Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have begun to leak out for Season 7 premiering in only a matter of days -- including big spoilers on which couples make it all the way to the end at the Final Rose Ceremony and who gets engaged!


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report contains Bachelor in Paradise spoilers on breakups, love connections, and Season 7 engagements].

Many members of Bachelor Nation have been teasing Bachelor in Paradise as a wild and bumpy ride with many twists, turns and surprises in store for viewers when Season 7 premieres Monday, August 16 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC! 

Back in June, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone began reporting the names of bachelors and bachelorettes who will be shown looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise this year, and ABC has slowly announced most of those cast members in subsequent weeks.

ABC first released an official cast announcement in July revealing the 19 original The Bachelor and The Bachelorette alums who will be appearing on the spinoff.

Fans will get to see Abigail Heringer, Serena Pitt and Kelsey Weier again.

And the rest of the women in the original cast are Deandra Kanu, Jessenia Cruz, Mari Pepin-Solis, Maurissa Gunn, Natasha Parker, Serena Chew, Tahzjuan Hawkins, Tammy Ly, Victoria Larson, Victoria Paul.

Bachelor Nation will also get reacquainted with Brendan Morais, Ivan Hall, Joe Amabile, Karl Smith, Kenny Braasch, and Noah Erb on Day 1 of the show.

Once they were eliminated from Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season, ABC also officially unveiled Connor Brennan, Aaron Clancy, Tre Cooper and James Bonsall as upcoming Bachelor in Paradise cast members.

An extended preview of Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season then aired during The Bachelorette 17 finale and featured about a dozen familiar faces, including former The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin as well as Bachelor in Paradise returnees Kendall Long, Tia Booth and Demi Burnett.

In addition to Becca, Demi, Kendall and Tia, Bachelor in Paradise revealed that The Bachelor alums Pieper James, Chelsea Vaughn, and Mykenna Dorn traveled to Mexico for another shot at love.

The trailer also shows The Bachelorette alums Thomas Jacobs, Riley Christian, and Chris Conran will be hoping to find their match in Paradise.

According to Carbone, there were almost 40 people who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise at some point this season, and so love connections will most certainly be made!

Carbone has revealed details for many of the season's singles and couples, but he admitted he does not have the backstory or dating result for every single Season 7 participant.

Keep reading for Bachelor in Paradise's seventh-season spoilers and who will find love or get their heart broken!

Bachelor in Paradise will use guest hosts for Season 7

Following Chris Harrison's permanent departure from The Bachelor franchise earlier this year, Bachelor in Paradise will be hosted by a rotating group of celebrity guest hosts: actor and comedian David Spade, former NSYNC boyband member Lance Bass, rapper Lil Jon, actor Tituss Burgess.

The Bachelorette alum Wells Adams, who is returning as Bachelor in Paradise bartender, will also take on a new "master of ceremonies" role for Season 7 in which he will preside over the cocktail parties and Rose Ceremonies.


Wells recently admitted he was "shocked" by some of the "twists and turns" that will unfold on the new season.

"I know everyone always says, 'This is going to be the most dramatic season ever,' and I think people are maybe a little bit tired of hearing that," Wells told Us Weekly in July.

"So I won't say those words, but hey, listen, this is my fifth season doing Paradise. I've been on a lot of episodes of this show, and I will say that this one might be my favorite one that we've done. You get everything."

And Joe teased last month during an episode of his "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation" podcast that Bachelor in Paradise's new season is "insane" and "a lot different" from his first time on the spinoff.

"It's almost was like every day got more and more intense," Joe recalled. 


Some of those searching for love crash and burn in Mexico!

The Bachelor 24 bachelorette Victoria P. was a member of the original cast and also reportedly got called out for having a boyfriend back home.

Victoria P. therefore self-eliminated before the first Rose Ceremony and was the first person to go home.

Kelsey from Peter Weber's season was reportedly eliminated at the first Rose Ceremony, along with Matt James' The Bachelor bachelorettes Victoria L. and Serena C.

Joe Park, Blake Monar and Demar Jackson -- all from Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams' The Bachelorette season -- entered the Mexico resort after a Rose Ceremony and went on dates. But none of the guys reportedly received a rose to stay in Paradise.

Colton Underwood's The Bachelor bachelorette Tahzjuan made a brief appearance but self-eliminated, according to Carbone, and Tammy from Peter's The Bachelor season got dumped by Thomas, who was the villain of The Bachelorette's seventeenth season.

Tammy reportedly got eliminated at the third Rose Ceremony and Thomas moved on with Becca, who starred on The Bachelorette's fourteenth season.

Becca reportedly arrived after the first Rose Ceremony, and prior to getting involved with Thomas, she received her first rose from The Bachelorette 17 bachelor Aaron.


Becca reportedly got involved in a little drama during the season when she called out The Bachelorette 16 bachelor Chasen Nick for allegedly telling guys pre-show that they had hung out together.

"Word got around, and Becca called him out for being there for clout. He went on a date when he arrived with Deandra but never got a rose," Carbone reported. 

Bachelor in Paradise will have a surprise and chaotic date mid-season

According to Carbone, there was a date about halfway through the season in which producers welcomed three women to mix and mingle with the cast of men who were already there.

The four women were Mykenna from Peter's The Bachelor season as well as Chelsea and Alana Milne from Matt's The Bachelor season.

"The party was supposed to be those singles somehow forming a connection with someone, and if they did, THEN they'd be brought in as cast," Carbone wrote.

