American Idol eliminated Quentin Alexander and determined its Top 5 artists who will be going on this summer's tour during the seventh live show of its fourteenth season Wednesday night on Fox.

Quentin, a 21-year-old retail associate from New Orleans, LA, was in the bottom two with Rayvon Owen, a 23-year-old singer and vocal coach from Richmond, VA, based on the nationwide vote following last week's performance show.

Quentin and Rayvon each sang two "Arena Anthem" songs. Quentin sang "Light My Fire" by The Doors as well as "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine. Once both singers took the stage, America tweeted in real time to save one of them via the show's new "Idol Fan Save." Home viewers ultimately voted to save Rayvon for the fourth consecutive time.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Quentin talked to Reality TV World about his American Idol experience. Below is what he had to say. Check back with us soon for more.

Reality TV World: Do you think your heated exchange with Harry Connick Jr. last week played any role in your bottom-two placement or even your elimination this week? Maybe some viewers saw things from Harry's perspective, you know what I mean?

Quentin Alexander: Yeah, it definitely could have played a role, but I don't really know that and I'm never really going to know. But either way, I'm still proud of the way that things happened.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like you have no regrets about how you handled that situation?

Quentin Alexander: I wouldn't change that moment with Harry and I for anything, because it was a real, genuine moment. And for me to change it would be for me to change my journey overall, and I think things happen for a reason.

And I'm all about timing. It happened, and maybe it wasn't time for me to be on tour or stay on the show. There's maybe another path that I need to take first for that to happen. I'm just excited and glad that I came as far as I did. And to go out on a note like that, I'm fine with it.

Reality TV World: Did you ever have a personal conversation with Harry following that exchange last week in which you talked backstage and kind of hashed things out -- or did an awkward elephant remain in the room between you guys ever since?

Quentin Alexander: Well, we did not actually have a conversation after that. I spoke with him briefly once I was eliminated after I left the stage and all that, and we had a conversation on things other than that incident.

Because I feel that we both -- or at least I know that myself, I moved on from it right after it happened, you know? I was just ready to move on and focus on my performances. I feel that he kind of thought the same thing, so it wasn't really worth us dwelling on.
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Reality TV World: Was it a surprise to you when viewers chose to save Rayvon again since it was his fourth straight time in the bottom?

Quentin Alexander: You know what? I actually wasn't surprised because of how great of a performance he put on. I would've been glad to bow out to that, because it was amazing. That's the good thing about it, you know, we all don't look at it as, "I have to be better than you," or, "This person has to be better than me to make it in this position."

It's just going out there, enjoying the performance, and you know, doing what you can. And in that moment, Rayvon was spectacular, so he definitely worked his butt off to get it and deserved it.

Reality TV World: Do you have any insight into why viewers might be voting Rayvon into the bottom but then saving him every week? Do you think maybe people feel they don't have to vote because they assume his fans will work harder to keep him safe and out of that bottom spot -- and then the cycle continues?

Quentin Alexander: Yeah, that could be a theory, or they could just like shaking him up. It's like shaking a soda just for the excitement of the pop. But either way, he's an amazing, amazing singer and he's going to get exactly what he deserves. So, I'm very proud of whatever he's going to accomplish.

Reality TV World: Joey Cook said last week that you two bonded because you had "very similar motives" in the competition and were "unwavering" when it comes to being yourself and sticking true to who you are as artists. Does that mean you guys think other contestants along the way had different motives or weren't staying true to themselves? Do you think mentors, judges or criticism have changed some contestants?

Quentin Alexander: I won't say that. It's just that Joey and I both come from similar lives -- from the beginning of everything in our lives -- and we come from a different spectrum. And so, therefore, we look at everything differently and we appreciate things, smaller things, more than other people would -- like just the bonds. That's one thing I really held onto.

Other people, you know, we definitely got along, but they look at other things. So I wouldn't say that anyone is kind of faking it or not being themselves just to kind of play the game. It's just the way that Joey and I went about doing it, you know, and we somehow got attracted. It's hard to explain, but it's kind of obvious to look at Joey and I and think we're oddballs.

And naturally, we're not the outsiders but the outsiders. We kind of have to gravitate towards each other to keep each other sane. To have those conversations of why we are here, and what we can do, and how far we can go, and how big this opportunity is for two people like us. That's something I've never really had before.

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