Bachelor in Paradise featured the cast pushing Brendan Morais and Pieper James out of Paradise, Thomas Jacobs dumping Tammy Ly for Becca Kufrin, Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt professing they're "falling in love," Kendall Long breaking down, a new "Boom Boom Room" couple, and a big cast shakeup during Tuesday night's Season 7 episode on ABC.

At the third Rose Ceremony of the season, Demi Burnett, Jessenia Cruz, Tammy Ly, Deandra Kanu were all denied roses and eliminated from Bachelor in Paradise.

Following their departures, two new bachelors entered the scene: Dr. Joe Park and Blake Monar.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with the women anticipating five of them would be going home since the men had the roses.

Demi, Natasha Parker, Jessenia, Chelsea Vaughn, and Deandra figured they were in trouble of potentially being denied roses, and Natasha regretted spending so much time with Brendan, who gushed about being "so happy" to remain in Paradise with Pieper.

Natasha felt Brendan had been let off the hook when his betrayal was just as bad --if not worse -- than what Chris had done to Jessenia once Alana Milne arrived.

The season's third cocktail party then commenced, and Tituss Burgess announced that he hoped Chris learned his lesson about allegedly dating Alana before the show and looking to reunite with her on the beach on television.

Demi found it surprising that no one was calling out Brendan for how he had strung Natasha along, but she said it was probably because the men on the beach actually liked Brendan.

Natasha reminded everyone how Brendan had claimed his pre-show romance with Pieper was casual when Pieper admitted they had hung out about 10 times before Paradise began filming.

"He completely downplayed his relationship with me to wait until Pieper got here," Natasha said, adding, "I was completely manipulated and completely lied to."

Joe said he felt for Natasha and it seemed like Brendan and Pieper had been playing a game, and Maurissa Gunn said the couple should go home. Demi agreed Brendan and Pieper had wasted people's time and they shouldn't be allowed to stay in Paradise.

"Y'all are already in a relationship. Obviously they came here so they could get more followers, more fame, more clout," Demi told the cameras.

Joe then explained to Brendan and Pieper how everyone was feeling. Joe said they knew they were going to date in Paradise and leave the show together, but Brendan insisted they had only hung out alone two or three times.

Brendan said the other gatherings were a handful of group outings with other people and they never made their romance exclusive.

Brendan said he liked Pieper before the show and got to know Natasha, which resulted in a relationship that was "void of any romance."

"I tried to get there, and I never promised Natasha we were going to be more than anything we were," Brendan said.

Demi also began attacking Brendan, who claimed he needed three days in Paradise with Pieper to really get to know her. Brendan also accused Demi, Jessenia and Deandra of "writing the rules of relationships and of Paradise," which prompted Demi to respond, "F-ck off," while putting up her middle finger.


Pieper said she came to Paradise for Brendan and didn't think there was anything wrong with wanting to explore a relationship with only him.

When the cast said Brendan and Pieper could've dated in the real world, Pieper explained that Paradise gives them an opportunity to be together constantly and only focus on their relationship.

Natasha told Brendan that it was fine to feel that way about Pieper but not at her "expense." Natasha said Brendan's behavior was "completely awful."

Joe said the expectation of Paradise is to arrive "open" to meeting and dating new people, and then Brendan told the group that he had nothing else to talk about and was going to remove himself -- without clarifying whether he'd be leaving the conversation or Paradise in general.

Brendan called Natasha, Demi and her friends "disgruntled females" who had made "a pathetic attempt to intimidate [him]."

Brendan told Pieper in private, "Demi is just as much of a character as anyone. Deandra is upset no one is talking to her and Natasha has zero chance of having a relationship with any guy who has been here. [Natasha] is just a salty person."

Joe came to the conclusion that Brendan had used Natasha, and then Pieper was shown telling Brendan about how she was excited about the idea of getting a career boost and more Instagram followers but she would've been able to achieve that on her own outside of Paradise.

"I told you I didn't want to come. I told you," Pieper complained to Brendan.

Joe acknowledged how Brendan and Pieper didn't think they had done anything wrong, and Demi said if the couple had any dignity left, they would leave.

Brendan and Pieper then decided to leave on their own terms and continue their relationship at home.

"I didn't intentionally want to mislead anyone; I just withheld information," Brendan said in his final words.

