Big Brother evicted returning houseguest Britney Haynes during Thursday night's broadcast of the fourteenth season's seventh live eviction show.

Britney, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative who finished fourth on Big Brother's twelfth season in 2010, was evicted from the Big Brother house via a 4-1 vote after being placed on the chopping block by newbie houseguest Frank Eudy, the season's seventh Head of Household.

"I think that as much as I love him, my allegiance to [Ian Terry] was really a pretty big downfall for me in the game just because it got me into a lot of trouble and I kept having to cover for him over and over. I think I'm probably sitting here because it had a little bit to do with my loyalty to Ian," Britney told Big Brother host Julie Chen following her eviction.

"Frank didn't like it. [Dan Gheesling] didn't like it either. People thought it was threatening... I don't know if my point is proven, but I really did give it my best effort. I did the best job that I could."

Frank, an unemployed 28-year-old from Marion, AK who currently resides in Naples, FL, had originally nominated returning player Dan, a 28-year-old teacher and high school football coach who won the show's tenth season in 2008, and Dan's closest ally Danielle Murphree, a 23-year-old nurse from Grant, AL who currently resides in Tuscaloosa, AL, for eviction.

Frank had nominated Dan because he was convinced Dan had been the mastermind behind "Boogie" Mike Malin and Ashley Iocco's evictions and that Ian had been serving as his puppet. However, Frank was unaware Ian had been making decisions on his own -- including his biggest set of moves to betray Boogie, Frank and Ashley by joining a "Quack Pack" alliance, and then voting off Boogie and Ashley as a result.

While Frank acknowledged the fact Ian had made some major mistakes, he thought Dan was manipulating Ian and orchestrating all the big moves against him. Therefore, Frank was furiously gunning to take out Dan, one of the strongest and most threatening players in the game.

Frank seriously considered nominating Shane Meaney, a 26-year-old house flipper from Bennington, VT, alongside Dan because he posed the other big physical threat in the house, but Britney and Shane made a deal with Frank to protect him if he in turn kept them both off the chopping block. As a result, Frank nominated Danielle for eviction to weaken Dan, his "No. 1 target," even more.

Britney wanted to keep the "Quack Pack" -- which consisted of herself, Shane, Ian, Dan, and Danielle -- intact, but if Dan had to go, she would ultimately be okay with it since she didn't want to square off against him in the finals anyway.

During Frank's reign as HoH, he opted to open the show's Pandora Box in the hopes of winning money. Although he happily won over $3,000, his decision to take a risk by opening the box resulted in the houseguests earning an additional Power of Veto for the week -- meaning two players would receive a chance to drastically change Frank's initial nominations.

Ian ended up winning the Power of Veto by grabbing a special ball out of a claw machine that was filled with hundreds of other small balls. While Frank was locked inside Pandora' Box for one hour, the houseguests had to search among countless balls to find special ones filled with quarters, which would allow them to activate the claw machine inside the house.

Following the first PoV competition, Britney and Shane planned to have Ian eventually use his PoV to remove either Dan or Danielle from the chopping block. Britney and Shane anticipated winning the second PoV competition, which would then enable either one of them to remove Frank's other nomination. All the while, Ian promised to support Frank in his plan to get rid of Dan by keeping the nominations the same -- although his true loyalty still lied with the "Quack Pack."

The houseguests then participated in their second Power of Veto competition, which required the players to guess pictures as they were being drawn and then accept a punishment if they chose to keep the points. At the end of the competition, the player with the most points -- and therefore, the most or worst, punishments -- would win the second PoV.

Jenn Arroyo, a 37-year-old musician from Brooklyn, NY, ended up winning her first PoV competition at the cost of being required to eat only slop for the remainder of the summer. Meanwhile Dan, who had tried his best to win in order to ensure his own safety in the game, was crushed and forced to endure 24 hours of solitary confinement as his punishment. 

