Anthony Alexander, Hannah Mrozak and Emily Luther are three standout The Voice contestants this season who each received a three-chair turnaround during the Blind Auditions.

These three artists chose to join Adam Levine's team instead of joining forces with any of the other coaches -- Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Hudson.

With "The Battle Round" just around the corner, Anthony, a 17-year-old from Fontana, CA; Hannah, an 18-year-old esthetician from Richfield, WI; and Emily, a 24-year-old from Woonsocket, RI, talked to reporters during a recent conference call about their time on The Voice so far and what their auditions were like.

Below is what they had to say about their individual experiences.

Anthony performed "Redbone" for his Blind Audition, and besides Adam, Jennifer And Miley were also interested in having him as a team member. The three coaches, in fact, called Blake "stupid" for not turning his chair around.

"This dude is almost quietly going to win this show," Adam declared. "For you I am so unbelievably passionate."

Anthony had a tough decision to make, but he chose to join Adam's team because of the coach's faith and confidence in him.

When asked about his song choice and experience, Anthony told reporters, "I thought, like, why not do 'Redbone' and add a kind of a twist on it where it's my own at the same time, since it's such a very heavy falsetto song. I wanted to show that I can do that song in falsetto, but also showing more [and] showing how I can change a song... [It's also] my favorite song, so I thought, 'Why not go with it?'"

And he said being compared to Prince and Michael Jackson was "the best compliment" he has ever received.

"It's just really cool because I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson and it's just really great to get that comparison... Being compared to Michael Jackson and Prince is just really -- I'm just really honored to be compared to those two. I would definitely sing one of their songs for the show."

Hannah sang her own rendition of "Starving," and in addition to Adam, Jennifer And Blake also pressed their buttons for her.

Adam complimented Hannah by saying it's difficult to find a singer who is skilled and proficient but also has a beautiful tone to her voice, adding how she performed this style of music correctly and it was "refreshing" to hear.
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Jennifer then argued Hannah is beautiful and has "the tools to transcend into the music industry." Blake pointed out how the artist was so comfortable onstage that he initially assumed she was a back-up singer for some famous musician.

But Adam offered up one last convincing argument -- that he has "zero females" on his team and needs her as a result. Hannah seemed to like the idea of having a special place on Adam's team, so she selected him as her coach.

This isn't Hannah's first time on a reality singing competition. She auditioned for American Idol back in 2014 and made the Top 48 contestants.

When asked about how Idol prepared her for The Voice, Hannah explained, "The show that I did previously definitely, I think, prepared me for this, mainly just because it was a different reality show and I was so young when I did it. I was about 15 or 16 and, you know, I thought I was kind of going into a line and almost kind of going in blind. I wasn't really sure of myself both as an artist or a performer.

And I think that that overall experience, it's made me a lot more confident in myself and it really helped me find who I was. But even over the years, I've still been finding myself and I truly feel like once I auditioned for The Voice this past year, that I've never been more ready. So I was really happy with the turn out obviously."

And Emily previously sang backup for Dionne Warwick and Yolanda Adams. She once landed a record deal, but things didn't work out when executives were more concerned about changing her look than they were about her music.

For her The Voice audition, Emily sang "Summertime," and Blake, Adam and Jennifer each turned around for her.

Adam was "mesmerized" by the contestant's "jazzy and syrupy tone," adding that no one else on the show will be in her lane.

Jennifer revealed that she heard Barbra Streisand in her voice and has no one on her team like her -- someone who would be flexible enough to switch from singing show tunes to other genres of music.

Blake agreed with the other coaches that no one in the competition like her exists, but Emily ultimately opted to join "Team Adam."

When asked about her sound and whether she plans to pursue old-school jazz music in the future, Emily told reporters, "It's kind of a mix between the two, which is when I first kind of put myself out there and considered auditioning for The Voice, I knew it would be something unique and not necessarily done before -- mixing the two together, the pop and jazz, and kind of that old school style."

"As far as the future is concerned, you know, it's really up in the air, but you know, being an entertainer, I'd love to do television, I'd love to do Broadway, that's a huge dream of mine, and to ultimately be able to continue making music that affects people in a positive way."

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