Big Brother featured Felicia Cannon winning Head of Household and nominating Cameron Hardin and Jag Bains for eviction, with the goal of backdooring Hisam Goueli, during the Season 25 episode that aired Sunday night on CBS.

Felicia, a 63-year-old real estate agent from Tacoma, WA who currently resides in Kennesaw, GA, won the Head of Household competition and then put Cameron, a 34-year-old stay-at-home dad from Eastman, GA, and Jag, a 25-year-old truck company owner from Omak, WA, on the chopping block.


The Big Brother broadcast began following Reilly Smedley's eviction from the Big Brother house. Reilly, a 24-year-old bartender from Portland, ME who currently resides in Nashville, TN, had been evicted from the house through a unanimous 12-0 vote instead of Cameron on Day 16 of the game.

"My HoH ended and I feel like it was a great success," Hisam, a 45-year-old geriatric physician from Minneapolis, MN who currently resides in Seattle, WA, boasted in the Diary Room.

Cirie Fields said she had planned to keep Reilly around -- just to stick it to Hisam, who had been acting a bit arrogant and controlling with his alliance members -- until Cameron made it known Hisam was going to be his target if he stayed in the house.

Cirie and Izzy Gleicher, a 32-year-old professional flutist from New York, NY, thought this would be the best case scenario because someone would be going after Hisam and their hands would stay clean from blood.

"I can just sit back and watch it all unfold," Cirie noted.

Cameron then confirmed to the cameras that Hisam was Public Enemy No. 1 and he was going to gun after the Cabaret performer with guns blazing.

Meanwhile, Jag and Blue Kim, a 25-year-old brand strategist from Riverside, CA who currently resides in New York, NY, were upset to have lost their good friend and ally, Reilly. They were so disappointed that they couldn't save her from eviction.

And Matt Klotz, a 27-year-old Deaflympics gold medalist from Cameron Park, CA who currently resides in Baton Rouge, LA, was crying over Reilly's departure.

"I can definitely say that I had some feelings for her," Matt confirmed, before footage showed the swimmer telling Reilly that he found her "really attractive" and he had "a little crush" on her.

"I would've liked to have longer in this house [with her] to see where [our relationship] would actually end up."

Blue, Jag and Matt expressed how they all really wanted to win the next Head of Household competition in order to avenge Reilly and take Hisam out next.

It then became time for the season's next HoH competition, inspired by the Humili-verse.

Hisam, as the outgoing Head of Household, was deemed ineligible to compete.

For the competition dubbed "Snot a Winner," the participating players were required to hit a ball with a stick down a "snotty slope." Slots at the bottom of the slope were numbered 1-55. The houseguest to land his or her ball in the highest-numbered slot, after everyone has taken a shot one at a time, would win Head of Household.

The two players to end up with the lowest scores of the competition would become Have Nots for the week.


Hisam was rooting for someone in his Professors alliance to win, but little did he know, some of his "allies" were already conspiring against him.

Cirie didn't want to win HoH in order to avoid making decisions and getting people mad at her. Izzy, on the other hand, wanted to win HoH so she could be responsible for Hisam's send off.

In the end, Felicia was crowned Head of Household with a score of 53.

Hisam was thrilled because the Professors were going to stay in power, and so he predicted he was going to have "an amazing and easy" week with Felicia in power.

Red Utley, a 37-year-old salesperson from Gatlinburg, TN, and America Lopez, a 27-year-old medical receptionist from Edinburg, TX who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, both scored a five. And Matt scored a 10. The three of them therefore became the Have Nots.

Felicia then learned that whenever the Humili-verse called her, she'd have to come to the yard and sit underneath one of the giant noses for "a good old-fashioned snotty." Each time Felicia was called, she'd have to choose a different houseguest to join her under a neighboring nose.

The "humiliating reward" -- which was more like a punishment -- started right away, and so Felicia chose Bowie Jane, a 45-year-old barrister and DJ from Melbourne, Australia who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, to join her.

Blue broke down crying after the competition, thinking her "Handful" alliance was going to be in trouble again.

"I don't have anything to worry about with Felicia as HoH. I know I'm not going to be a Nomination, I know I'm not going to be a pawn, I know that I will move to Week No. 4 -- and that feels amazing," Hisam said in the Diary Room.

Izzy revealed to the cameras how the plan was to not nominate Hisam right away so he wouldn't be guaranteed to play in the Power of Veto competition. Hisam would therefore not be able to compete, win, and potentially take himself off the chopping block with the Veto. That's what Big Brother famously calls a "backdoor" plan.

Cirie and Izzy pitched their plan to Felicia, but she needed to think about whether this Hisam move would be good for her own game. Felicia didn't want to just please the house at her own expense.

Felicia told Cirie and Izzy, however, that taking out Hisam would be "a winning move," and so her allies got excited.

Hisam then asked Felicia whom she was going to target. Before Felicia could even respond, Hisam  interjected and announced, "I want Jag out. Jag was close with Reilly."

Felicia said she was considering Cameron, but Hisam suggested Cameron would be the safest choice.

"He's been walking around, acting like he's king and running the house. When you're talking to Hisam, you have to make him believe that he's the mastermind," Felicia explained to the cameras.


Hisam warned Felicia that if Matt won the Power of Veto, he'd take Jag off the block. Hisam therefore pointed out how putting Jag and Matt against each other on the block would be smart, since Matt would have to save himself upon victory.

Felicia attempted to make Hisam feel as comfortable as possible so that he would have no idea a blindside was coming. The HoH ultimately decided that it was Hisam's time to go.

Blue was then shown vibing with Jared Fields, a 25-year-old exterminator from Norwalk, CT. Blue couldn't help but flirt with Jared because she thought he was cute and sweet. Jared didn't mind the attention and affection, but he was afraid to look like a showmance and power couple in the house.

Before Nominations, Jag checked in with Felicia, and she shared how her alliance wanted to backdoor Hisam. Felicia, however, told Jag that he and Cameron were going to be her pawns for the week, mainly because they're good candidates to win the Power of Veto.

"What if Hisam wins and takes Cam down?" Jag asked.

Jag thought it would be "a terrible position" for him to be sitting on the chopping block without Hisam next to him. As a result, he pitched America or Cory Wurtenberger, a 21-year-old college student from Weston, FL, as a pawn.

When Felicia wasn't biting, Jag assured Felicia that he was okay with her plan and they'd continue to work together.

Felicia then spoke to Cameron about how she didn't want Hisam to play in the Power of Veto. She broke the news to him about being a pawn and how she'd love for him to win the PoV and save himself.

Cameron looked very disappointed, but Felicia comforted him and promised that he wasn't her target.

"By putting Cameron up on the block, even if Hisam gets picked by random draw, there's a good chance that Cameron can beat him in the Veto competition. That's our goal; that's our hope," Felicia explained in a confessional.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Felicia formally announced her decision to nominate Cameron and Jag for eviction.

Felicia told her fellow houseguests, "We had court today. It was in session. Thank you all for attending. This Nomination Ceremony is adjourned."


Hisam told the cameras that he felt "so safe" with Felicia, and so he actually hoped he wouldn't be picked to play in the Power of Veto competition.

"I've already won enough competitions. It's time for someone else to win and put the target on their back," Hisam concluded.

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