Bianca Richardson's hard facial expressions cost her a shot at the America's Next Top Model title.

The 21-year-old 5'7" student from Columbia, SC who currently resides in Washington, D.C. became the fifth finalist eliminated from America's Next Top Model's thirteenth season during last night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"It's kind of disappointing.  It hurts, it feels bad," opined Bianca after her ouster.  "I expected to at least get to the [final] five.  The only thing I can say I wish I would have done more is shown a more softer, vulnerable side.  That's the only thing I regret.  Everything else, I tried my best."

America's Next Top Model's fourth thirteenth-season episode began following the elimination of Lulu Braithwaite, who penned Ashley Howard an emotional letter before her exit.

"Lulu I feel was the only person in this house who really understood me," opined Ashley, who added she was concerned her lack of modeling experience might catch up with her.

"I have absolutely no modeling experience.  So I'm worried.  But I can't allow myself to just give up because my intention is to win."

Bianca simply felt the previous panel was a "triumph" for her because it was her first time not in the bottom two.

"I softened up, which means I'm learning," said Bianca.  "It means there's progress.  I want to stick around and show them what I have."

The next morning the girls met makeup artist Sam Fine, who stressed the importance of knowing how to do their own makeup.  After a quick tutorial on how to do the "smokey eye," he had each of the girls try to apply their own makeup.

That night, the girls traveled to a Wal-Mart, where they were met by photographer Nigel Barker and his wife Crissy -- a Covergirl representative.  They explained that for their next challenge, each girl would have to race through different departments of the store to create a basic look that's "perfect for go-sees." 

The girls would grab clothes, shoes, makeup and their photo before crossing the finish line.  However the catch was that there were not enough items for each girl at each station -- meaning if they hit a station late, they were eliminated. 

Nigel and Crissy would only judge the first three girls to cross the finish line, and the girl with the best look would receive a photo on the cover page of Wal-Mart's website and a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card.

The challenge commenced and the girls ran frantically from department to other departments.  Bianca, Erin Wagner and Sundai Love were the three to cross the finish line.  Nigel and Crissy then declared Sundai was the winner.
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That night Ashley complained about how she would have been able to cross the finish line if Erin hadn't taken her photo and thrown it on the ground.

"Obviously a lot of the girls don't know how races work," said Erin.  "Races don't have manners."

The next morning as the girls traveled to their photo shoot, they confronted Erin about her competitive nature during the challenge and she started crying.  She said she felt "attacked."

The girls arrived at a studio, where they were met by Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks and photo director Jay Manuel.  Tyra then revealed she would be the shoot's photographer.

"This photo shoot is the one thing that can make or break you," explained Bianca.  "What I need to work on in this photo shoot is to let the negativity go and work on my vulnerability."

Tyra explained each girl would be wearing a scarf on her head for the beauty shoot, which would focus solely on their faces.  In addition, Tyra revealed the girl with the best photo would be chosen at the actual shoot -- meaning she'd be safe from elimination.

Jay asked Bianca what she would think about to soften her look, and -- since it worked at the previous shoot -- she answered Jesus.

"I have a hard exterior.  That's who I am," explained Bianca.  "But there's also a softer side and I'm trying to learn it's okay to show more life in my eyes."

Tyra immediately implored Bianca to be softer and work on her eyes, which she explained were a "little dead."

"Bianca has the gift of movement except she can not relax this," said Tyra, pointing to her face.  "She looks hard, she looks mean.  Sometimes I wonder, 'Is Bianca the verb and not the noun?' meaning she can model but she's not a model."

Ashley went last, and Tyra said she was excited to shoot her since she discovered Ashley on the set of The Tyra Banks Show.

"It's my chance to make her what I envisioned," said Tyra.

However Tyra sent Ashley back after a few frames so she could receive some work on her outfit.

"Apparently the head scarf that I have on is not quite right," said Ashley.  "So I go back and I change into whatever head wrap I'm going to be wearing.  I really want my eyes to translate."

Tyra said she was still "frustrated" and began to wonder if the problem was Ashley and not the head scarf.  They switched scarves again, and Ashley began to worry if it was her.

"I absolutely think I got a good shot," said Ashley.

Tyra then revealed that Brittany Markert had the best photo and would be safe from elimination and would also do a shoot for Tyra's website with two male models.

Back at the house, Bianca thought she did enough to be safe at the upcoming panel.

"I've been in the bottom two twice, but I think I got some good shots in this photo shoot," she said.  "I definitely feel as though I'm probably going to be somewhere near the top.  I'm not getting eliminated."

Ashley was a little less confident.

"Of course for my first photo shoot with Tyra I want to be amazing, and I wasn't," she opined.  "It's really bad.  I really hope that I'm not going home."

The next day the girls arrived for the thirteenth season's fourth elimination ceremony -- where they were met by Tyra, Nigel and runway expert J. Alexander.  This week's guest judge was petite supermodel China Chow.

Nigel thought Ashley was "not pushing through" in her photo and J. added it was missing a "smize."

"How did you feel shooting with me?" asked Tyra.

"I loved shooting with you personally but I think the outfit changing and I was trying to figure out what's going wrong," explained Ashley.

"Every time they change it, deliver," said J..

Tyra explained they were changing the clothes because Ashley was "falling short."

"I didn't want to tell you that on set because I didn't want to get you down," said Tyra.

Nigel called Bianca's body "strong and powerful," like an "athlete."

"You look uncomfortable," added China.  'Like the eyes look like they're straining slightly."

Tyra said Bianca has "a lot of natural talent with modeling" but added a lot of times she "forgets" her face.

"If you can get that face as relaxed as your body movement, that you're the whole package," said Tyra.

The other eight finalists also received feedback before the judges began to deliberate.

Tyra said while the camera loves Ashley's face, she's unsure if Ashley loves the camera back.

"She does not know how to love the camera," said Tyra.  "She needs couple counseling."

Bianca's problem was a little more serious, as China said she "looked uncomfortable."

"I've got to say with Bianca I'm sort of fed up," said Nigel.  "In Week 1, in Bianca's photograph I thought, 'Wow.'  Then I see this picture, and it's nothing."

On the set, Tyra said Bianca was confident with her body.

"But I don't know if a client would book her to be a model," she added.

Tyra then revealed Brittany, Jennifer An, Ashley "Rae" Weisz, Nicole Fox, Erin, Laura Kirkpatrick, Sundai, and Kara Vincent were all safe -- meaning Bianca and Ashley were in the bottom two.

Tyra said it was "awful" and a "shock" that Bianca was in the bottom two.

"I'm looking at how beautiful you are right now," said Tyra.  "So stunning and so soft.  But for some reason as soon as the camera comes up, there's a hardness that happens in your face."

Tyra said it was "so hard" to shoot Ashley.

"If I would have told you how difficult it was, you might not have been able to continue," added Tyra.  "You were the most difficult girl for me to shoot out of all of the 10 girls here."

Tyra then revealed Bianca was eliminated.

America's Next Top Model's next thirteenth-season episode will air Wednesday, October 7 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.
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