Adam Lambert says he is not a creation of "American Idol," insisting he remained true to himself while performing in the U.S. TV singing competition.

The runner-up from the eighth season of "Idol" said there is a misconception that being on the Fox program results in contestants undergoing an identity shift as they seek to become professional singers, reported Friday,

"I think that may be the perception because certain people that have gone through the system didn't have a strong idea of what they wanted to do visually. I think the minute you do, they respond to that. And I've been very verbal and opinionated about what I want to create, and they've been nothing but supportive of that," Lambert, 27, said.

Lambert told Billboard magazine he feels it is important to remain dedicated to one's music, while providing entertainment that appeals to others.

"I think there's some artists that are really focused on the music and the artistry, but I also think being a showman and being an entertainer is more than just being a musician," he said. "It's everything -- it's something to look at and to listen to."