Bachelor in Paradise's future is reportedly not yet in jeopardy despite the sexual incident that happened on the first day of filming.

Production on Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season has been suspended and shut down indefinitely due to the alleged sexual encounter that occurred in a public pool and involved DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, according to prior reports. Not only have the cameras stopped rolling, but the entire cast was reportedly sent home from Mexico.

While it remains unclear if Season 4 of the ABC reality dating series will resume production and air this summer, the incident has not jeopardized Bachelor in Paradise's future on ABC -- at least as of right now, Entertainment Weekly reported.

ABC Entertainment Group President Channing Dungey told EW in a statement, "Warner Horizon produces the show so we have to wait for them to conclude their investigation before any next steps."

The investigation stems from "allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico," according to Warner Bros, which added that "once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action."

Production on Bachelor in Paradise commenced on Sunday, June 4, but was soon halted after a producer witnessed a sexual encounter on the set that made her feel "uncomfortable," according to multiple sources and news outlets.

Two sources told People that DeMario engaged in sexual activity with Corinne, but she may have been too drunk to consent or even have a grasp on what was happening in the pool.

"It's an incredibly difficult and complicated situation... The show absolutely values the primacy of consent, and this instance it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given," a source close to the show told People.

"There are still a lot of unanswered questions, and a lot of people who need a chance to tell their stories fully, and the producers and the authorities will make sure they are given every opportunity to do so. Most of all, everyone wants to ensure the safety and well-being, both mentally and physically, of all parties involved."

One Bachelor in Paradise contestant told People that the cast is upset crew members didn't take action to stop or prevent the drunken sexual encounter. The bachelor or bachelorette also places blame on DeMario for "taking advantage" of Corinne, who was "drinking too much."

Sources close to DeMario told TMZ that Corinne jumped into his lap at the bar, which eventually led to "rubbing, touching and fingering" in the pool. The sources claimed the couple got naked and then Corinne allegedly put her genitals in DeMario's face and he began licking. However, they reportedly did not have sex.

But the producer who saw the activity was offended enough to ultimately file a complaint with Warner Bros., which subsequently suspended production and launched the ongoing investigation.