Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have surfaced about Season 8's finale and reunion special -- including which couples stay together, who gets engaged, which couples split, and shocking details about who's still together and a post-filming cheating scandal.


[Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler Warning: This report spoils the rest of Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season, including the finale and reunion special.]

Bachelor in Paradise's Season 8 finale is going to air as a two-night event on Monday, November 21 and Tuesday, November 22 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.


Now that Andrew Spencer, Ency Abedin and Jessenia Cruz are all gone, only the strongest couples remain on Bachelor in Paradise.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell are crazy about each other and have discussed how they're ready to get engaged, and Genevieve and Aaron Clancy are in love with each other -- even though they continue to have ridiculous fights about itching vs. pain.

Victoria Fuller has called Johnny DePhillipo her "person," and the duo have expressed how they're falling in love with each other.

And Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer are in a committed relationship, especially after Logan turned down a date with an attractive newcomer, Lyndsey Windham.

As for Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin, they met during "The Split" twist and just went on a date in Paradise. They determined they really like each other and could picture a future together.

With the finale fast approaching, fans are wondering which couples will last and who will end up together. Who enjoys a Fantasy Suite and do any of the remaining couples get engaged?

Fans are also waiting for updates on Shanae Ankney and Joey Young as well as Florence Moerenhout and Justin Young, who both sparked more recent connections on the show.

Bachelor in Paradise's reunion special, which filmed on November 4, will cap off the two-night finale event on Tuesday.

In a recent interview on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast, The Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia teased that the reunion was the "messiest" that will ever go down in show history.

"The amount of people that were just, like, coming at each other's necks -- whom you would never expect -- I was like, 'Where is this coming from?!' It was absolutely crazy," Rachel teased, adding how something Eliza Isichei did surprised her the most.

And Tyler Norris called the reunion "wild" and said fans will be in "disbelief" of what happens during a recent appearance on the "Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation" podcast.

"I think, oh my gosh, if there's an episode you want to watch, that's the one. That's the one you're going to be watching the screen in disbelief, like, 'What is going on?! This is crazy!'" Tyler teased to podcast co-hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo.

"You just see 'the real' come out and then you just see some people stick up for themselves that you never expected."

And Tyler teased how Victoria Fuller, Brittany Galvin, and Kira Mengistu's storylines surprised him the most.

Keep reading for Bachelor in Paradise's eighth-season spoilers, including new shocking spoilers on the reunion special, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season was filmed back in June

Even though Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise is the first season of the show to air as part of ABC's fall schedule instead of its usual late-summer scheduling, the Paradise season was still filmed in June similar to prior seasons.

The production schedule means that Bachelor in Paradise's Season 8 final Rose Ceremony couples will have spent nearly four months navigating their relationships in "the real world" by the time the season finale airs on ABC -- longer than any prior Bachelor in Paradise season!

Bachelor in Paradise host Jesse Palmer took to Instagram on June 9 and posted a photo of himself posing next to an "open" sign on a beach decorated with blankets, vases and lights.

"With the power vested in me, I now officially declare Paradise OPEN!!!" Jesse captioned the image, announcing that Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season had begun production.

Bachelor in Paradise reportedly wrapped filming during the week of June 30.

Bachelor in Paradise's Season 8 reunion was then filmed in Los Angeles on November 4.


Six solid couples had been established when the season began wrapping up

Carbone tweeted on July 6, "(SPOILERS) Here are your BIP final couple results. Finally got these last night."

The established couples at the end of the season included Aaron Clancy and Genevieve Parisi, Michael Allio and Danielle Maltby, and Brandon Jones and Serene Russell.

The rest of the strong Paradise couples were Logan and Kate, Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin, and Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller.

Aaron and Genevieve broke up and left Paradise alone, and so did Logan and Kate

While Aaron and Genevieve were going strong for most of the Bachelor in Paradise season, they broke up and decided a relationship wouldn't work in the real world.

Genevieve and Aaron did not enjoy an overnight Fantasy Suite date. According to Carbone, Aaron broke up with Genevieve because she allegedly tried to leave him every time they got into a fight.

"Things seem to be amicable now," Carbone tweeted on November 5.

Genevieve, however, found a new best friend in Shanae Ankney. Carbone reported that the women were gifted a trip to Niagara Falls, where they previously filmed a two-on-one date with Clayton on The Bachelor's 26th season, during Bachelor in Paradise's reunion show.

Logan and Kate's romance also faltered, and the pair split up before Bachelor in Paradise's Final Rose Ceremony.

Logan attempted to give Kate his rose at Season 8's fifth Rose Ceremony, but she rejected it, according to Carbone.

"[Kate] mentioned something about how he drives an orange Nissan and couldn't afford a certain gym membership," Carbone tweeted on November 5.

