Bachelor in Paradise featured Andrew Spencer devastating Ency Abedin because his heart was still with Teddi Wright, Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey slamming Logan Palmer and giving Kate Gallivan more concerns, and Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy having the most ridiculous Paradise fight ever during the Season 8 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with Logan Palmer gushing about how he and Kate Gallivan had something "really strong," and then Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia making an appearance on the beach.

The women were so excited to see Rachel and Gabby, but Johnny DePhillipo had just broken up with Gabby recently and Logan had not seen Rachel since he dumped her for a shot with Gabby.

Tyler Norris also appeared uncomfortable, and Logan and Johnny hoped Rachel and Gabby wouldn't try to ruin their new relationships.


Rachel and Gabby said they wanted to chat with the girls, provide some insight, and also give a little advice.

Rachel told Brittany Galvin that Tyler deserved to find love probably more than anyone else on the beach, and Brittany gushed about how Tyler was so selfless and probably the nicest guy she had ever met in her life. Rachel said Tyler was ready for an engagement, and Gabby agreed.

Victoria Fuller revealed she had been dating Johnny since the jump and things were going well. Victoria shared how they were falling in love, and she admitted to the cameras that she felt protective of her man.

Kate shared how she felt a pull to Logan but he had hopped around from woman to woman, including Shanae Ankney, who predicted that Logan was probably freaking out.

Rachel called Logan a "flip-flopper" and said he was "the only problem" on her and Gabby's season. She said the bachelor was "disrespectful" and that she had no respect for him.

Rachel and Gabby then had a chat with Kate alone, and the women expressed how it wasn't a surprise Logan had been on a ton of dates in Paradise when thinking about his behavior on The Bachelorette.

Meanwhile, Danielle Maltby said she was surprised by the "disdain" Rachel and Gabby seemingly had for Logan, and she didn't understand why Rachel and Gabby had it out for the Bachelor considering he just seemed to be a nice genuine, guy on the beach.

But Rachel and Gabby claimed Logan had trouble committing to one woman. Kate explained how she laughed with Logan and thought he's tall and hot, but Rachel warned Kate that Logan liked to be in control and have the power.

"Why does Logan feel like he's the Bachelor?" Rachel complained.

"He has a bit of an ego in his mind that he is the ultimate. But when you see someone who's worthy, why still put up that front?" Gabby questioned.

And Rachel expressed how she didn't think Logan had changed at all from his stint on The Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise. The women advised Kate to trust and protect her heart, but Rachel implied that the correct decision would be to end things with Logan.

On their way out, Gabby admitted to Logan that she had a little beef with him, which made Logan's heart drop. Logan later heard Gabby and Rachel had presented him as an indecisive person, and so he knew he needed to reassure Kate and prove that she's what he wanted.

But Kate didn't know what to do with the new information she had received, given she had invested so much time and energy into Logan.

A Date Card then arrived for Tyler, and he asked Brittany out.


That night, Aaron and Genevieve got into a fight. Genevieve said she felt stressed and annoyed, and Aaron said those two are the same things.

"Definitely not," Genevieve replied.

The pair bickered back and forth, and then Aaron argued, "It's like saying pain and itching are different."

After a brief pause, Genevieve replied, "It's different! It's very different!"

Genevieve tried to get Logan on her side, but Aaron shouted, "Look it up!" Aaron was convinced itching is a "low-level form of pain."

The other cast members in Paradise couldn't believe that Aaron and Genevieve were fighting about the difference between itching and pain. Aaron accused Genevieve of raising her voice, but Genevieve denied it.

Genevieve then packed her bags and asked for a car to pick her up. She said she could not see a life with Aaron after the show because she wouldn't be happy. Genevieve claimed Aaron flipped out on her over nothing.

"You're not yourself when you're with her, and you're a happy guy," Logan told Aaron. "You're a kind person, and let's be honest, man -- I don't think you guys are healthy together."

Aaron told the cameras that Genevieve was lashing out and unpleasant to be around, but he still chased his girlfriend down and prevented her from leaving.

Genevieve said she'd never let a man speak to and swear at her again the way Aaron had talked to her, but Aaron insisted he was just trying to make Genevieve feel better in the moment.

The couple continued to bicker, and then it turned into a debate about whether Genevieve had said she was upset or impatient. Genevieve recalled saying she was impatient.

"You look upset now!" Aaron countered, which resulted in Genevieve having a look of disbelief on her face.

