Bachelor in Paradise featured Ivan Hall getting caught lying and breaking rules, Noah Erb feeling "conflicted" after saying he was falling in love with a reluctant Abigail Heringer and then breaking up with her, and Kenny Braasch missing passion in his relationship with Mari Pepin-Solis during Tuesday night's Season 7 broadcast on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with tension between Ivan and Aaron escalating at the cocktail party preceding the season's next Rose Ceremony.


Aaron made fun of Ivan's quivering lip as they argued face-to-face, and then Ivan accused Aaron of bringing bad energy to the beach and having beef with most of the men in Paradise.

Aaron explained to Maurissa Gunn and Becca Kufrin how Ivan had lied to him by saying he wouldn't try to steal one of the women in pursuit of her rose and was only interested in new female beach arrivals -- only to pull Chelsea Vaughn aside moments later and make out with her.

Ivan told Noah, Riley Christian and Demar Jackson that Chelsea had asked to speak with him and so he wasn't going to turn her down, but Aaron called Ivan "a b-tch" and insisted the move to woo Chelsea was "a betrayal of trust."

The cast seemed split on whether to side with Ivan or Aaron in the altercation, and Aaron definitely had James Bonsall in his back pocket.

Ivan said Aaron was unraveling, and Natasha admitted she was a little bit worried about the angry and frustrated suitor.

The guys then gathered together to clear the air, and Aaron apologized for confronting Ivan with more anger than he should have. Aaron confessed his emotions had gotten the best of him but he felt like Ivan said one thing to him and then essentially did the opposite.

Ivan told Aaron to ask questions before lashing out at people, adding that Chelsea had wanted to talk to him first.

However, footage then flashed back to Ivan flat out asking Chelsea to "talk for a minute," and her replying, "Yeah, I do!"

Ivan asked Aaron to drop the conversation because he was trying to "save" him in the moment, and Ivan asked James to check his boy.

"The thing is, you said you had no interest in her at all. You never had any interest in [Chelsea]," Aaron said.

"Dude, she asked me to go talk, we had a conversation, and she surprised me in many ways," Ivan said.

"Oh, so now you develop interest on the day of a Rose Ceremony?" Aaron asked.

Riley reminded Aaron how Ivan had said Chelsea asked to speak with him first and feelings can definitely develop quickly in this process. Everyone rallied around Ivan in the fight, which Aaron apparently found "hurtful."

James told Aaron that if Chelsea truly pulled Ivan aside first, Ivan wasn't wrong in talking to her and it's everyone's responsibility to explore connections in Paradise.

Aaron contemplated leaving Mexico right then and there over the drama, but James asked his clearly-crushed buddy to stick it out, hang tough, and let Chelsea decide what she wanted.

Chelsea then showed up and confirmed to Becca, Natasha and Maurissa that Ivan had asked her to go talk and she had never "pulled him." The girls were in shocked Ivan had flat out lied to everyone's face on the beach.


Chelsea shared with Aaron how she had never pulled Ivan out of the crowd to talk, and Aaron admitted how he felt stupid because Ivan's group had laughed at him for being mad at Ivan giving Chelsea attention when she had allegedly asked for it.

Chelsea didn't like everyone being mean to Aaron, who then kissed his girl in return.

Aaron told the cameras Ivan had "lied" and didn't deserve to be on the beach any longer.

Chelsea proceeded to confront Ivan about the story he had told everyone in Paradise, and Ivan changed his tune a little bit.

"I did not say, 'Chelsea pulled me,'" Ivan said.

"Everyone that I've spoken to said you told everyone on the beach that I pulled you," Chelsea countered.

"Chelsea, I did not say you pulled me. I said -- First of all, I definitely pulled you. I said, 'Chelsea had an interest in me that I did not know was there,'" Ivan said.

Chelsea called Ivan "an opportunist," saying he saw "a flash of hope" that he might be able to snag her rose. Chelsea essentially told Ivan that she saw through his act, but Ivan insisted he thought Chelsea was "dope" and wanted to get to know her better.

At the Rose Ceremony that evening, bartender and Master of Ceremonies, Wells Adams, could tell people looked stressed out and uneasy.

"But something has come up that I have to deal with first," Wells announced. "It's something that happened last night at the hotel when we were sheltering from the storm. Ivan, could you come with me?"

Wells pulled Ivan out of the Rose Ceremony lineup and walked him down the beach away from the other cast members, leaving everyone shocked and confused.

Noah and Ivan had been roommates, but Noah said after talking to Ivan for a bit, he fell asleep.

"First off, do you have anything to tell me?" Wells asked.

