Ali Fedotowsky claims when she learned Justin Rego allegedly had two girlfriends at home while also competing for her heart on The Bachelorette, she knew she had an obligation to face it head on.

"When [alleged girlfriend Jessica Spillas] called me, the first thing I said to her was 'Are you okay?' I felt so bad for her. I had only known Justin for a matter of weeks; he had betrayed her for years. No woman should ever let a man treat her with disrespect the way Justin did," Fedotowsky wrote in her People blog.

"The reason I didn't look super upset during the phone call is because I was not going to let him hurt me. I wouldn't give Justin the satisfaction of thinking he could affect me. I wanted to be strong -- for me, for Jessica, and for all the women and girls watching who have been betrayed by a man before."

The 26-year-old entertainment wrestler from Toronto, Canada was eliminated by Fedotowsky during Monday night's The Bachelorette broadcast after the phone conversation with Spillas.

While Rego initially avoided discussing the accusations with Fedotowsky, he eventually tried to explain himself after some goading from her.

"When I told Justin that he would regret this, I didn't mean his lack of relationship with me. I meant that he would want a chance to explain himself -- not only to me but also to all of you watching," wrote Fedotowsky.

"As you all saw, he didn't do such a great job explaining himself. I guess that is what happens when you're caught in a lie. That's all I really have to say about that."

In addition to Rego, Craig Robinson, a 27-year-old lawyer from Philadelphia, PA, also failed to receive a rose from Fedotowsky during the episode's subsequent Rose Ceremony.

"It didn't feel good letting Craig go at the end of the night because I liked him so much. He is funny, smart and interesting," she wrote.

"I am almost smiling when I say goodbye to Craig because I know in my heart that we will end up being good friends after this. Looking forward to seeing him at The Men Tell All."

Fedotowsky's trip to Turkey wasn't all doom and gloom, as she also went on a one-on-one date with Ty Brown, a 31-year-old in medical sales from Nashville, TN.

"At dinner, learning more about Ty's marriage was important. I had gotten the sense that Ty was expecting to have a very traditional marriage, where the mother stays home and the father works, and I don't want that," she explained.

"I imagine a lot of the women cringed when they heard Ty make the comment about women being presidents of companies. Ha ha. Trust me, I cringed too. But at the end of the date, I realized that it was an innocent comment by Ty even though it came out in a funny way. He would want nothing more than to treat a woman right."

Fedotowsky also went on a one-one-one date with Frank Neuschaefer, a 31-year-old retail manager, from Geneva, IL who started the competition strong but had since faded.

"My date with Frank was so much fun," she wrote.

"Frank reminds me a lot of my friends back in San Francisco, so I feel very comfortable with him. In the same breath he also scares me. I feel vulnerable with him, and his lack of confidence in our relationship is scary. Frank said I swooped in and rescued him at the right time, but am I ready to rescue anyone?"

Neuschaefer is reportedly one of Fedotowsky's final three suitors, however he allegedly quit the competition prior to the season's penultimate Rose Ceremony in Tahiti after deciding he was still in love with an ex-girlfriend in Chicago.