The estranged mother of Anna Nicole Smith testified in a Florida court Tuesday that her one regret was not being able to keep Smith away from drugs.

Virgie Arthur, a retired police officer, testified before Broward County, Fla., Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin on who should receive Smith's remains.

Arthur testified, "My one regret with my daughter is that I was not able to get her away from drugs," Fox News said.

Before Smith, who died Feb.8 in Florida of unknown causes, became involved in drugs, the two were close, said Arthur, who wants the body released to her for burial in Texas.

Smith's companion, Howard K. Stern, wants to bury her in the Bahamas, which he said is what she wanted.

In footage from an "Entertainment Tonight" taping played during the session, Smith said her mother "didn't know" her or her deceased son, Daniel, who died in September.

In the tape, Smith vowed never to allow her mother to know 5-month-old Dannielynn.

Smith was reacting to claims Arthur made in the media that either Smith or Stern, or both Smith and Stern killed the 20-year-old. A coroner later ruled the son died of an overdose.