Bachelor in Paradise bachelor Jesse Kovacs is apparently very remorseful about how he behaved on the island and hoping to resolve the situation.

"I feel like trying to explain what happened on the episode would be a cop-out. I can't blame anything on editing. There were certain things that were suggested that never happened, but all the statements made by me and others really were said," Kovacs told the Cupid's Pulse dating website.

Kovacs, a 32-year-old who appeared on The Bachelorette's fifth season as well as the first season of Bachelor Pad, appeared to have hooked up with both Christy Hansen and Lucy Aragon on the show. He had no interest in really dating either woman, as he was simply invested in getting a rose from someone in order to stay in paradise.

Kovacs called Hansen a "dumb blonde" and referred to Aragon as "what's her nuts?" The bachelor left the show when he realized he'd be denied Hansen's rose, yet instead of taking responsibility for being a bit of a player and messing around, he blamed Hansen for not opening up to him enough in the process.

"To my Mom and Dad, I'm sorry you had to sit through that, and please stay off my Twitter for a while," Kovacs told the website. "I acted like a no class d-bag, and although all the things being said about me aren't true, they are well-deserved."

While he claims he never "had the intention of being disrespectful," Kovacs admitted, "I made some pretty stupid statements about Christy, and I feel horrible."

Kovacs felt the need to call Hansen and apologize directly for his low-blows and degrading remarks that aired on Monday night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

"I acted like a dick, and Christy wanted to let me know," Kovacs explained, adding that he also "hashed it out" with Michelle Money after the show.

"Lucy Aragon and Michelle Money are still friends... I think," he noted.

Kovacs told Cupid's Pulse he had "no idea" why Hansen, Money and Lacy Faddoul were so angry at him at the time of his controversial departure from Bachelor in Paradise. When he chose to quit the show, the girls gave him a piece of their mind, calling him disrespectful, cowardly and cruel for how he treated the women.

"I never wanted a drama-filled confrontation. I just wanted to leave," said Kovacs, who also bragged to the guys about his sexual experiences on the show.

"I left as soon as I felt like my time was up. No connection was happening, and I didn't want to waste anyone's time. And I know people probably think I already wasted every one's time, but everything happened so fast."