Bachelor in Paradise sent Christian Bishop and Brandon Andreen packing before welcoming Caila Quinn and Ashley Iaconetti into the mix during Monday night's broadcast on ABC.

Christian, a 26-year-old telecom consultant from Los Angeles, CA, and Brandon, a 26-year-old sales executive for Auto Classic BMW from Minnesota, were both eliminated at the Rose Ceremony once Sarah Herron and Haley Ferguson, respectively, denied them roses.

Later in the episode, Caila, a 25-year-old in software sales from Wellesley Hills, MA, entered Paradise with a Date Card and shook things up by asking Jared Haibon -- who had been involved with Emily Ferguson -- on a date.

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began where last week's episode had left off, with Evan Bass making a move on his initial Paradise interest, Amanda Stanton, who was already wrapped up in a romance with Josh Murray.

Because Evan thought Josh barely knew Amanda yet, he wrote himself a Date Card which read, "Evan, put your heart on blast. You deserve love. Take Amanda to the treehouse."

Amanda was surprised and confused, however, she still left Josh mid-makeout session to see what Evan had up his sleeve. Evan set up a romantic date for her complete with champagne, and Vinny Ventiera joked to the cameras about how awkward that must have been for the single mom of two.

Evan respected what she had going on with Josh, but he asked if there was any place in her heart for him. Evan wanted to see if there was a chance something could happen between them in the future.

Amanda wished Evan had said something sooner because she really felt something for Josh and wanted to focus on that relationship. Evan understood and revealed that he'd ultimate regret never trying to at least talk to her.

"I'm just really, really into Josh," Amanda told the cameras. "So I just had to be honest with Evan and it was hard. I just felt really bad."

Amanda cried during her conversation with Evan because she thought the whole setup was incredibly sweet. She noted how he genuinely deserves to be with a great woman. Because of her emotion, Evan saw a glimmer of hope that he had a chance, maybe more down the road.

Evan took into account the fact Amanda had only been dating Josh for 24 hours and she seemed to have "a spark in her eye" for him. However, Josh felt completely confident in what he had with Amanda and seemed to relish in the fact she was in high demand.

Before the Rose Ceremony commenced in which the women had the power, both Christian and Daniel kissed Sarah in a last-ditch effort to win her over. Sarah had a difficult decision to make because Christian was genuine and kind, but Daniel always had her smiling and laughing.

Despite having such a fun time with Daniel, however, Sarah said their kiss "wasn't the best."

Meanwhile, Haley and Brandon were bonding and he felt "100% confident" he was getting her rose. But Haley felt conflicted since Brandon didn't even pick up on the fact the twins had switched places during their date. Emily and Haley are convinced people should be able to easily tell them apart.

Evan and Nick Viall were on the outs and anticipated being roseless at the end of the night.

Evan therefore pulled Amanda aside again to chat and warned her about "verbal abuse" claims in Andi Dorfman's tell-all book. Evan asked her to be careful since it would be a shock for his ex-fiancee to lie about everything.

Amanda believed Evan was really looking out for her, so some questions about Josh definitely entered her mind. Lace Morris even told Amanda to proceed with caution since Josh has a "bad boy effect." Amanda decided to remain guarded and not jump into things with Josh too fast.

Lace then told her boyfriend Grant Kemp about how Evan had thrown Josh under the bus, but little did she know Josh was sitting right next to him and overheard the whole thing.

Amanda told Josh that she liked Evan as a person, and Josh reprimanded her a little bit for thinking so highly of the erectile dysfunction specialist when he was being so disrespectful. Josh thought the worst thing a man can do is talk behind somebody's back and gossip.

Josh then asked Evan to talk because he didn't appreciate anyone trying to ruin his "genuine" connection with Amanda. Evan accused Josh of being so "polished" to the point he seems fake, noting that Josh always knew the right things to say.

Josh argued he wasn't putting on any front, and when asked to tell his side of the story when it comes to Andi's book, he just repeated how it's "a fictional story" and there were many negative things said about him that were untrue.

On that note, Evan asked why he wouldn't sue Andi for libel. After a moment of hesitation, Josh acknowledged he's chosen to take the high road and believes that God has a plan no matter what. Josh said he doesn't need to explain himself and hopes Andi finds happiness.

Evan told the cameras that Josh was "hiding behind inspirational quotes" and there were a lot of words spoken without any thought behind them. On the same page as Evan was obviously Nick. 

"I like Amanda. I care about her so much, and hopefully Josh is the man Amanda hopes he is," Nick said in a confessional.

Nick then suggested to Amanda she ask the tough questions right away and push for answers in order to not get fooled or hurt.

Nick truly hopes Andi was lying in her book because she had said some "pretty nasty stuff" about Josh. Nick explained that despite inaccuracies here or there, Andi wrote some truthful stuff about him, so it wouldn't be a surprise if what she wrote about Josh was also true to some extent. Nick thought Josh was an "overbearing" guy.

