Arnold Schwarzenegger said Donald Trump will not be interfering in the new season of his former "The Celebrity Apprentice" reality series.

"I think it's perfectly fine that he has executive producer credit because he created the show with Mark Burnett together, so why should his credit go?" the former California governor explained on "Today" on Thursday about Trump maintaining his executive producer credit on the show.

"He made it very clear that he has no interest in being involved. It is now my show, I'm the host, I'm the new boss and I'm going to run this show," Schwarzenegger continued.

Schwarzenegger, a known Republican who did not support the President-elect during the election, commented on the hotel mogul's win stating, "Now he's elected, and now it is very important that we all support the president, and that we all come together and we stop whining and it becomes one nation."

In terms of catchphrases, "The Terminator" star is also eager to introduce his own one-liner for when somebody is eliminated from the show.

"It could be 'You're terminated.' Or, 'Hasta la vista, baby.' Or 'Hit the road,' or 'Consider this a divorce,' or 'Get to the chopper,'" he said.

"It could be anything, it could any of those things," he said.

Schwarzenegger also appeared on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday where he took part in a Snapchat interview with host Jimmy Fallon that involved the pair asking and answering questions while comedic Snapchat filters appeared on their faces.