90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? -- The Couples Tell All featured Mike Youngquist threatening to file for divorce from Natalie Mordovtseva, Angela Deem unleashing her fury on Michael Ilesanmi and his aunt, Ronald Smith apologizing to Tiffany Franco before accusing her of flirting with a cameraman, and Brandon Gibbs admitting his marriage to Julia Trubkina may be in jeopardy during Part 1 of the Tell-All event on TLC.

Part 1 of the two-night, Tell-All event of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season starred Mike and Natalie, Angela and Michael, Ronald and Tiffany, Brandon and Julia, Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa, and Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet.

All of the cast members gathered in-studio with the Tell-All host Shaun Robinson except for Michael and Ronald, who participated via videochat from Nigeria and South Africa, respectively.


The past season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? featured painful realities and unexpected obstacles as the couples navigated cultural differences and family drama and attempted to survive explosive fights and confrontations.

Below is an update on each 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 couple based on Part 1 of the Tell-All.


Mike said he hadn't seen Natalie in months and he anticipated their reunion might be "a sh-tshow."

Natalie confessed a part of her missed Mike but she didn't know how he was feeling or what he was thinking. She simply said she didn't want to fight with him again.

Natalie told the cast that she had tried to call Mike but he wouldn't answer her phone calls.

Mike arrived to the Tell All late and admitted he wasn't happy with where he and Natalie were at.

Mike and Natalie sat in individual chairs about six feet apart from each other on the stage, and Mike announced how he didn't think he and Natalie were in a relationship at the time "at all, except maybe on paper."

And Natalie confirmed, "We're not together. I moved. I'm not in Washington anymore. I am in Florida."

Julia muttered under her breath how Natalie should have returned to her home country, Ukraine, if she and Mike were no longer together.

Mike acknowledged he didn't know whom Natalie had been living with.

When asked what caused the breakdown of her relationship, Natalie said she felt like Mike didn't care about her. She said he works hard as a boss of a company and drives two hours to work and then two hours back to Sequim at the end of the day.

"When he's home, he just doesn't have time or the desire to discuss anything. He's just tired and wants to rest," Natalie said.

She added, "I was really happy with him, but now, he has huge responsibilities. And he told me, 'Natalie, I'm choosing work.'"

"I didn't say that," Mike argued. "I never said that."

Natalie said she chose work as a result too, and Mike explained that he had been working hard to support his wife but then coronavirus hit and he lost all of his employees, most of whom have children and needed to quit.

Mike insisted he doesn't enjoy working long hours but he does what he has to do, but Natalie pointed out how she had begged Mike to move to Seattle -- which is closer to his job -- and he wouldn't even budge.


Angela pointed out how Natalie seemed to be living like she's divorced already based on her social-media activity, which isn't necessarily right or wrong.

Mike said Natalie had packed up her bags and asked him for a break, and Natalie explained that while she loved Mike and was happy with him for a while, her life in the United States with him turned out to be "a total disaster."

Natalie explained how she couldn't do anything and "went crazy" at his house in the middle of the woods. Natalie claimed she was "miserable" and gained 20 pounds and had to go on antidepressants.

"I was feeling unworthy and terrible, and [I was] not wanting to live," Natalie confessed. "I don't want to stay on antidepressants."

Mike said he hadn't dated anyone after his split from Natalie, and Natalie claimed the same.

"Who's the guy you were with in New Orleans?" Jovi asked. "Wasn't Mike!... [And] he didn't look gay to me."

Jovi said he and Yara met Natalie in New Orleans for dinner and she was "with a friend." Jovi said the pair didn't look romantic but he wouldn't travel with a woman if their relationship was just platonic.

"Does anyone know a good lawyer?" Mike asked aloud to the group.

"I got one in South Africa for you," Ronald quipped.

Natalie insisted it was "not a romantic relationship" and she had asked this person to accompany her on a trip to see Yara because she didn't know how things were going to go. Natalie said she met this man and many other people from a "Russian community."

"You just find random guys in New Orleans to have dinner with because you don't want to be a third wheel?" Mike asked with skepticism.

Yara admitted that when she had asked Natalie about the relationship and whether she was together with this man, Natalie provided her "no clear answer." Yara said Natalie answers questions in a funny way and never really gets to the point.

Ronald said it seemed like Natalie had just gotten caught, and Elizabeth said if Mike had behaved that way, Natalie would probably be "in fumes."