When Dan emerged from confinement, he knew he was going to be evicted that week unless he carried through with his brilliant but risky plan to save himself. Dan hosted a house meeting and labeled the event "his own funeral" in which he got emotional talking about the game with his fellow players. Dan ended his speech by telling Danielle, his best friend in the house, she was "dead to him." Dan announced he was no longer going to strategize, as his ouster from the game was inevitable.

However, Dan quickly pulled Frank aside and ruthlessly decided to expose the inner-workings of his "Quack Pack" alliance. Dan threw Ian and Britney under the bus by revealing Ian had been acting as their spy and fifth "Quack Pack" alliance member, while Britney was the most dangerous player in the game because she controlled both Ian and Shane.

Dan told Frank that although Britney and Shane convinced him they'd work with him, they were simply lying and only cared about the "Quack Pack." Dan explained how Britney and Shane intended to utilize Ian and both Power of Veto's for their alliance -- ultimately taking both himself and Danielle off the block. Dan also insisted he had never made an action against Frank and would honorably work with him.

Furious at Ian and disappointed with Britney and Shane, Frank considered Dan's proposal and the two arch enemies finally declared allegiance to each other. The pair concluded they should talk Jenn into using her PoV on Dan and then Frank would nominate Britney in his place.

Dan then revealed his master plan to Danielle, who forgave him quickly for humiliating her in front of the house. Dan told her it was the only way to save them both and make it to the end, as her emotions would gain sympathy from her fellow houseguests -- who would then in turn most likely not vote for her to be evicted.

Meanwhile, Frank used Dan's advice and attempted to get Jenn onboard. Jenn thought it was basically a bullet-proof plan and would improve her own position in the game, so Dan's "funeral" had completely flipped the house upside-down. Dan, Frank, Jenn, and Danielle had become an alliance.

At the Veto meeting, Ian opted out of using his PoV entirely to not create more waves between himself and Frank. Afterwards, Jenn shocked the house when she announced she wanted to use her PoV on Dan. Frank then named Britney as his replacement nominee and revealed she was ultimately taking the heat for Ian, who was safe from eviction since he won the first PoV.

Shane became the swing vote, as Ian was going to vote to keep Britney and Jenn and Dan were going to vote to keep Danielle in the game. Joe Arvin, a 41-year-old chef from Lexington, KY who is originally from Schererville, ID, had promised Shane he'd vote his way no matter what, so the two votes that counted weighed heavily upon Shane's shoulders.

In the end, Shane chose to save Danielle because it was her first time playing the game, and he thought it would be fair to let her continue on in Big Brother over Britney. Britney acknowledged she "hated Dan" and thought he was evil, but at the same time, she knew he did what he had to do to stick around and thought he was a brilliant player.

When Julie Chen asked Britney how she thought the rest of her alliance would fare from that point forward in her post-eviction interview, Britney said, "I think that Ian can be a strong player in this game, but he really needs to relax a little and fall backwards because he's way on top of everybody's target list. Shane, I think he's just going to follow the lead of somebody. He's either going to follow Danielle or follow Dan. He's very expendable, but he can't see that for himself."

Following Britney's eviction, the seven remaining Big Brother houseguests -- minus Frank, who as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- began competing in the season's eighth HoH competition.

Dubbed "Soak Up the Sun," the competition required each houseguest to hold a rope while standing on a disk mid-air. The players were repeatedly moved around in a large circle, and the last person standing would win HoH. However, in a twist, Julie Chen revealed the first player out of the competition would receive a box filled with either a reward or a punishment. The episode concluded with Joe being the first houseguest out of the challenge. 

While the results of the challenge are already known to the show's 24/7 live Internet feed viewers, CBS will reveal the winner during Sunday night's Big Brother broadcast. (If you don't want to wait until then to find out what happened, highlight the area below.)

Ian won HoH.

Big Brother's next fourteenth-season episode will air on Sunday, September 2 at 8PM ET/PT.

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