Desiree Hartsock will almost certainly not be falling in love in a tent during her The Bachelorette season.

ABC has announced Hartsock will travel the world with her bachelors and visit Atlantic City, NJ; Germany, Spain, and the island of Madeira during The Bachelorette's ninth season, which will premiere on Monday, May 27 at 8PM ET/PT.

Despite the various locations, The Bachelorette's ninth season will begin with the 27-year-old bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA, moving into a cliffside Malibu estate, being given the keys to a brand new Bentley convertible, and then greeting her 25 eligible suitors for the season's initial cocktail party.

Several of Hartsock's bachelors will attempt to make memorable first impressions during their arrivals -- including a nervous guy who tries to sweep her off her feet with a dance move but fails, a sleight-of-hand artist who makes something "magically" appear for her, a "hunky oil rig worker" who shows off his abs, a man who introduces himself in a medieval suit of armor, and a proud single dad who follows his four-year-old son out of the limo, according to the network.

Once the cocktail party begins, the night's 19 roses will be brought out early and the competition to impress Hartsock only intensifies, as a magician announces he's going to make the Bachelorette disappear and therefore creates anxiety amongst his fellow bachelors.

The mood will then become quite serious when Hartsock hands out her first impression rose and the guys become increasingly jealous and competitive. At that point, one man whips out some hip-hop dance moves, the shirtless abs bachelor strips down completely and jumps in the pool, some suitors interrupt a "dashing" Venezuelan former soccer player trying to show her some "dribbling moves" outside the mansion, and an "overzealous" bachelor wants to show Hartsock his own private "fantasy suite" -- leading The Bachelorette star to react in a way that "shocks the house."

The premiere will conclude with Hartsock whittling her 25 bachelors down to 19.

According to ABC, some of the U.S.-based dates Hartsock and her bachelors will embark on in Los Angeles include a solo date of wedding-themed events and a VIP view from atop the Hollywood sign where they'll enjoy a private performance by singer Andy Grammer, a group date in which 14 bachelors will make a rap video with rapper Soulja Boy, a dodge ball group date that will land someone in the emergency room, a solo date featuring singer Kate Earl who serenades the couple with a private concert, a solo date in which the couple performs with the "Bandaloop" dance troupe while suspended by cables off the side of a glass skyscraper, and a group "cowboy boot camp" date with five guys where they'll compete to watch a VIP screening of The Lone Ranger with Hartsock.

Also in the U.S., Hartsock and her remaining bachelors will head to Atlantic City, where there will be a group date in which 11 suitors compete for the title of "The Bachelorette's Mr. America" and a solo date at the area devastated by Hurricane Sandy, where the couple will meet several of the storm's victims and do something special for them.

Hartsock's around-the-world dates will include traveling to Germany with her remaining men, exploring Munich on an individual date which ends with a Matt White concert, sledding down the Alps with a group of guys, traveling to Barcelona where six men will suit up and compete against a professional team inside a world-famous soccer stadium, strolling through the gardens of Madeira, tobogganing down Funchal's winding streets, listening to a Fado singer's performance, and picnicking and watching fireworks on the mountain peak of Pico do Arieiro during an individual date.

After hometown dates, the final three men will then travel with Hartsock to an "exotic destination" where they'll have "some of the most intimate and sensual overnight dates ever," according to the network. Afterward, Hartsock's remaining two bachelors will meet her family and she will visit their hometowns.