Natalie insisted Mike is allowed to have friends that are women just like she's allowed to have friends that are men.

Tiffany said it looked bad, but Natalie yelled out how she was sleeping alone and not dating anyone. Julia called Natalie two-faced and then questioned the blonde on how she's feeding herself and paying for things, including an apartment in Florida.


"She has my bank card," Mike announced. "Still, to this day."

Mike then told Natalie that he was going to deactivate her card by the end of the evening.

"Mike, if I were you, I would've filed for divorce a long time ago," Jovi said.

"I plan on filing," Mike confirmed.

Natalie began pouting, and then Mike told the group, "We're not together."

When Shaun asked Mike flat out, "You are planning to file for divorce?" Mike replied, "Yeah. She lives on the other side of the United States and has no desire or interest to come back to Washington. I cannot just quit my job and change my whole life."

"I'm not going to scream and say, 'I will not give you a divorce,' I cannot, because I want you to be happy," Natalie replied. "If you think you can find a better woman than me and be happy, I will only pray for you, honestly."

Natalie said this was the first time she was hearing about a divorce and had nothing to say about it.

During a commercial break, Mike was asked if there was a chance of reconciliation, and he said, "Who knows, maybe down the road. Maybe she needs to go get everything out of her system and go live her dreams and stuff. There's nothing wrong with that; I applaud her for it. But I'm not going to wait around forever."

Natalie cried about how she's a good person and just got tired of fighting. Natalie said if Mike wanted to file for divorce then that's okay but there's no way she'd be able to stay in the U.S. in that case.

While backstage, Julia told Mike that he's such a nice guy and needs to find a woman who will love him and want to be with him for who he is.

Mike's mother Trish then appeared on the Tell-All in person and said she was so mad when Mike and Natalie got married that she "couldn't stand it." She said Natalie was "detrimental to everything."

When Trish joined the cast onstage, she said it was "perfect" to hear that Mike is going to file for divorce and she's encouraging him to do so. Trish called Natalie a liar and said everything was about Natalie in the relationship.

"Why would you come here if you knew he lived out in the middle of nowhere? You can't tell him that you love him. And now you run off," Trish said.

"God bless you," Natalie replied.


Trish insisted she had never called Natalie "a hooker" and it was just "another one of her lies," adding, "She doesn't care about Michael. She never did. She just wanted to get to America."

Mike said Natalie's love for him was real in the beginning but then they had some major arguments, and Natalie snapped, "That's because I found naked boobs on his phone two hours after he proposed [marriage] to me, Trish."

Natalie said Mike had given her his phone to look at pictures they had taken and then she went into his deleted file only to find photos of a "very naked" woman from "one week before he arrived [in Ukraine]" for one of his trips.

Mike revealed the photo belonged to his ex-girlfriend, who was trying to get back with him, and he said "no" and deleted the photo.

Trish said she didn't want Mike to salvage his relationship, and Yara criticized Trish for being "too much involved" in her son's affairs. Trish, however, argued that Yara isn't out running around like Natalie had been.

Trish accused Natalie of using Mike and never loving him, but Natalie insisted she was very much in love with Mike at one point.

"If I wasn't in love with him, I would never cry over some b-tch who sends him naked picture," Natalie shouted.

Angela yelled out how she was tired of Natalie playing the victim and Natalie should just go back to Ukraine if she doesn't like Mike anymore.

"If you don't love him, get the f-ck out of here!" Angela said.

And Julia suggested Natalie was making couples look bad who file for the K-1 visa. Julia accused Natalie of using Mike to move to the United States so she can continue living here on her own.

"You choose to stay here [now]. You used Mike for a Green Card!" Julia claimed.

"Okay," Natalie responded. "What can I say? If it looks like."

Natalie then approached Trish backstage once cameras stopped rolling, and Trish scolded Natalie for being an "evil" scammer. Trish said everything had to be Natalie's way or else she was out.

"You used him! You lie, you lie, you lie!" Trish yelled at Natalie.

"You're not even strong enough or big enough to tell your mom that you're not with him no more. You're the one making all the mistakes. You even said bad things about Beau, how Beau stole your jewelry."

Natalie swore that Beau had stolen her jewelry, which made Trish counter, "Beau didn't steal your jewelry; you pawned them! You can't manipulate everybody all the time to get what you want."


Trish said she hoped Mike would find a good girl who wants to live on the ranch, love her son and have a couple of babies.