Wells Adams even said coming to Mexico in a relationship "ruins the integrity" of the process.

Before the Rose Ceremony, Maurissa surprised Riley with a surprise picnic on the beach, and they licked whipped cream off each other's randomly-selected body parts, including Riley's big toe.

Riley and Maurissa then took their intimate party into "The Boom Boom Room."

"That's the best chocolate sundae I've ever had!" Maurissa said after disappearing for awhile.

Meanwhile, Tammy said she could see Thomas fitting into her life and hoped he would choose her over Becca. Tammy told Thomas that he's her best friend and she liked him a lot, but Thomas admitted the date with Becca went well and he didn't want to lead her on.


"I had feelings for someone else last night and I didn't feel guilty about it," Thomas confessed to Tammy.

Aaron Clancy called it "karma" for Tammy since she had previously dumped him for Thomas, and then Tammy was shown fighting for Thomas. Tammy thought they had a strong connection and wasn't ready to just let him go.

Thomas said he wasn't sure if he and Tammy could have a serious and lasting relationship in the real world, saying he must leave their short-term romance for what would more likely work out for him long-term.

Thomas admitted he felt more stability with Becca and wasn't at the point where he wanted to fight for a future with Tammy.

Tammy started to cry and said she has trusted him and risked a lot for him, only to get hurt and "feel like a fool." Thomas assured Tammy that she's amazing, sweet, capable and worthy, but she didn't want to hear that since Thomas had given her validation and reassurance in the past.

"Everyone [warned] me but I believed you!" Tammy shouted, before walking away and bawling her eyes out.

Thomas then found Becca and made out with her, and it ended up being the worst birthday of Tammy's life, apparently.

"Last year I got COVID on my birthday, and this is 10 times worse!" Tammy lamented.

At the third Rose Ceremony of the season, Wells announced that he wanted to give a special rose to Natasha, saying she'd have a second shot at love that she deserved because she was "all in" for a man who had lied to her.

Riley then gave his rose to Maurissa, Joe handed his rose to Serena P., Ivan Hall offered his rose to Kendall, and Noah Erb gave his roses to Abigail Heringer.

Kenny Braasch asked Mari Pepin-Solis to accept his rose, James Bonsall gave his rose to Tia Booth -- saying he felt "excited and hopeful for what's to come" -- Thomas handed his rose to Becca, and Aaron gave the last available rose to Chelsea.

"If I knew it was going to end up like this, I would not have chosen Thomas over Aaron. I look like a fool," Tammy complained.

Jessenia, Demi, Tammy and Deandra were therefore eliminated.

"I'm so angry at myself. I feel so betrayed, I feel so stupid. I feel like an idiot. I came here to find a deeper connection than ever before, and I did, but it was all a lie... I followed my heart but my heart lies."


Demi said her ouster was "embarrassing" and she had "wasted so much time with Kenny" and was "so frustrated" and "pissed."

Demi cried about Kenny and Mari kissing right in front of her, and Joe knew that Demi was probably really sad even though she put on a brave face for everyone.

Rapper Lil Jon then arrived on the beach as Bachelor in Paradise's new guest host.

Lil Jon decided to test everyone's connections by bringing more single men into Paradise -- and then he made it rain.

Natasha woke up the next morning feeling lighter and relieved, and very unattached.

Blake Monar then stepped foot on the beach and planned to pursue his love interest regardless of whom she's dating. Tia called him "hot" and was totally attracted to his tattoos.

Blake pulled Tia first, which upset James considering the pair had been connecting.

"If Blake asks me on a date, I'm going. If he asks someone else on a date, I'll still be there [for him]," Tia gushed.

But Tia was asked on the date, and so James considered sending himself home soon since he wasn't romantically interested in another woman in Paradise.

"It's like 'Intro to Heartbreak' every week," James joked in a self-deprecating manner, knowing that Tia was immediately into Blake. "I definitely feel defeated."

For their date, Tia and Blake took a high-speed adventurous ride on a buggy through "the jungle," according to Lil Jon, and the pair bonded over how they no longer believe in every person having one soul mate.

Tia explained how she thinks multiple people can check off her boxes and then it's all about putting the work in and making a relationship last. Blake also said timing is important, and Tia said she could picture them lasting and having a relationship in the real world.

