Engaged Bachelor in Paradise couple Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd are still going strong.

"[We] fall in love more every day," Grodd told People at The Bachelor's Season 19 live red carpet event Monday night. "We're just really happy being able to be close to each other."

The reality TV couple is currently planning their wedding.

"We have been going to lots of different venues, and our wedding is planned for this year in 2015 -- hopefully in the summertime," Faddoul said. "We're still 80/40 on the date, but, as far as our wedding, we're really customizing it."

Faddoul's "80/40" comment was the same silly remark she had made during the Bachelor in Paradise season when trying to justify her feelings for two different men, and she was often teased about her bad math.

"Everybody has been so supportive of our [relationship]," Faddoul, 26, told People.

The pair is unsure whether their ceremony will be televised, but they don't appear to be focused on achieving more fame.

"I'm excited to start a family!" Faddoul added.

"[Two] kids max," Grodd chimed in. "I come from a group of three, [and] we're hectic for our parents, so I think two is good enough for us."

Faddoul and Grodd have been dating for about seven months now. Grodd popped the question at the end of the one-month filming time for Bachelor in Paradise.

Grodd is a sports medicine manager and Faddoul owns an elderly care facility. The couple began dating once Grodd stole her away from Robert Graham, who thought he was hitting it off with Faddoul and really liked her at the time, on Bachelor in Paradise. The couple was inseparable ever since.