Natalie then FaceTimed with her mother backstage and broke down into tears about how her relationship had ended. Natalie said she felt horrible to deliver this news but she hadn't been living with Mike for a few months and Mike planned to file for divorce.

"He was so mean to me," Natalie cried to her mother.

"I thought maybe he would change, but he doesn't want to change at all. I am just very disappointed. I was very much in love with Michael. We had such big dreams... I really wanted a family... We destroyed our love."

Natalie worried about being alone and told her mother that she planned to hire a lawyer.

"Mom, we are done. Please forgive me," Natalie concluded.


Jovi said he and Yara weren't getting along well, and Yara explained how Jovi is a great father but sometimes wants his old life back of partying and no responsibilities other than his job.

Yara said she's a mom and a tired 27 year old who just wants to relax on the couch and watch a movie.


Kalani shared how she and Asuelu were still having issues and just taking things one day at a time, and Asuelu complained, "Kalani doesn't want to move to Samoa because she doesn't care about where I'm from and my culture."

Kalani expected Asuelu to side with his mother Lesina and sister Tammy if they ended up making an appearance on the Tell All.

"We are good. We are on the right track, but everything is not perfect. I think marriage is just hard for everybody," Kalani told Shaun.


Brandon admitted he and Julia were "constantly" fighting about something, whether the problem is about his parents or Brandon's desire to be social and have friends. He called Julia's issues with him "insane."

Julia said she and Brandon don't live far away enough from his parents because they're only 30 minutes away.

"I miss being on the phone, and I kind of want to go back [to that], if I'm being honest," Brandon noted.


Julia planned to remain quiet at the Tell All since she had gotten involved with a lot of drama at the last reunion show for 90 Day Fiance's eighth season. However, she boasted about how she's honest with people and says things to their faces instead of behind their backs.

Julia said she only liked to return to Brandon's family's farm to visit her dog Simba, whom she apparently loves an incredible amount.

Julia gushed about how it's "amazing" to live away from Brandon's parents, but Brandon apparently didn't see much of a difference.

When asked how their sex life improved after moving out of Brandon's parents' home, Brandon beamed and replied, "That's been awesome!... Anywhere in the apartment, we want to do it."

Shaun asked Julia if she still wants a baby, and Julia said there's nothing wrong with talking about her future with Brandon. Julia said she doesn't want a child "right now and this second" but she's thinking about the future, three or five years from now.

Brandon said Julia hadn't talked to him about kids yet and so it's weird when she mentions having a baby in front of his friends.

Julia joked that if she wanted a baby right now, she would make it happen and maybe even punch little holes into the tips of Brandon's condoms.

"I not use condoms. We not use condoms," Julia announced.

Brandon admitted Julia was a little hard to live with and she's very jealous in that she wants him all to herself. Brandon said Julia doesn't approve of him having female friends.

Julia said she's jealous because she doesn't have any friends in the United States, but Brandon argued that multiple people have tried to befriend Julia.

"Brandon, do you think that Julia's jealousy can affect your relationship to the point that it's in jeopardy?" Shaun asked.

"Maybe," Brandon replied. "If she tries to do this with my closest friends and wants to push them out of my life -- like she has with some friends -- maybe."

Julia admitted her jealousy wasn't going to change and never will, and Andrei told Julia that she needs to be more confident.

Julia revealed how all of her past boyfriends had cheated on her, but Yara suggested that Julia didn't have much to be jealous of because it's not like Brandon is a Hollywood superstar hunk.


Brandon's parents Betty and Ron then participated via videochat from the farm, and Betty said they missed her son and daughter-in-law very much. They also missed having people to help out with the farm chores.

Betty wished Julia and Brandon would move closer to the farm, and she said some properties that are close by, in walking distance -- aka next door, apparently -- were for sale at the time.

"No, no, no," Julia repeated.

Betty said she and Ron would help the pair with the down payment just to have them closer.

"No, no," Julia said, adding that she and Brandon were not going to take money from them for anything.

Andrei and Elizabeth pointed out how Betty and Ron could help Brandon and Julia with their kids if they lived so close to one another -- and then suddenly, Brandon's parents started cracking up with laughter.

Betty said she wasn't sure how long she could keep up the farm with Ron, who had been having health issues and was trying different medications. Ron, however, said he was optimistic about having a full and complete recovery.

Brandon then started to cry and admitted it was difficult to talk about. He didn't want to get into Ron's health issues since Ron clearly didn't offer up any information himself.

