Model Angie Everhart and actress Erika Eleniak will be the new Gingers on "The Real Gilligan's Island," the TBS network announced.

The reality show strands two teams of seven people who embody the spirit of the characters from the classic 1960s sit-com, "Gilligan's Island," and makes them work together to get off the island.

Set to debut June 8, the second season of the reality show will feature Everhart, who has appeared on countless magazine covers and acted in films like "Bordello of Blood" and "Another 9 1/2 Weeks," and Eleniak, who acted in "Baywatch" and "A Pyromaniac's Love Story," as the "movie star" on their respective teams.

The role of Ginger was made famous on the sit-com by actress Tina Louise, a glamour girl who often wore high heels and sparkly evening wear while traipsing around the island.