Amanda was stressed out because multiple people were warning her about Josh. She felt herself begin to hold back around him.

It then became time to hand out roses. Lace gave her rose to Grant, Isabel "Izzy" Goodkind gave her rose to Vinny, Emily gave her rose to Jared, Amanda gave her rose to Josh, Sarah gave her rose to Daniel, Carly Waddell gave her rose to Evan, and finally Haley gave her rose to Nick.

Christian appeared shocked by the rejection. He had tried to build a connection with someone he thought he was available, and while he assumed it would be a no-brainer for Sarah, he was clearly wrong.

As for Carly, she gave Evan a "platonic rose" -- although she added the caveat "I think." Evan never closed the door on finding love with Carly, and he became hopeful she might give him another chance.

"Love is totally in the air," Evan said.

Haley then told Nick that she gave him a rose because he deserved to find love. Brandon was very confused because Haley allegedly gave him "all the signals" that she was "feeling it." He also thought they had many things in common. Brandon questioned if he was just too boring because no one knew who he was upon entering Paradise.

At the end of the Rose Ceremony, Emily gushed about how Jared was the last thing she thought about before going to bed and the first thing she thought about when waking up in the morning. Emily couldn't wait to kiss Jared more and continue spending every day with him.

Caila then arrived in Paradise and all the men found themselves needing to close their mouths.

"Damn, she is good looking!" Nick gushed, before chatting with Jared about how she has unbelievable hair.

All of the guys thought Caila was beautiful and had a great body. The whole cast was also shocked she was even on the show since she had been the top contender for the Bachelorette role prior to JoJo Fletcher landing the gig.

Caila said upon her arrival it felt "a little sex panther" to walk right in with a date card. She was physically attracted to Nick but thought Jared was a nice guy whom she'd like to get to know better.

The twins vented about how Caila seemed "too perfect." Caila intimidated them, and the girls noted how she seemed a little fake and condescending. Carly, however, noticed that Jared's face lit up like never before when talking to Caila. She never saw Jared that excited. 

Caila eventually asked Jared out on her date, but before accepting her invitation, Jared warned Emily. Although he liked Emily, Jared admitted he might come to regret never exploring things with Caila.

Emily said it hurt to watch him go off with another girl but he had to go. Jared seemed surprised at how well Emily was taking it, and he complimented her for being "wonderful." Emily said she couldn't have asked him to stay because that would be selfish of her, however, she really did care for him.

Emily went off and cried, and before she knew it, Nick was comforting her saying that it was okay to be hurt and not want Jared to have a good time with Caila on their date.

For their date, Caila and Jared went horseback riding on the beach. He was hoping all along that Caila would come to Paradise. He thought she was so sweet and as genuine as he assumed she would be. Jared didn't want the date to end, and Caila felt the same way.

Jared could really see a future with Caila and wanted to get to know her more. He felt butterflies, especially when she looked at him with those "big brown eyes." The couple kissed on the beach and he wasn't thinking about anyone else, knowing it'd be a difficult conversation with Emily once he returned home.

Meanwhile, Emily cried about being prettier and just as sweet as Caila. She didn't understand why guys didn't want to be with her. Once Jared returned from his date, he told Emily that he loved hanging out with her but felt the need to pursue a romance with Caila.

Jared liked Emily as well but obviously couldn't date two girls at once. It was just bad timing, but Emily thought something was wrong with her -- that she was missing something.

Grant and Lace were then allowed to go on a double date with Izzy and Vinny. The two pairs enjoyed dinner and it was clear both couples were falling in love. Grant confessed Lace was the only woman he wanted to be with in Paradise, while Vinny said he had so much fun with Izzy.

While they enjoyed a double date away from the cast, Carly and Sarah set up a double date at the home base for Evan and Daniel. The two couples played drinking games and Evan tried to impress Carly the whole time. Carly said if Evan acted normally, she'd probably like him.

Carly was sometimes "incredibly creeped out" by Evan, but then other times, she really liked him. Evan let his guard down around her and his heart was open for her.

"He shall be weird," Carly noted to the cameras.

Evan appeared to get so drunk that night that he passed out in his bed. Producers couldn't wake him up, and finally a medic checked on him and asked Carly to watch over him to make sure he's okay. Carly kind of dug how weird Evan is, but she thought it was "terrible" at the same time.

When lying in bed with Carly, Evan made another move and kissed the girl.

Meanwhile, Lace and Izzy and their dates went to a club and enjoyed a wild foam party. The girls were doing body shots and then a random girl poured ice cold water on them. Lace nearly started a fight at the bar, but Grant dragged her out and protected her.

Lace gushed about how Grant really cared about her and had her back.

The episode concluded with Jared saying he could see himself falling in love with Caila -- just as his best friend Ashley I. arrived in Paradise.

Ashley admitted she was "still in love with Jared." She revealed Jared had sent her roses over the last year and they've even kissed more and slept in the same bed together. However, the couple never hooked up. Ashley had every intention of pursuing Jared in Paradise again.

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