"Julia, if Brandon insisted on moving back to the farm or at least in this house next door, what would that mean for your relationship?" Shaun asked.

"No, I mean, this is not going to happen. I don't want to [talk] about it or give this attention... because it's not [happening]," Julia responded, adding that she doesn't want to take care of a bunch of animals.

Ron said family is the most important thing in the world and they should pull and stick together.


Ronald expressed how he and Tiffany were not in a very good place. He said things had been "a bit rough" for his relationship and he was ready to "set the record straight" and make a few things known.

Tiffany said once she returned home to the United States after her Christmas trip to South Africa, it hit her "twice as hard" that she was taking care of two kids and handling her family's finances all by herself.

"I put my foot down [with Ronald] and said, 'If you can't be a man about it and support your kids, then you don't actually deserve to be a dad, and so I'm going to do my own thing,'" Tiffany recalled.

Tiffany called her situation "complicated" and told her co-stars that she wasn't going to let Ronald control the narrative at the Tell All.

Viewers last saw Tiffany packing up her belongings to leave Ronald's house in South Africa.

When asked what happened, Tiffany said she had given up in that moment and determined that she wasn't going to fight for the relationship anymore. Tiffany said once Ronald realized she was seriously going to leave, he talked to her and explained why he was acting the way he was acting.

"I did not treat her right," Ronald conceded, adding that he only realizes this after the fact and it's a bad habit of his that he needs to break. "I apologized for my behavior."


Tiffany said she stayed in South Africa for four months with her two kids and arrived back in the United States in March.

Tiffany told Shaun that Ronald was still trying to figure out how to make her happy.

Ronald compared his relationship with Tiffany to Michael and Angela's marriage in that Tiffany is "the boss," just like Angela. Ronald said he's always the one who is wrong and at fault but Tiffany cannot take the role of a man and "that's literally what she does."

Tiffany said she was always supportive of Ronald and has been raising their kids on her own and so she'd definitely fulfilled her role as the "woman" in the relationship.

"She is the reason I'm not in the U.S. yet," Ronald declared. "Did you do the tax papers, Tiffany?"

"I didn't submit it because I'm here," Tiffany replied.

Yara advised Tiffany to relax a little bit more and actually allow Ronald to do stuff for her. Yara said she could feel Tiffany's independent energy and how she needed to let Ronald in.

Ronald complimented Tiffany on being strong but pointed out how they "clash."

When Tiffany told Shaun that she wants Ronald in America, Ronald countered, "Bullsh-t."

"Ronald, I really suggest -- watch yourself," Tiffany responded. "I told you I'm not worried [about] moving to the U.S. I can stay in f-cking South Africa."

"Then that's your choice... If you want to stay away from your kids, then go ahead!" Tiffany griped.

Ronald said every time Tiffany leaves South Africa, she brings a piece of him back with her. Tiffany rolled her eyes at the comment, which upset Ronald even more.

Tiffany appeared to be choking back tears, and she said she wasn't sure if the fighting would stop once she and Ronald can actually live together in the United States.

Ronald admitted he had treated Tiffany poorly in South Africa, and Tiffany complained about how Ronald had spoken to her during their big argument.

"When I came walking in and she was laughing, first of all, she's sitting with a bottle of Bacardi with her that she took out of the car because she's going to stay by the hotel with the f-cking cameraman," Ronald alleged.

Ronald accused Tiffany of being "way too friendly" with this cameraman while filming the series. Ronald said it was "a fact" Tiffany had been giving this man too much attention.

"I will make sh-t known!" Ronald shouted, adding that Tiffany gushed about how this cameraman was the greatest and best guy ever.

Tiffany shrugged off Ronald's remark and said he was just "jealous" and it's not her problem.


Tiffany's mother Maggie and mother-in-law Ria then participated in the Tell All via videochat. Ria said if either Tiffany or Ronald decided to file for divorce, she'd be devastated because it would feel like she's losing a child.

"She's already a part of me. She's my child as well," Ria said, which made Tiffany cry. "I love you... and I will always treat you with respect. I would hate to see you leave. Really, I wish I was there just to give you a hug."

Tiffany admitted she was "so annoyed" because Ronald cherishes and loves her half the time and then there's a side of him that accuses her of flirting with a cameraman and treats her poorly.

Tiffany said if a man loves his wife, he doesn't act like that.

