Big Brother featured Matthew "Turner" Turner winning Head of Household and nominating Taylor Hale and Brittany Hoopes for eviction during the Season 24 broadcast that aired Sunday night on CBS.

Turner, a 23-year-old thrift store owner from North Attleborough, MA who currently resides in New Bedford, MA, won the Head of Household competition and decided to put Taylor, a 27-year-old personal stylist from West Bloomfield, MI, and Brittany, a 32-year-old hypnotherapist from Atlanta, GA who currently resides in Austin, TX, on the chopping block heading into the next Power of Veto competition.


The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 51, with the split-house twist officially over.

All of the houseguests reunited, with the "Dyre Fest" festivalgoers re-entering the Big Brother house, joining the members of "Big Brochella."

Michael Bruner, Monte Taylor and Brittany of "The Leftovers" alliance realized Joe Abdin had been evicted, and since there were three Leftovers at Dyre Fest, Monte and Taylor weren't sure how this could have happened.

Joseph had been Monte's No. 1 ally in the game, and so Monte had to figure out how to pick up the pieces. And Taylor had a crush on Joseph and thought that he left the house too soon.

But Turner was thrilled that Jasmine Davis had been voted out.

As for Kyle Capener, he was nervous about what was going to happen since he had betrayed "The Leftovers" to save Alyssa Snider and himself from seeing the chopping block at "Dyre Fest."

The houseguests compared their experiences at the different festivals, and Alyssa's new "Afterparty" alliance with Kyle, Turner and Terrance Higgins planned to blame Joseph's eviction on his own actions.

Monte still has trust in "The Leftovers" and decided to remain loyal to them as a result.

Terrance told Taylor that Joseph had been "talking in circles" and "playing crazy," but Taylor pointed out in the Diary Room how if Terrance was truly "suspicious" of Joseph -- whom he hadn't talked much game with -- then he should've been wary of Kyle and Turner as well.

Kyle followed suit with the "Afterparty" alliance and blamed Joseph for his own demise. Michael wasn't sure if Kyle was trying to spin a narrative that would benefit him.

It then became time for the next Head of Household competition. Michael and Terrance, as outgoing Head of Households, were deemed ineligible to compete.

The participating players were required to stack 21 micro energy drinks into a tiny pyramid on a table in the Green Room, starting with six cans on the bottom and ending with one on top.

There had to be a blue row on the bottom, topped with a red row, a green row, and then the same sequence repeated a second time to complete the pyramid. The players had to use giant tweezers to build their micro-pyramid and were not allowed to touch anything else with their hands.


Taylor wanted to target the people who had sent Joseph to the Jury House, and Kyle hoped one of his new allies would win the competition.

Brittany said if she won HoH this week, she'd like to target Terrance, who had been stepping his game up big time and had a lot of blood on his hands.

Meanwhile, Monte was hoping one of "The Leftovers" would pull out a big win for their group or he could take home his second HoH win of the season.

In the end, Turner won Head of Household, and he was thrilled to have power after struggling at "Dyre Fest." Terrance, Kyle, and Alyssa all celebrated the competition's results.

Monte wanted to check that "The Leftovers" and "The Pound" were still a thing and intact.

Michael thought it was going to be a no-brainer that Terrance and Alyssa would be nominated for eviction.

Turner felt aligned with everyone in the house between his two big alliances, and so he tried to keep everyone calm and feeling safe. Turner therefore knew betraying two people was going to be "extremely tough," but he needed to prioritize his own individual game.

Footage then flashed back to Day 28, with Turner and Kyle making a Final 2 deal.

Turner planned to stay loyal to Kyle, who always had each other's back inside "The Pound," under his HoH reign.

Turner talked to Kyle about how he may nominate Terrance and Alyssa for eviction, but that made no sense to Kyle.

"If you go with The Leftovers that I just betrayed last week, my game is basically over," Kyle lamented in the Diary Room.

Kyle told Turner that Alyssa and Terrance posed zero threat to their game and so they should target one of the four other "Leftovers." Kyle pointed out how Taylor, Michael and Brittany had been playing everyone in the house and were a tight threesome in the house.


"They need to be the target. And if [Monte] is onboard with that, then I think we take a shot at them this week," Kyle told Turner. "I feel like if we don't take [Michael] out now, he's going to run the game."

Taylor was then shown venting about how the people at "Dyre Fest" all shared the same story about Joseph, which was a little hard for her to believe. She could sense that something was not right.

Monte and Michael discussed with Taylor how "Dyre Fest" may have decided to ban together and work against the other side of the house, but Michael wasn't sure everyone would've agreed to that.

"If any of us go up, [Turner] is definitely faking the funk," Monte told the group.

"You are either with us or you aren't," Taylor noted.

Michael planned to remind Turner how his allies had taken out Jasmine just for him.

Turner then warned Monte that he was fifth in "The Leftovers" and Michael, Brittany and Taylor had previously asked Joseph to be their "fourth." Monte realized he may have to pivot if there was a smaller alliance within "The Leftovers" that he wasn't a part of.

Monte shared with Turner how Brittany had previously suggested they should maybe target Kyle and Turner at some point if anything shady happened. Brittany had said their alliance would be able to take care of Alyssa and Terrance later on.

Monte said he had just been going along with that plan, and Turner felt betrayed. Turner apparently felt closer with Monte than with Michael, Brittany or Taylor, and so he considered keeping Monte safe.

Monte, Turner and Kyle then discussed how he'd be willing to vote Michael out. He remained loyal to "The Pound" and said "The Leftovers" was over for him.

"I would sacrifice almost anything in this game to survive, except maybe Alyssa," Kyle noted to the cameras.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Turner announced he had decided to nominate Taylor and Brittany for eviction.

"I love you as people, but Joseph said that Taylor asked to go into a Final 3 with [Brittany and Michael]. I feel left out of a Final 3, so this is what I thought was best for my game," Turner declared.

"I don't know why Joseph would lie about this, but that is all I have to go based off of. I love you both."

Turner chose to take sides with "The Afterparty" and "The Pound," and he was clearly blaming everything on Joseph.

Taylor cried about Joseph having hurt the people he had protected for most of the game, and she said she was "really sick" of being at everybody else's mercy.

Brittany was also "shocked" about this decision.


"He might as well have said, 'The Leftovers are done, fend for yourselves,'" Brittany cried in the Diary Room. "We can get ourselves out of this. We can and we will."

Michael said Turner had drawn a clear line in the sand and his relationship with Turner was done. Michael began worrying for himself, that there was a bigger backdoor plan in place.

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