Ivan explained to Wells what happened off-camera, and Joe Amabile assumed Ivan had left his room. However, the girls revealed as a group that Ivan had not visited any of their rooms.

"Laying all the cards out on the table, at this point, it just makes the most sense for you to just be completely honest with me," Wells told Ivan.

"Yeah, last night at the hotel, I was really in a place where, like, I was kind of feeling lost here in Paradise. I was honestly feeling lost and had no connections. And I didn't know where to go, really," Ivan said.

"And last night, I spend time with [Alexa Caves] at the hotel."


Alexa is an esthetician from Chicago, IL, who competed on The Bachelor's 24th season starring Peter Weber. Alexa only lasted a few episodes on the show's 2020 season.

Wells asked Ivan to reveal his relationship with Alexa, and Ivan said he had been hoping Alexa would be "brought down here at some point."

"That's what I've been hoping for since the beginning. We never met up. I was genuinely excited to meet her and actually get to talk to her, so I thought I was going to be going home and I wanted to meet her. So I just did," Ivan explained.

Wells asked how all of this came about since Alexa hadn't even arrived in Paradise, and Ivan said there was a producer's phone in his room and "it was just there" -- an alleged "screenshot" of the room numbers.

"I didn't go searching for anything," Ivan claimed.

"So you saw a producer's phone and you grabbed it and saw what room number she was in?" Wells asked.

"Yeah, to be quite frank, I saw it. I saw Alexa's name," Ivan replied, adding that he had made a super impulsive decision to meet up with Alexa.

"We were talking on her balcony and we hit it off, just having a normal time, honestly," Ivan said.

Wells asked Ivan if he understood the gravity of their problem at hand, and Ivan said, "Yeah."

"I got to be honest, it was wrong of me. I shouldn't have gone around the system. My mind was just in a weird place, and I was wrong," Ivan admitted. "Love makes you do, like, weird, crazy things. I made a mistake and it was a giant mistake."

Wells asked Ivan to gather everyone together, come clean, and explain what happened to the group as a whole.

Ivan said he came to Paradise with the purest intentions to love somebody and he never meant to hurt anyone.

Ivan followed through on Wells' request, saying Alexa had been the girl he wanted to meet from the very beginning of the show and he spent a few hours at her hotel room.

Ivan apologized for going around the system to see if he could have a connection with Alexa, and he thanked the cast members who had his back up to this point.

Ivan also apologized to Chelsea specifically and claimed if Chelsea had offered him a rose, he wouldn't have accepted it due to the fact he wasn't in the right mental space to continue a relationship in Paradise at this point.

"I don't appreciate the audacity of Ivan saying, like, 'I wasn't going to accept your rose tonight, Chelsea.' But Ivan kind of did me a favor and showed his true colors," Chelsea explained.


Ivan announced it would be best for him to leave Paradise, and James said Ivan had broken the rules and it sounded like he and Alexa may have hooked up.

Wells told Ivan that he appreciated his honesty and candor, and then Ivan said his goodbyes and apologized once again.

"It's on me," Ivan noted on his way out.

Riley, feeling "blindsided," told Ivan that the men from Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams' season were "supposed to be better" and Ivan is a better man than that. Riley admitted he was "disappointed" in Ivan, who confessed to having made a bad decision.

Ivan felt he had "let a lot of people down" and admitted he had been "selfish" in his pursuit of Alexa.

"I hate that I put a sour note on a Rose Ceremony," Ivan acknowledged.

"I don't want anybody to feel bad for me at all. I made a choice and I have to own that choice, and I'm going to continue thinking about this and regretting it, and I'll live with this the rest of my life."

The Rose Ceremony then commenced with Serena Pitt giving her rose to Joe A. Joe called themselves "the strongest couple" and noted how they were on "the same page" and falling in love with each other.

Abigail gave her rose to Noah Erb, saying she envisioned a future with him and they were on the track to leave the show together.

Maurissa gave her rose to Riley, saying it had been "years" since she felt so strongly about a man.

Mari offered her rose to Kenny, and she was sure they were committed to each other, and then Becca gave her rose to Thomas Jacobs, who gushed about "thriving" and going "above and beyond" with Becca in the real world.

Chelsea gave her rose to Aaron and said she kept gravitating towards him, and she was excited to explore their potential without Ivan on the beach.

Natasha handed her rose to Ed Waisbrot over Joe Park, revealing that she found Ed worth "fighting for," and then Tia Booth gave her rose to James instead of Blake Monar.

Tia told James that she appreciated his effort and he deserved to stay in Paradise, and James gushed about having something special with Tia, who thought there was a chance for them to develop a serious relationship.