Michael and Danielle left the show dating, and so did Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin

Michael and Danielle made a love connection and left Bachelor in Paradise as a couple.

Tyler and Brittany also fell hard for each other, and so they decided to leave the Paradise resort together and keep dating.

Brandon and Serene got engaged, and so did Johnny and Victoria

Carbone reported back in late June, "The only couple I'm almost positive is gonna get engaged is Brandon and Serene. In fact, I'd be surprised if they didn't. Outside of that, anyone's fair game to break up."

Brandon did propose marriage at the Final Rose Ceremony to Serene, who left Bachelor in Paradise with a diamond on her finger.

Later on, Carbone also reported that although Johnny wasn't ready to get engaged to Gabby Windey on The Bachelorette, he did pop the question to Victoria and the couple got engaged before they left Bachelor in Paradise!


Tyler Norris and Brittany Galvin broke up after returning home

Tyler and Brittany decided to leave Paradise together and continue dating in the real world.

The pair even met each other's families, but Carbone reported on September 27 they had split up in the summer.

On November 5, Carbone wrote on Twitter that Tyler had asked Brittany to join him at a party in Los Angeles and she declined the invitation because she allegedly didn't have the money to go. When Tyler offered to pay Brittany's way, however, Brittany still said "no."

Days later, Brittany allegedly bought herself a ticket to London and then Italy -- just for herself.

"[Brittany] broke up with him on FaceTime in Italy. Onstage [at the reunion taping], she said their goals didn't line up," Carbone tweeted.

Brittany claimed how Tyler was revolving his life around her and she wanted him to be his own, independent person.

Michael and Danielle are still together

This fall, Michael hinted he may be in love in an October 3 Instagram post.

"We found love in a hopeless place," Michael captioned a photo with Andrew at the time, quoting a popular song.

Michael and Danielle were also photographed dancing together at Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland's wedding on August 20, Life & Style reported.

Carbone also confirmed Michael and Danielle are still together in an October 18 blog post.

"Michael and Danielle are still together to this day, so it's all worked out for them," he wrote.

Carbone revealed on November 5 that Danielle is moving to Ohio to be with Michael and his son. However, she will be getting her own place and "are taking things slow."

Brandon and Serene are still together and engaged

On Bachelor in Paradise's finale, Jesse Palmer told Brandon and Serene that he was ordained, and so he asked them if they wanted to get married right then and there, according to Carbone.

The Bachelor in Paradise season will therefore end with a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering if Brandon and Serene spontaneously decided to tie the knot.

Carbone reported on November 5 that Serene and Brandon revealed at the reunion taping they were not married.

However, the couple confirmed at the reunion taping they were still together, happy, and engaged. The show also gifted Brandon and Serene a trip to Hawaii.

Sierra Jackson confronts Michael at the reunion and makes new allegations

Sierra Jackson admitted in the press recently she felt "disrespected" by Michael's actions and thought it was "convenient" how his romance with Danielle played out in Paradise following her exit.

At the Bachelor in Paradise reunion taping, Carbone reported on November 5 that Sierra talked to Michael and said she wished he had been straightforward with her before their breakup on the show.

Sierra allegedly wanted Michael to admit that he wasn't feeling it with her -- and it wasn't about him being guarded or not ready to find love again after the death of his wife.

"[Sierra] said Michael kissed her 3 times after they broke up and was under the impression there was still a chance," Carbone tweeted. "Michael denied doing that."

Jacob Rapini asked Jill Chin for another chance at the reunion

After Jacob Rapini hit it off with Kate on the beach, he decided Jill Chin wasn't his "person." Jacob therefore broke up with Jill after "The Split" twist and she went home.

However, Jacob revealed in the press recently how he regretted letting Jill go and not getting to know her better

Carbone tweeted on November 5 that Jacob asked Jill at the reunion taping if she'd be interested in continuing to date him -- and she said "yes!"

Eliza Isichei and Justin Glaze blame each other at the reunion

As viewers saw, Eliza Isichei flew to Baltimore to ask Justin Glaze for another chance after she quit Bachelor in Paradise.

Justin then rejected Eliza on-camera after she surprised him in Baltimore, saying he wanted to be with a woman who was "all in."

However, Carbone reported on November 5, citing sources that attended Bachelor in Paradise's reunion filming, that Justin and Eliza revealed they continued talking for hours after Justin said "no" and the cameras left.

The pair then decided to meet up in Los Angeles, but Eliza allegedly ghosted him.

Eliza claimed she ditched Justin because he didn't contact her until around 11PM when he got there.

Romeo Alexander and Kira Mengistu are "still talking"

Kira previously arrived in Paradise hoping for another chance with Jacob.