Genevieve then explained to Aaron how it bothered her when he had tried to cut their conversation short and abruptly walk away from their fight. Genevieve said they have to talk about things and Aaron shutting down is why she had threatened to leave Paradise.

"You're packed in the road!" Aaron pointed out.

Aaron told Genevieve that he loved her and she's very sweet and nurturing, when she's not emotional. The couple was still getting to know each other, and so Aaron said he just needed some time to himself, especially when things got heated.

Genevieve said that's all he needed to say, without blowing her off. Aaron therefore promised he'd do better next time and it was never his intent to push her away.

Aaron and Genevieve then hugged it out, and she joked about how he drove her crazy. Aaron told Genevieve that he never wanted her to be upset, and the couple expressed their love for one another once again.

Afterward, couples were getting serious in Paradise. Victoria said Johnny was her person on the beach and she could see him being her person forever.

Danielle also told Michael Allio that she was crazy about him and loved the way he made her feel.

Michael confirmed he cared about Danielle a lot and he liked how they're different yet they see things in a similar light. Michael could feel his walls coming down, and Danielle gushed about Michael being a "bright and beautiful human" whom she felt safe with. The pair agreed they'd be a good match for each other.


Meanwhile, Mara Agreat felt very alone, but she acknowledged how things could change very quickly in Paradise and she wasn't about to give up. Jessenia Cruz felt the same way.

On Tyler and Brittany's date, Tyler said he felt something special with Brittany and had the closure he needed from his The Bachelorette romance with Rachel.

Tyler told Brittany that he wanted to leave the show with her and continue dating outside of Paradise, and Brittany confirmed that she was on the same page. Brittany gushed about how Tyler made her feel like she was in high school again and it was her first love.

The couple danced and laughed outside of a restaurant, and Brittany told the cameras, "I see a future with him outside of here. I am falling in love with Tyler. I feel like I'm on top of the world."

Suddenly, Bachelor in Paradise couple Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs surprised the couples on the beach and revealed there was going to be a Sadie Hawkins dance that evening, paying tribute to how Becca had actually been the one to propose marriage to Thomas. The theme was also going to be the 90s.

The women therefore had to ask the men out, and Thomas asked them to get creative, pull out all the stops, and sweep the men off their feet.

Brittany asked Tyler out in a giant ball pit, Serene Russell asked Brandon Jones out over candy and a big sundae, and Genevieve surprised Aaron with a mariachi band on the beach.

But Kate said she and Logan were in very different points in their lives given they're seven years apart in age. Kate felt torn and confused, and she had reservations about moving forward with Logan in their relationship.

Kate asked Logan where he thought they stood, but Logan was clearly tired of proving himself and being in the doghouse. But Kate reminded him how he had entertained a date with Lyndsey Windham and she had to tell him not to go on a date.

Logan essentially asked Kate to trust him because she knew him pretty well, and so she asked him to join her at the dance and just party, dance and have a good time on a clean slate.

That night, everyone let loose and had a great time. There was a fortune teller, a photo booth, a deejay, bright costumes and more. The cast also voted for the party's King and Queen.

Serene told Brandon that she was ready to be engaged that night, and he shared in a confessional how Serene was his dream girl and they had something extremely special.

Andrew Spencer set out to have a great time and not overthink things.

Danielle then hinted that she was in love with Michael but was too scared to say it because she wasn't sure how he felt and if he was on the same page. But Danielle pictured being a part of Michael and his son James' life, and the idea of becoming a family made Danielle very excited.


While everyone was having a fantastic time, Jessenia questioned if what she had with Andrew was even real because she didn't think he ever took her seriously.

Jessenia felt jilted and rejected and wished Andrew had been more straightforward with her about how he was feeling. Jessenia had been invested in her relationship with Andrew, whom she said hurt her and was insensitive towards her. Jessenia apparently felt very disheartened.

Jessenia was having a hard time forgiving herself for trusting and believing in Andrew so easily.

Jessenia therefore asked to speak with Andrew and explained how she had focused all of her time and attention on him, only to have no idea where he stood in return. She asked Andrew to reveal his intentions for going on Paradise, and he said to find love.

Jessenia, however, asked Andrew to look at his track record on the show given he had bounced from Teddi Wright to Brittany to herself and then finally Ency Abedin.

Jessenia said he never committed himself to one woman long enough to explore whether it could become something real and a true relationship. Andrew agreed but said that's the whole point of Paradise. Andrew said with each new woman coming on the beach, he held out hope to find true love.

Jessenia accused Andrew of skirting by Paradise without a serious connection. She said he treated the trip like a boys' vacation, but Andrew said he wasn't well and almost went home.