Alayah Benavidez was supposed to be a member of that group but never participated for an unknown reason.

Alana got involved with Chris from The Bachelorette's sixteenth season once she arrived.

"But people thought they were scheming because they hung out pre-show, and both eventually ended up leaving the same episode separately," Carbone reported.

Mykenna was reportedly one of the last people brought on the show, and she went on a date with Clare and Tayshia's bachelor Ed Waisbrot.

"They had a little fling before she ended it with him. At one point, Ed gave his rose to Mykenna over Natasha, and she went home rather late," Carbone said.

As for Chelsea, she reportedly received a rose from James after she arrived on the show. Carbone is unsure when she got eliminated.

And of course Paradise will have its usual betrayals and love triangles!

Jessenia from Matt's The Bachelor season reportedly juggled two bachelors before getting hurt herself.

Jessenia first sparked a romance with Ivan, who was ousted by Tayshia after Fantasy Suites on The Bachelorette.

Ivan reportedly got dumped when Jessenia decided to test her luck with Chris when he arrived.


But then Chris left Jessenia for Alana once the bachelorette arrived with a couple other women.

"It's all sorts of messed up," Carbone joked in a recent blog post.

And there was a love triangle between Kenny, Mari, and Demi, who also competed for Colton Underwood's heart on The Bachelor's 23rd season!

"Ultimately we now know that Kenny chose Mari over Demi," Carbone revealed. "But I was told in the beginning he was going back and forth between them."

As ABC showed in the extended preview for the new season, there will definitely be tears shed and some tension thanks to Demi.

"These poor girls -- I'm going to steal all their men!" Demi boasts, as clips were also shown of her making out with Brendan from Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette and wanting to go to "the boom boom room" with Kenny. 

Two romantic relationships end before the overnight dates

Becca reportedly dated Katie's The Bachelorette villain Thomas in Paradise during most of her time in Paradise.

But Becca and Thomas broke up before the overnight Fantasy Suite dates and they both left single, according to Carbone.

And Clare and Tayshia's The Bachelorette bachelor, Noah, reportedly dated Matt's The Bachelor fan-favorite bachelorette Abigail during the season.

Unfortunately, Noah and Abigail also broke up before the overnight dates and left the show as single individuals.

Carbone claims Noah is the one who broke up with Abigail.

"I know a lot of you will ask, 'What about all the nicey nice they were playing on IG when she posted this past Saturday.' Your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that Noah broke up with her on the show," Carbone wrote.

"Maybe it was amicable. Maybe the IG stuff is an act. Maybe they plan on dating post show. I don't know. But he broke up with her on the show after a being a couple from the get go."

Carbone insisted, however, Noah and Abigail did not leave the show together or as an engaged couple. 

One couple quit the show but opted to leave together as a couple

A solid couple chose to continue dating outside of the show rather than continuing to pursue their connection in Paradise: Brendan and Pieper.

Brendan was a frontrunner on Tayshia's season who quit The Bachelorette 16 during his Fantasy Suite date, and Pieper left Matt's The Bachelor season brokenhearted before hometown dates.


"We saw the stories pre-show that they were dating before BIP even started," Carbone wrote in his blog.

"This became a storyline on the show, I believe they started getting called out for it by others, so they just bounced, but are dating post-show." 

Two Bachelor in Paradise returnees, Tia and Kendall, aren't lucky

Both Tia and Kendall previously competed for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart on The Bachelor's 22nd season.

Tia, who once had a fling with former The Bachelor star Colton Underwood, left the show single, although Carbone didn't reveal when and under what circumstances.

And Kendall, who previously found love with Joe Amabile on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise, also didn't find love this time around and left the show alone.

(Joe and Kendall announced their breakup in January 2020.)

Kendall reportedly had a difficult time watching Joe's relationship with someone else blossom and so she opted to leave Mexico on her own accord.

ABC's preview of Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season shows Kendall crying in Joe's arms.

The last person Kendall was involved with was Tayshia's Final 3 bachelor, Ivan, who also ended up leaving single.

Three couples make it to the Final Rose Ceremony in Paradise

Carbone revealed in late June three couples made it all the way to the Final Rose Ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise's seventh season.

According to Carbone, the Final 3 couples are Joe and Serena P., Kenny and Mari, and Riley and Maurissa.


Joe previously competed on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette before falling for Kendall on Bachelor in Paradise 5

Serena P. and Mari both appeared on Matt's The Bachelor season. While Mari didn't make it very far in the process, Serena P. quit after her hometown date.

Kenny and Riley were bachelors on The Bachelorette 16 in 2020.

And Maurissa competed on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor's 24th season. 

Bachelor in Paradise ends with multiple engagements reportedly!

Carbone reported that all three of the final couples got engaged!

That's right. That means Joe and Serena P. reportedly got engaged, as well as Kenny and Mari and Riley and Maurissa.

It appears Joe and Serena P. are still together, as well as Riley and Maurissa.

Joe and Serena P. were spotted together in Chicago at a rooftop pool in early July.

"These people are gonna find a way to see each other and not hide it. They do it every season." Carbone wrote in a July 6 blog post.

And in late July, Carbone received a picture of Kenny and Mari together at a different rooftop pool in Chicago, which is where Kenny lives.

Carbone also revealed that Brendan and Pieper, who left the show prematurely as a dating couple, have been spotted out together recently.

The pair apparently spent Fourth of July weekend together in the Boston area, where Brendan lives.


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