Ali Fedotowsky described her two-on-one date with Kasey Kahl and Justin Rego as "awkward" but also reiterated why she decided against giving Kahl a rose and thus ousting him from The Bachelorette's sixth season.

"Kasey is a nice guy with a huge heart. Yes, he can be super cheesy at times, but honestly, I love that he put it all out there," wrote Fedotowsky in her People blog.

"In the end, I had to let him go because I wasn't feeling the same things he was. The last thing I wanted was for Kasey to feel bad about who he is, particularly when the tattoo he got will be with him for the rest of his life. And yes, I've heard the rumors that the tattoo was fake. Don't believe everything you read, because I can assure you it was as real as can be."

Fedotowsky and Rego left Kahl on an Iceland glacier after he failed to receive a rose, however she assured viewers that he made it home safe and sound.

"We didn't leave Kasey on the glacier alone. He went back to town with the other camera crew," she wrote.

"I actually checked in with my producer later that night to make sure he got home okay. I hope he is happy right now and hopefully in love with a great girl."

While Fedotowsky decided to keep Rego, that doesn't mean that she approved of the way he was shown acting during Monday night's episode.

"One thing that I was disappointed to see while watching this episode is how Justin was acting," she wrote. "He was a different person with me then he was with the guys or in his interviews. Plus, he was awful to Kasey and I felt really bad for him."

In addition to Kahl, Fedotowsky ousted Chris Nordhorn during the episode's subsequent Rose Ceremony -- and she admitted that, given his lack of airtime, viewers probably had no idea who he was.

"I know you all are all wondering who the heck he is. The guys in the house actually called him Phantom because he was always so quiet," she wrote.

"Chris N. embraced the name! What you don't know about Chris N. is that he is a very active philanthropist. On the very first night he told me the he donated skateboarding ramps to less fortunate children in my name. What a great guy. We will miss you, Phantom!"

Nordhorn wasn't the only phantom during Monday night's episode, as bachelor Frank Neuschaefer didn't get in the mix at all during the group date.

However he made a good move by immediately speaking to Fedotowsky about it prior to the Rose Ceremony.

"I was so glad Frank pulled me aside right away," she wrote.

"As I explained to Frank, I needed him to make more of an effort. I felt like I had been babying him lately and I needed him to step up and be a man. Nice work Frankie."