Sharon Obermueller became the eighth individual houseguest evicted from Big Brother's ninth season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The 23-year-old realtor from Olathe, KS was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 76 after she was placed on the chopping block by the seventh individual Head of Household Ryan Quicksall, a 27-year-old college student from Columbus, OH.

Ryan nominated Sharon for eviction along with Sheila Kennedy, a 45-year-old single mom and former Penthouse model from Reseda, CA, during Sunday night's broadcast.  It was the fifth consecutive time Sharon was nominated for eviction and spared Ryan's closest ally in the house Adam Jasinski, a 29-year-old public relations manager from Del Ray Beach, FL.

"You owe me now," Ryan told Adam, who agreed.

Sheila described being on the block as "painful" when talking to Sharon, who assured Sheila she'd remove her from the block if she won PoV. 

"My goal is to be Final 3 with Ryan and Sheila because I trust both of them to take me to the Final 2," said Sharon in the Diary Room.  "At this point, I really don't trust Adam."

Ryan and Adam discussed how Sheila had to go, and Ryan called his "best-case scenario" going to the Final 3 with Sharon and Adam since he felt either one of them would take him to the Final 2.  Ryan approached Sharon about a possible deal for them to be in the Finals 3 with Adam and asked if she'd go along with it.  However Sharon wasn't so sure.

"If we can get [Adam] out, let's get him out," she told Ryan.  "If I win you should put up Adam.  Don't you think I should vote out Adam?"

Ryan said he wasn't really as concerned about Adam as he was about Sheila, but Sharon reiterated that she wanted Adam gone.  Sheila approached Adam and asked how she can trust him now, and he assured her that he had her back.  She made his guarantee that if he were to win Power of Veto, he'd remove her from the block.

"The PoV is crucial," Adam told her.  "You're safe all ways."

Still, Adam danced around telling Sheila exactly what she wanted to hear.

"I got news for your buddy, you're going to have to get your hands a little dirty or you're not going to win this game!" she told him.

Adam finally relented.

"I'm going to keep you in this house if I am the voting party," he assured her.  "I will send Sharon packing."

That night, Sharon snuck up to Ryan's HoH room and explained how she didn't trust Adam or Sheila -- and Ryan agreed.  While Adam and Sheila constantly bicker, Sharon saw that as a sign that they have a strong bond -- which is "really dangerous in this game."

"I can see them definitely taking each other to the Final 2," she said, letting Ryan know that Adam would tell him whatever he wanted to hear.  She encouraged him to break-up Adam and Sheila ASAP.

Big Brother's final ninth-season PoV competition then commenced. 

The house's backyard was sectioned off into four quadrants, and on each of the houseguests' walls were five headless jockeys. Each houseguest had to put the face of the five evicted houseguests currently in the Jury House in order on the jockeys, and attach two cards to each of them that describe individual facts about their game. Once the houseguests have a face and two cards attached to the jockey, they would ring their bell to find out if they can move on to the next jockey. If the buzzer rings, they have to go back. The first person to complete the five jockeys would win the PoV.

The competition started, with Sheila and Ryan grabbing early leads.  However Ryan eventually found a groove and pulled away from the other houseguests, claiming PoV by a comfortable margin.

"I have no idea what Ryan is going to do.  I'm scared to death," opined Sheila.  "Ryan has all the power and I'm at his mercy."

"Since I did not win the Power of Veto, my only shot at survival in this game is if Ryan takes the Power of Veto and uses it on myself to pull me down," said Sharon.  "We are in a secret alliance together."

"The pressure's all on [me]," said Adam.  "It's either I'm going on the block or I'm the deciding vote.  How do I work this to my favor?  What do I want to do?"

That night, Ryan told Adam he needs to trust that he doesn't have a strong alliance with Sheila.

"If you want me to get rid of Sheila because you don't trust that, I'll boot that bitch out of the house," Adam assured him.

Ryan then explained he still second-guesses Adam's trust due to several moves Adam has previously made -- including last week's incident in which he appeared to tell Natalie Cunial that he was the one who voted to keep her in the house while Ryan voted to evict her.  Adam had since denied that he'd silently mouthed a message to Natalie when confronted by Ryan.  Adam then talked with Sharon about his impending decision.

