Big Brother's houseguests evicted Da'Vonne Rogers on Day 51 of the game during Thursday night's live episode on CBS.

Da'Vonne, a 28-year-old poker deal who currently resides in Lancaster, CA, was evicted from the Big Brother house through a 6-2 vote instead of Bridgette Dunning, a 24-year-old traveling nurse who currently resides in Ventura, CA.

The Big Brother broadcast began a few days earlier, when nominations were decided by Head of Household Paul Abrahamian. Da'Vonne was upset one of her closest allies put her up on the chopping block.

Paulie Calafiore told Bridgette the only people who were going to vote for Da'Vonne would be Zakiyah Everette and Michelle Meyer. Bridgette felt pretty good about her chances to stay because she knew Da'Vonne was a bigger target.

Paul then explained to Da'Vonne he had nominated her as a pawn because she wouldn't overreact like other people in the house. He said he was confident in her and trusted her. Da'Vonne, however, noted in the Diary Room that if they were as close as she thought they were, she'd be his last option for a pawn nomination.

Paul told Da'Vonne the only way she'd go home is if the whole house was lying to him. Da'Vonne was pretty certain Paul was trying to pull a fast one on her and feeding her "crap." She then began scrambling for votes in case a plan was in action to get her out.

Da'Vonne was really close to James Huling and hoped he'd vote for her to stay, knowing that she also had Michelle and Zakiyah on her side. Natalie Negrotti told Da'Vonne she wanted her to stay.

Although she was friends with Bridgette, Natalie knew that Bridgette disliked James for having broken a promise to her and evicting her former close ally Frank Eudy. James didn't want to get rid of Da'Vonne, but the house was pressuring him and he didn't want to ruffle feathers.

Afterward, Da'Vonne joined a group conversation with James, Paul, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks about which two players should be targeted at the upcoming double eviction. James announced, "B and V, right?" Paul tried to cover up James' slip, saying, "Who's B?"

Da'Vonne picked up on the fact "V" meant Victor Arroyo and "B" represented Bridgette, which could only happen if Da'Vonne went home before her at the next eviction. Da'Vonne was seriously annoyed but kept her cool. She could tell by reading Nicole's face she was in serious trouble.

Meanwhile, James was struggling with whether to make "a game move" in eliminating Da'Vonne with the rest of the house or a "personal move" in which he could rally votes, save his girl and become a hero to her. Da'Vonne had made it known she'd be very disappointed in James if he betrayed her. James knew if he went against the house, Paulie would be especially pissed at him.

In the end, Michelle and Zakiyah voted to save Da'Vonne, while everyone else voted to evict her. Da'Vonne whispered to Victor on her way out that people were coming after him next week.

Da'Vonne told Big Brother host Julie Chen that she could sense all week it was her time to go based on the houseguests' shady and deceptive behavior. She also realized something was up when Paul put her up on the block instead of Nicole. She only trusted Michelle, Zakiyah and James.

One of Da'Vonne's regrets? That she spent too much time going after Frank when the four veteran players should have stuck together.

Unfortunately for Da'Vonne, she had also picked a One-Way Ticket from the "Secret Room" twist this season, so she could not re-enter the game. Da'Vonne therefore became the first member of Season 18's jury.

When watching messages her fellow houseguests taped for her, James revealed he had voted against her just for the sake of his own game, and Paul played dumb, acting like the house shocked him with its decision to oust her.

The episode concluded with a live Head of Household competition dubbed "Harsh Hashtags."

For the competition, each player -- excluding Paul, who as the outgoing HoH, could not compete -- was required to perch their feet onto a small disc and hold onto a rope while suspended high into the air. The houseguests spun and moved around in a circle while being hit with big signs along the way. They could squat but not sit down.

The last person standing would win the competition, while the first three players to fall off would become "Have Nots" for the week.

Before a commercial break, the contents of the second "America's Care Package" was revealed: The power to eliminate two eviction votes. Whoever receives this package could single-handedly flip the house by picking two people whose votes would not count at the next live eviction.

[Spoiler Warning: To find out which houseguest won the HoH competition, highlight the area below.]

Victor is the new HoH, and it's the perfect time for him to pull out a win! 

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