"I feel like I've known Blake for a long time. The spark is just there. When I'm feeling it, I'm feeling it. If it doesn't make your vagina dance, it's not worth it. It's nice when you kiss someone and there's a lot going on down there I can't explain," Tia shared.

"I'm ovulating right now and there was any way to get pregnant without the traditional method, I would be pregnant right now. Make out -- done."

Riley then noted it seemed like Kenny and Mari were falling in love, and the couple agreed to leave Mexico together as a couple no matter what.


"I legitimately never felt this way about somebody before," Kenny revealed about Mari.

Kenny and Mari then entered "The Boom Boom Room" together so they could take their relationship to the next level. Mari said they had put their relationship to the test and came back even stronger.

"Obviously I knew Kenny was hot," Mari gushed.

"I knew I was attracted to him and there's a lot of physical chemistry between the two of us, but just seeing how he's slowly but surely been more expressive about his feelings and opened up to me, he's shown me lots of different sides of him."

The next day, Joe Park, aka Dr. Joe or Dr. Park, arrived on the beach, and he was hoping to find somebody to joke and laugh with. He had competed on Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams' season.

Natasha was very attracted to Park's "calming energy," and after the couple got to chat for a bit, Joe P. asked her out. The other cast members loved this match and all agreed Natasha deserved a good time and a man doting on her.

Maurissa called Joe P. "an upgrade" from Brendan, and Mari thought the anesthesiologist may be able to "mend" Natasha's broken heart.

Over a couple of giant margaritas, Joe P. and Natasha enjoyed each other's company, and Joe P. said he was optimistic the "gorgeous" Natasha could be his "person" and he could be the same for her.

Natasha admitted she had an "interesting time" in Paradise, and when Joe P. probed for answers, Natasha explained that Brendan -- whom Joe P. is apparently super close with -- almost "ruined" her experience in Paradise and "jeopardized" her chance to make a connection.

Joe P. appeared bewildered and caught off-guard by the news, and he said it was "unfortunate" Natasha had a problem with his best buddy, Brendan.

"Listen, I love Brendan, but obviously I understand where you're coming from, and I'm sorry that you went through that -- that you came here and it's not what you wanted," Joe P. told Natasha.

"But it had to be Brendan, right?!... I think you're beautifully and I think organically what will be will be and that you find your truth and happiness. We can just let it ride and be."

Natasha could tell everything had changed and the conflict was written all over Joe P.'s face. Joe P. also said there was "no rush" for their relationship.

Natasha said that she could tell Joe P. is a good person and has a good heart -- but that their romance was already over.


"I feel like there is a Brendan cloud over me. Could it get any worse?" Natasha questioned.

The next day, Serena gushed about really liking "Grocery Store Joe."

Serena said it's rare for her to want to be around someone all the time but she just liked being around the former grocery store owner every day. Serena said she was getting to "the L-word" faster than she thought she would.

However, Serena said neither Joe or herself was strong in the department of talking about their feelings and it was awkward to fall in love when Joe's ex-girlfriend was constantly around, making things uncomfortable.

Kendall attempted to build a connection with Ivan, but she admitted her focus was lasered in on her past. She had trouble shutting off her history with Joe and acknowledged she felt extremely vulnerable and bothered.

That evening, Joe surprised Serena with a blanket on the beach covered in candelight and rose petals. Joe felt like their relationship was "real and comfortable," and he considered Serena to be his girlfriend already.

After some playful banter, Serena shared with Joe, "I'm falling in love with you."

"I think I'm falling in love with you," Joe replied.

"Really?! No way?! Oh my God!" Serena yelled.

Serena said she was "giddy" about her romance with Joe and it was a "high-risk, high-reward" move.

Kendall watched Joe and Serena cuddle from a distance, and Kendall noted it was hard to watch Joe be happy and fall in love with somebody else.

As Joe and Serena kissed in each other's arms, Kendall felt upset and "stressed out." She had made so many memories with Joe on the beach, and while she came to Paradise 7 in the hope of "creating new memories with new people," she was hung up on Joe.

"I just feel really detached from everyone. I don't know where I stand and I don't know where I want to be. I need some space emotionally," Kendall cried in a confessional.

"I just don't know how much longer I can do this, for Joe to be thriving and him seeing that I'm not. I'm just painfully vulnerable and I never used to be."


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