grant one of their players safety from eviction for the week.

In addition, Willie Hantz -- the season's first Head of Household -- nominated Frank Eudy and Kara Monaco for eviction.  

During last night's episode, the four coaches competed in a "Big Brother Derby" in which Britney and Boogie squared off in Heat 1 and then Dan and Janelle faced off in Heat 2. The players were instructed to race around a slippery track in the same direction while wearing a horse costume until one person could catch up to the player in front of him or her. The houseguest to reach the person ahead had to rip off that player's tail in order to win the heat. Afterward, the two winners would compete in the third and final heat to be crowned champion.

Boogie won the first heat and Janelle won the second heat, so once those two returning houseguests battled it out in the final round, Boogie ended up winning the competition. As a result, Boogie chose to keep Ian Terry safe from eviction instead of choosing one of his other two team members.

At the end of Monday night's broadcast, Willie had to determine which two fellow first-time houseguests he wanted to nominate for eviction. Willie had strategically formed an alliance with Boogie's team member Frank but ended up backstabbing him in order to comply with his coach Britney's wishes.

Britney and Janelle had decided to work together and unite all their teammates to vote off Boogie and Dan's team members one by one, because it had become obvious to both girls that Boogie and Dan had joined forces in the game. Therefore, Britney and Janelle saw Frank as a huge threat and potential tough competitor, so they influenced Willie to vote for him.

In addition, both Britney and Janelle's teams figured Kara was Dan's most valuable player and therefore saw the need to eliminate her as soon as possible as well. As a result, Willie nominated both Frank and Kara for eviction -- a move which could be detrimental to either Boogie or Dan's team.
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