"I had a last second connection with Ency and needed to see it through... I have hope for love," Andrew explained to Jessenia.

Ency then approached the pair and asked to steal Andrew away, but he apologized and said he needed to finish this conversation.

Andrew didn't think he was in the wrong, and he began to broke down, saying he felt tired. Jessenia felt Andrew had wasted her time, and he apologized for that and said he never bullsh-tted her.

Meanwhile, Ency was pissed off because Andrew and Jessenia were talking to each other like they were a couple having a fight. Ency felt very intimidated and said she was "going to lose it." She wanted Andrew to walk away immediately when she had asked him to.

Ency believed that Andrew was just giving Jessenia validation, and so she approached the couple again.

"I'm asking you to please walk away from this right now if you care to pursue anything with us," Ency told Andrew.

"It's not even about that," Andrew said.

"It is though. It is. Because you entertaining this and staying here longer is giving her some validation," Ency said.

Jessenia pointed out how that's not what was happening and Ency's ultimatum was "unfair."

"I'm literally just trying to let her know where my heart was. I want to be friends with her after this," Andrew told Ency.

"Are you sure about that?" Ency questioned. "So you just want me to sit on the sidelines?"

Andrew said he'd return to Ency in a second but needed to finish what he and Jessenia had started. Ency then walked away and said, "I don't know if I want to [talk now]."

Jessenia told Andrew it was still unclear where his head was at.

"You want to know where my head is at? My heart is somewhere else. My heart is still with someone else... Teddi," Andrew responded.


Andrew said that's the reason why he couldn't fully commit to anyone and he had nothing left in Paradise for her. Andrew said he "tried" to move on from Teddi but he couldn't move on until he got some clarity about his short-lived romance with Teddi.

"I could not get to a point where I felt anything crazy [with you]," Andrew told Jessenia. "I'm here for the right intentions."

Jessenia said she and Andrew didn't see eye to eye, and then she threatened to leave Paradise.

"Do what you must," Andrew noted.

Andrew felt he had been honest the whole time, but Jessenia snapped, "I thought so too," before leaving the show. Jessenia cried about how she had gone through this process twice and was "so exhausted of picking the wrong guys" -- guys who aren't ready or don't know what they want.

Ency complained to her girlfriends about how Andrew was three strikes you're out, but then Andrew asked to talk to her. Andrew said they were having an amazing night and were on a good path but he needed to trust her in handling situations like the one with Jessenia.

Ency insisted she trusted Andrew but he had walked away from her without any acknowledgment. Andrew explained how he needed to prioritize people's feelings and Jessenia was upset.

"It's like you're a floating magnet... it was complete dismissiveness [with me],• Ency complained.

Andrew told Ency that a piece of his heart was still with Teddi and while she had walked into Paradise and gave him the feeling he had been looking for, her behavior that night changed his mind.

"I was looking forward to having an extraordinary night and seeing where it goes, but I don't know now. How everything was just handled there is against everything I believe. And now, I can't be here anymore. I swear I try to be a great guy," Andrew said.

Andrew broke down into tears, and Ency assured Andrew that he's a great guy and she trusted him all along. But Andrew apparently had his mind made up.

"Please, please, please. Andrew please don't leave," Ency begged and pleaded.

Ency repeatedly asked Andrew to stay and be with her, but he just couldn't do it.

"I can't. I've given my last heart here. Ency, I'm done, dude," Andrew told the bachelorette. "There is literally nothing [here]. It's not you."

Once Andrew decided to leave, Ency burst into tears and called the process "stupid." She was nearly hyperventilating and kept repeating how she needed to go home. Ency couldn't believe Andrew still left when she had essentially been on her hands and knees begging him not to.

Andrew said in his final words, "I know what I came here for, and I lost it in the first four days," referring to his connection with Teddi.

"Love it just the most powerful thing in the world, and when you can share that with someone you just cannot live without, that's what I'm going to go for... A bar was set with Teddi and no one can match it," Andrew shared.

"When she left, I just feel like I was never the same. I don't know if she knew she had my heart, but it was [hers]. I don't know if it's me just wanting something I can't have or it's just the fact that I see something in her I thought would work for me."

Andrew insisted he had given the experience everything he had, and then Ency was shown also departing Mexico in an SUV.

"I knew we weren't going to get engaged obviously, but I wanted to leave her at least maybe together and pursue something outside of this," Ency cried, adding how her time in Paradise hurt "way more" than being on The Bachelor.


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