Dr. Joe, Blake and Demar therefore were eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise.

The next day, Kenny seemed a little off, and so Mari asked him what was wrong with only a few days left of the process. Kenny said something emotional was missing between them and he wasn't sure she felt the same way he did.

"If we're going to get engaged, we need to be pretty sure with where we're at, and I'm feeling you're not sure," Kenny admitted.


Kenny said passion was missing in his relationship and Mari wasn't being fully honest about her feelings.

Mari felt blindsided and never saw this coming, especially because Kenny questioned if they should pump the brakes a little bit. Mari realized she had pulled back a little bit and was trying to protect her heart, and she didn't want that to be the case.

Anna Redman from Matt James' The Bachelor season -- who had been known for sparking drama -- then stepped on the beach as a new woman who had been through quite a bit of therapy.

Anna pulled Kenny aside to talk first, but Kenny said he was invested in Mari. And Anna talked to Thomas next.

Although Thomas and Becca hadn't established a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship yet, Thomas also declined Anna's date and ran back to Becca.

Anna then focused her attention on James, who said he had been bouncing around from one woman to the next and hadn't found his "person" yet. Anna therefore asked James out on a date and he accepted her invitation.

Tia said the situation sucked and it was hard to watch everyone else fall deeper in love.

Meanwhile, Abigail said she and Noah weren't "as locked in" as people assumed they had been. Wells advised Abigail to open up more and stop holding back, and Abigail acknowledged she needed to talk about love with Noah.

Wells said he didn't want to see Abigail and Noah "neglect true happiness" because they were scared to share their feelings with one another.

It did appear Abigail was falling in love with Noah, and so she realized she must say what's on her heart for the relationship to progress.

For James and Anna's date, the couple rolled in sugar and chocolate syrup as they massaged each other, and then a woman put snakes on their backs. James said Anna was a good sport about it all and he was "super impressed" by her.

"I'm really attracted to Anna. I see serious potential, and I'm looking forward to just really getting to know her," James told the cameras.

Anna also confirmed she was "into" James and felt butterflies for him as they kissed in a hot tub with champagne.

Mykenna Dorn from Peter's The Bachelor season then showed up to Paradise, and she also learned how many of the bachelors and bachelorettes were already coupled-up and established in their romances.

Mykenna asked Aaron out on her date, but Aaron said he wouldn't be able to give her everything he had on the date since he had been pretty invested in Chelsea.

Mykenna was really disappointed because no one wanted to go out with her, and she cried about not fitting in. Mykenna also said Aaron had knocked down her confidence since he was not open to getting to know her.


After everyone could see how upset Mykenna was, Ed offered to accompany her on a date. Ed said he had just arrived on the beach and was open, but Mykenna admitted she'd rather leave the beach and go home.

Ed asked Mykenna to give it a shot with him because he liked her positive and fun energy, and after giving Mykenna a big, comforting hug, Mykenna agreed to go on a date with him -- and the whole group cheered for them as they walked hand-in-hand down the beach.

For their date, Mykenna and Ed went rollerblading and had a good time, and Mykenna said she was happy to have stayed and given Ed a chance. Ed thought Mykenna was easy to talk to.

"Maybe I didn't see him at first, but I see him now! And I'm happy to be on this date with him... I just feel like he's a good guy, and that's what I've been missing -- just a good guy," Mykenna shared.

"I just get lost in his eyes too. He's got very dreamy eyes."

Mykenna and Ed kissed on their date, and Natasha was upset and felt deflated, "unwanted" and "played" back on the beach. The whole experience had been pretty negative for Natasha overall.

That evening, a spiritual healer conducted a ritual or ceremony with Kenny and Mari to hopefully break down their walls and bring them closer together, and Thomas pointed out how the couple was very lucky and it was probably the most special thing to happen to anyone in Paradise.

Kenny wanted to make sure his relationship had passion before getting engaged, and he could feel Mari was "hesitant" with him. However, Mari assured her man that she was falling in love with him and was really happy.

"I didn't necessarily plan to be engaged at the end of this, but now I'm actually seeing that for myself and I have found what I've been looking for with Kenny," Mari said in a confessional.

"I'm all in and I'm excited about it because I've never felt something like this before."

Kenny and Mari determined that they wanted to be with each other, and then they got cozy on a daybed and Kenny felt the pair was back on track and 100 percent honest with each other.

Noah then decided to be vulnerable with Abigail and "put it all out there" for her. Noah told Abigail, "I am falling in love with you, and I can see it working in the real world. It's not scary or anything like that. My feelings are very strong for you."

