Sheila Kennedy became the ninth individual houseguest evicted from Big Brother's ninth season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The 45-year-old single mom and former Penthouse model from Reseda, CA was evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 77 by final Head of Household Ryan Quicksall, a 27-year-old college student from Columbus, OH. 

Sheila's eviction means that Ryan and Adam Jasinski, a 29-year-old public relations manager from Del Ray Beach, FL, are Big Brother 9's Final 2 houseguests.

Sharon Obermueller was evicted during Tuesday night's broadcast.  Sheila had initially been expected to be the houseguest evicted on Tuesday night's broadcast, however shortly before the eviction, Adam approached Ryan and explained it would be better for the two of them if Sharon -- whom Ryan had secretly allied himself with -- was evicted instead.

Despite previously being adamant that Sheila needed to be the next houseguest evicted and getting Adam's commitment that he would do so, Ryan suddenly changed his mind and gave his blessing to Adam's new plan. (Since Sheila and Sharon were on the block and Ryan was the HoH, Adam was the only houseguest voting in the week's eviction.)

"I know where he's coming from.  I believe he's being totally truthful with me," commented Ryan after the plan was changed.  "It's an easier road for us to make Final 2 by getting through Sheila rather than by getting through Sharon."

After Sharon's eviction on Tuesday night, the three remaining houseguests began competing in the first part of the three-part final HoH competition that would determine Big Brother 9's final HoH.  Dubbed "Up a Creek," the competition required each houseguest to attach themselves to boogie boards and grab onto a rope. The rules were simple -- the last person holding a rope would win the competition.

Shortly after the competition began, Sheila revealed that although the competition set contained only calf-deep water, she was having a hard time concentrating because she had nearly drowned when she was in Hawaii 12 years ago.  After 36 minutes, she complained she might be suffering from hypothermia and she let go of the rope shortly thereafter.  

During a subsequent Diary Room session, Sheila rationalized her decision by stating she didn't want to be sick for the second HoH round.

Once Sheila retreated inside the house, Adam voluntarily let go of the rope and Ryan won the first round.

"I'm psyched.  Everything is going to plan right now," boasted Ryan.  "Adam, I've been questioning his loyalty.  In this HoH, he let go to prove to me that he is going to be truthful and loyal to me."

"I'm in a great position in this house right now," equally boasted Adam.  "I fell out, gave it to him, gaining Ryan's trust.  Sheila thinks I'm with her, Ryan thinks I'm with him -- I really don't care as long as one of them takes me to the Final 2."

Later, second-part final HoH competition between Adam and Sheila commenced. 

After being sequentered in different rooms, Adam and Sheila were sent into the backyard one at a time, where they were greeted by a human-sized guinea pig wheel that was attached to a giant maze that contained ten balls featuring the names of former Head of Households. Each houseguest had to roll the wheel back and forth and get 10 balls through the maze, then, once they were all free, line the balls up in the order in which the houseguests had held the HoH position. The houseguest that got the balls out and in the right order in the quicker time would win Round 2.

Sheila struggled with the challenge and was easily defeated by Adam, who completed the task in 14 minutes and 55 seconds -- less than half of Sheila's 33:26 time.

Realizing she was now completely vulnerable, Sheila approached Adam to see what his plan was.

"I want to take us to the end," he told her.  "I'm gonna do the best I can tomorrow."

Sheila said she "trusted" Adam.

Once the live portion of last night's Big Brother 9 broadcast began, host Julie Chen chatted up the Final 3 and also showed viewers footage of Sharon arriving at the jury house and -- along with previously-evicted houseguests Matt McDonald, Chelsia Hart, Joshuah Welch, James Zinkand and Natalie Cunial -- watching clips of her eviction.

While they were watching the clips, Chelsia noticed that Adam and Ryan made eye contact and nodded immediately after Sharon's eviction and told the other jury members that the two must be in cahoots.

"We caught them on camera!" Matt gushed.

"It is so obvious they are working together," Chelsia said.

The discovery that Ryan had apparently betrayed her and signed off on her eviction came as a complete surprise to Sharon, who had previously believed that Ryan's willingness to trust Adam to evict Sheila had been why she'd been evicted.

"What!" Sharon remarked after Chelsia pointed out Adam and Ryan's post-eviction body lanaguage.

"Maybe he was threatened by me and thought 'OK, well we better get her out,'" Chelsia lamented afterward.  "Ryan's biggest mistake, I think, in the game was to turn on me."

After viewers saw the jury house footage, Julie told Ryan and Adam it was time for the third round of the final HoH competition, a multiple choice quiz that required Ryan and Adam to decide how each sequestered juror completed the rest of a statement.  Each correct answer scored a point and whoever scored the most points after the six questions would win.

Ryan and Adam both performed fairly poorly, however Ryan was able to finish one more statement correctly and claimed the final HoH crown via a 3-2 score.  Both Sheila and Adam then pled their cases to Ryan.

"Ryan, my man, bros to the end from the beginning," said Adam as he was choking up.  "I feel I didn't do you any wrong.  I feel we've been together the whole entire game.  I feel we're part of the plan.  I hope you do the right thing."

"Ryan," began an emotional Sheila, "I don't have a lot to say.  You've carried me this far in the game and you've trusted me.  I followed through on everything I said I was going to do.  Standing here right now, if I got to the Final 2 with you it would change my life.  But I know this is a very difficult decision for you because this is your best friend.  So, I just want to say that if you pick me I would be so grateful."

Ryan then cast the ninth season's final eviction vote.

"I think you're both deserving for different reasons," said Ryan.  "[Sheila], there are reasons outside this house, I feel you could really use the money.  You earned your way to the Final 3.  Adam, we've ran the show a lot of the time here.  I think you're more deserving as far as game play is concerned.  I vote to evict Sheila."

Sheila continued to cry profusely as she gave Ryan and Adam goodbye hugs and exited the house.

"I'm pretty devastated," a still-crying Sheila said once she was outside the house and being interviewed by Julie.  "I thought Adam was going to win this and take me to the end.  But Adam really didn't owe me anything even though we were partnered up at the beginning of the game.  I had Adam's back throughout the whole game... I thought we played a really good game."

Julie asked Sheila if she felt "proud" making it to the Final 3.

"I feel like that was a blessing to be in the Final 3," she answered.  "But I feel like I'm sort of disappointing my son.  I know this was really big to him... Just right now, I can't even comprehend what's happening.  I'm in shock."

Big Brother 9's live finale will air Sunday, April 27 at 8PM ET on CBS, with Sheila, Sharon, Natalie, James, Joshuah, Chelsia and Matt casting their votes for either Ryan or Adam to take home the $500,000 prize.