"If I keep Sheila, she'll probably take me to the end with her if she wins," he told Sharon.  "You'd probably take Ryan instead of me."

"No I wouldn't," said Sharon.

"I'll keep you if you take me," quickly responded Adam.  "Promise me and I'll keep you."

Sharon was hesitant and wanted to discuss it with Ryan first, which made Adam wonder if she had an alliance going with Ryan.  Sharon immediately told Ryan what had just happened, and Ryan's lack of trust in Adam was coming to fruition.

"I got a decision to make.  Maybe I should take you off the block," said Ryan.  "I don't trust Adam."

Sheila then approached Adam, seemingly sure that Ryan would keep the nominations the same -- meaning Adam had to stay loyal to her no matter what.

"You're my only hope to stay in this game," said Sheila, beginning to cry.  "I need this.  I've had your back Adam, I hope you have mine."

Adam retreated to the HoH room to talk with Ryan, and Adam immediately denied trying to strike a deal with Sharon.

"No deals were cut to her," insisted Adam.  "I said that to her.  I didn't try to cut a deal with her."

Ryan said he was still unsure about what to do, especially since Adam and Sheila are the last remaining "perfect-match" couple.  Adam reiterated he had no qualms about voting out Sheila and then going to the Final 2 with Ryan.

"I don't know what the f**k to believe dude," said Ryan.

"Put me on the block.  I don't care.  It's your decision," said Adam.

The live broadcast commenced, and host Julie Chen noted Sharon had become the first houseguest in Big Brother history to be nominated for eviction five times in a row.  Ryan then revealed he had "no reason" to change his nominations and thus decided against using the PoV. 

Sheila and Sharon delivered their final pleas as to why they should stay in the house before Adam cast his eviction vote.

"Girls, not an easy decision -- pros and cons both ways.  But I think Sharon will understand my decision.  I'm evicting you from the house," said Adam.

Sharon exited the house and Julie asked why she seemed to be handling her eviction so well.

"I am a little shocked on how it's turned," answered Sharon.  "But this is a game and they're going to do whatever they feel is best for them."

Julie then wondered what happened with her secret alliance with Ryan.

"I think just he had more faith in Adam to go after Sheila and I didn't think that he was going to do it," answered Sharon.  "I was right.  I'm not mad.  Of course people are going to want to believe other people.  I think that [Ryan] will now realize that he should have listened to me.  This might be his game in the end -- that he loses.  I think they'll stick together -- Adam and Sheila will."

Julie also asked what was in Sharon's future when it came to her relationship with her former "perfect-match" partner Jacob Heald, who was evicted in Week 1.

"As long as we can definitely stay cool, that's the main goal," said Sharon.  "We have a lot of things together.  We have animals together.  We have furniture together.  We have a lot going on, so if we can make it work, I would like to try.  Things have changed being in this house.  You realize a lot of things.  You take the good and the bad and kind of put them all together to figure what you want to do."

Once Sharon's exit interview was over, Ryan, Adam and Sheila began the first challenge in Big Brother 9's three-part final HoH competition. 

Similar to prior Big Brother final HoH competitions, the winner of the first round would automatically advance to the third round, leaving the remaining two houseguests to compete against each other in a second round competition that will determine which two houseguests get to compete in the third round that will determine the season's final HoH.  Once crowned, the final Head of Household will get to determine which other Final 3 houseguest will join them as the season's Final 2 houseguests.

The first round of the three part challenge began at the conclusion of last night's live broadcast and was dubbed "Up a Creek."  Each houseguest attached themselves to boogie boards and had to grab onto a rope. The rules were simple -- the last person holding a rope would win round one.

While the first-round and second-round results are already known to both the show's 24/7 live Internet feed and Big Brother: After Dark viewers, CBS will reveal the winner during tonight's penultimate Big Brother ninth-season broadcast at 8PM ET/PT on CBS -- in which the final HoH will also be crowned live. 

Big Brother's ninth-season finale will then air live on Sunday, April 27 at 8PM ET/PT -- with the winner receiving the $500,000 grand prize.
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