Abigail, however, just froze in the moment and appeared to put a wall up. Noah said it would be hard for him to continue opening up if she kept reacting in the same guarded manner, and he was no longer sure they could get to where they needed to be by the end of the show.

Abigail said she had love for Noah but wasn't sure she was falling in love just yet.

The Bachelor in Paradise cast went on to celebrate at the first official "Paradise Prom" with a 1980s theme. Abigail got stuck in an elevator on her high school prom night and missed most of it, and Aaron had never been to prom -- and so everyone was really excited.


The men sweetly asked their love interests to prom by doing sweet gestures, such as Riley surprising Maurissa with a giant teddy bear and Joe writing "PROM?" in the sand for Serena to see.

James asked Anna to the prom over Tia, but Tia said she totally understood, even though she cried about being alone on the beach at this stage in the process.

The cast danced the night away at prom, and at one point, Aaron pulled Tia aside for a chat. Aaron surprised Tia with a corsage since she didn't have a date and then he kissed her!

Aaron said he didn't want to leave Paradise with any regrets, and Tia said the kiss felt really nice. Aaron predicted Chelsea was going to be mad at him, especially when Aaron returned to prom hand-in-hand with Tia.

The move apparently came out of nowhere and shocked everybody who was watching. Chelsea called Aaron's game "rude and disrespectful" when she had been nothing but respectful to him.

"I have super strong feelings for him, but apparently, I don't even deserve a conversation after he gives me his rose and I give him my rose," Chelsea lamented, adding that she felt like Aaron was leaving her on the backburner.

"As far as I'm concerned, he can kick rocks, barefoot. He f-cked up my prom! Lame!"

Late into the evening, Wells announced superlatives the cast had voted on throughout the prom. "Biggest Flirt" went to Kenny, "Best Kisser [of toes]" went to Maurissa, and Abigail and Noah were voted "Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After" and leave Paradise together.

And the cast voted Joe and Serena to be "Prom King and Queen."

And Abigail finally determined she was "definitely falling in love" with Noah, and so she planned to tell him that night.

However, Abigail apparently couldn't work up the nerve to do it, and so Noah began feeling really conflicted and upset about having opened up his heart to receive nothing in return.

Noah figured Abigail was waiting for her moment to express her love, but he was having a change of heart and wished she could have expressed herself earlier in order to sway him in a different direction.

"I'm like, 'Well, maybe it could work out,' but I still have that gut feeling where I'm like, 'This is not your person. You can love somebody but not be in love with them,'" Noah explained to the cameras.

"That's kind of where I'm at right now. I care for Abigail but I know what I need to do, so it's now it's like, how can I handle it in a way that is right and doesn't really hurt Abigail? Yeah, it's obviously not easy, but that's what I feel like is the best move."

Noah therefore pulled Abigail outside of the prom and dished on how he was feeling.

Noah said he felt conflicted between his mind and his heart and on what he should do after Paradise.


Noah told Abigail that they were the most fun and unbothered couple on the beach and she had surprised him.

"I'm starting to form genuine feelings for you, like, strong feelings," Noah told Abigail. "And it's kind of taken me off-guard, to be honest... but I've been trying to force something that I want, when deep down, I don't know if you're my person."

Noah said the situation had been hard for him and Abigail hit the nail on the head when she wondered if they had been delaying the inevitable and always had one foot into the relationship and one foot out.

Noah explained how he had been fighting to keep the relationship going and the last thing he wanted was to let her down.

"Deep down, it's just a struggle between me having these feelings for her and [me thinking], 'She's perfect in all of these ways, but I'm not sure if she's perfect for me,'" Noah said.

Noah said he had been hoping that feeling of "she's not for me" would go away the harder he worked to keep their romance alive.

Abigail confessed how she felt totally "blindsided" given Noah had just said he was falling in love with her the previous night. Abigail called Noah out for not wanting to make false promises or say something he doesn't mean.

Noah explained his words had been true but he didn't want to force anything with her.

"I feel like you're too late in doing all of this," Abigail said.

"I can only do what I feel is right in that time... I've lost sleep over this. It's obviously affected me," Noah admitted.

Abigail felt confused and annoyed, saying he had been pushing her to get to his level when he had a gut feeling the entire time that they weren't right for each other.

"Of course I'm going to be hurt and feel like I was lied to," Abigail noted.

Noah insisted he hadn't lied about anything and had been fighting his gut instinct she's not his person all along.

Abigail wondered if Noah entered "panic mode" after professing his love to her, and she wondered if he was just running away from something without telling her what that "something" was.

Abigail walked away from the conversation and burst into tears.


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