When Jacob turned her down because he wasn't interested in rehashing their romance, Kira approached Romeo on the beach and asked him to leave with her.

Kira and Romeo -- who had known each other before Paradise due to their social circle in New York City -- left Paradise together, and Carbone tweeted on November 5 that they are still talking.

It's unclear, however, if "talking" means they are officially dating.

Victoria and Johnny reportedly broke up after she cheated on him!

Carbone revealed in an October 25 blog posting that Victoria and Johnny reportedly split in early September.

Rumors have recently been swirling that Victoria cheated on Johnny, and two Bachelor Nation sources have told YouTuber Dave Neal that Victoria cheated on Johnny TWICE!

One of the men Victoria had cheated on Johnny with is allegedly The Bachelorette alum Greg Grippo, who competed for Katie Thurston's heart on the show's seventeenth season.

Carbone said he hasn't heard anything about the cheating allegations, but in late October, Johnny added to the rumor mill by posting on his Instagram Stories how he's "unwell."

Victoria is dating former The Bachelorette bachelor Greg Grippo now

On October 21, a Bachelor Nation fan claimed to have seen Victoria and Greg together while she was visiting The Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

A second fan then also claimed to have seen Victoria and Greg walking a quiet street while enjoying her honeymoon in Capri, an Italian island that is only a couple of hours away from Rome by train and ferry.

Unfortunately neither fan was able to take a good photo or video showing the faces of the alleged couple, leaving the legitimacy of the claims uncertain.

"I did hear 2 weeks ago 'rumblings' about Victoria and Greg being involved together in some capacity," Carbone wrote in his October 25 blog posting.

Carbone had heard there is "definitely" something going on between Victoria and Greg and they're "in communication."

The spoiler blogger explained, "All I know is they are definitely in contact since her breakup with Johnny. Whether it played a role in the breakup I'm not sure."

But later on October 25, Carbone tweeted a new update that he had now confirmed Victoria and Greg were indeed in Italy together.

"(SPOILER NOW CONFIRMED): Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo in Rome today near the Trevi fountain. Video coming soon," he wrote.

Carbone then proceeded to post a video which appeared to show Victoria and Greg each dressed very casually and attempting to obscure their appearances.

The Roman fountain footage represented a big wardrobe change from the earlier photo that allegedly showed Victoria and Greg in Capri.

On October 26, Carbone tweeted out an additional photo taken earlier that day which showed Victoria and Greg at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome.

"For those who STILL didn't believe that was Greg and Victoria in Italy... here's another. On the shuttle at FCO airport in Italy at 10am local time this morning," he wrote.

"Just so we're clear, Victoria & Greg are back in the states now," he added in a pair of followup tweets. "They flew from Rome to Newark this morning and landed about 90 minutes ago. She's headed back to Nashville now."

"So when she inevitably posts something from home either later tonight or tmrw, save your 'See, she's in Nashville' takes. I don't know why some of you are having a hard time accepting they were in Italy this past wknd until today when they flew home."

Victoria and Greg's faces were clearly visible in the photo, which appeared to have been taken by another passenger on the same shuttle.

Greg also recently left a flirty "good girl" comment on one of Victoria's Instagram posts, which he quickly deleted.

And The Bachelor alum Nick Viall then also posted a TikTok video of Victoria kissing Greg on the cheek at the dinner table during a Bachelor Nation game night with Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt.


Johnny and Victoria argue at the reunion

Johnny said he and Victoria were in couples' counseling for three weeks after filming ended.

"Victoria said Johnny called her a stupid c**t and she claimed he told her she didn't cook or clean so what good was she as a woman," Carbone tweeted on November 5.

Johnny admitted he said things he shouldn't have and regretted it, but he denied ever calling Victoria the awful C-word.

According to Carbone, Johnny said he didn't want to air dirty laundry but Victoria allegedly threw a wine glass at him and told him that she was out of his league.

Tyler Norris announced he heard from a reporter that Victoria had cheated on Johnny at a party in Los Angeles and she was telling people that she's "very much single."

"Victoria went off and started yelling at Tyler telling him to be quiet and this didn't involve him," Carbone tweeted on November 5.

Victoria claimed she and Greg were talking pre-Paradise but it was nothing serious. Victoria apparently told Johnny about this but then Johnny caught Greg texting Victoria.

"She assured him she & Greg were just friends. Johnny found out [through] social media about the Italy trip," Carbone tweeted.

Greg appears on the reunion with Victoria!

After Victoria and Johnny sat onstage together at the Paradise reunion, Johnny left and then Greg joined Victoria.

The pair got matching tattoos in Italy -- the word "hot" in Italian on their arms.


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