Maggie blamed "hard-headed" Ronald for being at fault for most of the couple's fighting, saying she doesn't like or appreciate what Tiffany has to go through in her marriage, "like her suffering."

"If you didn't have kids, would you be divorced by now?" Shaun asked.

"I think, yeah," Tiffany replied.

Tiffany confirmed, however, that she still loves Ronald and that's why they're still together.

"We love each other and we're trying. I've got faults... I'm not saying I'm an angel. I'm sorry, love," Ronald told his wife.

Shaun told the couple that she hoped they could work things out, and Ronald responded, "We definitely will."

Tiffany later revealed she planned to go under the knife in two days to have the sleeve weight-loss surgery Angela had. Ronald apparently wasn't supportive in the beginning but she determined surgery is the right step for her.

"Why not put in the work? That's my mindset. You'll appreciate the results much more," Ronald said.

Tiffany acknowledged it's not going to be easy but she's ready to do the work that needs to be done after the surgery.


Andrei said he and Elizabeth had endured some ups and downs in their marriage due to family drama and Andrei's new involvement in the family business.

Elizabeth complained how Andrei allegedly has the tendency to shut down and not listen to anyone around him, including his own wife.

Andrei said Elizabeth's entire family was in need of therapy for different reasons.

"[Andrei] said he's going to work on [his anger issues] but he hasn't. Actions speak louder than words. He's said this so many times, but ultimately you need to act on it," Elizabeth told her husband.


Michael insisted he didn't want to lose his wife and he truly cared about her health and well-being.

Angela was apparently so late that the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? cast chose to start filming the Tell All without her.

Angela had lost 20 more pounds in the last month or so and was so excited to show the cast her new look now that she had achieved her "goal weight."

Angela arrived in a red low-cut jumpsuit showing off some major cleavage. Her blonde hair was high in a ponytail with flowing extensions, and Angela was rocking multiple gold necklaces, high heels and an incredibly confident attitude.

"Oh my!" gushed Michael, who participated in the Tell All via videochat from Nigeria. "I can't wait to feel it."

Angela revealed she had lost 106 pounds since undergoing weight-loss surgery, and Michael said he couldn't wait to see his wife and she looked "sweet and sexy" but he just wanted her to be healed and healthy.

Angela, however, announced that she had no support from Michael at all throughout her transformation. Angela accused Michael of making fun of her small breasts after the breast reduction and so she apparently had implants put in -- the one surgery Michael allegedly agreed to.

Later on, Angela said Michael never checked on her and was "a total assh-le" after her surgery. Angela said Michael disappeared on her and she's not a fool, but Michael said he can't be in contact constantly, like when he goes to church or visits his family.

Michael admitted he didn't like the surgery at first and was a little selfish, and Angela said Michael was more worried about her losing her boobs than he had been about her health.

Angela explained how she wants to be around longer for Michael and her grandchildren, and she also said she wants to look sexy for her younger husband. However, Michael pointed out how it's a status symbol to be overweight in Nigeria and being skinny is criticized where he's from.

Angela called it "very painful" when Michael poked fun at her small breasts post-surgery, and she broke down and cried, saying, "I really thought I was going to die."

Michael told Angela that she shouldn't worry and everything is okay because he's with her now and he's sorry, but Angela lamented about how long it took for Michael to come around and be supportive.

Tiffany said it was "bullsh-t" how Michael had neglected his wife during such a serious time.

Angela's daughter Skyla then joined the Tell-All, and everyone watched back a clip of Angela flirting with her surgeon, Dr. Obeng, which made Michael feel very jealous.

When Shaun asked Angela if she had only seen Dr. Obeng at the office, Angela hesitated for a minute and then revealed she had attended the surgeon's birthday party in California.

"I thought I told you," Angela told Michael. "I went to show my appreciation."

"So you were never alone with Dr. Obeng?" Shaun questioned.

Angela covered her face with her hands and Michael demanded an answer. A producer apparently told Shaun that Dr. Obeng had driven Angela home from the party, and Angela noted how she had forgotten all about that moment.

"Are you kidding me?" Michael said. "[If I did this], you would curse me out and say all these things! Why didn't you tell me this before?"

Angela told Michael to shut up and explained how the party was at a bar and she and Skyla attended. Angela recalled feeling nauseated and wanting to go back to the hotel, and so Dr. Obeng allegedly offered to drive her home since Angela appeared pretty sick.

Michael said the story doesn't matter because Angela never told him about it. Michael said Angela demands "every God damn detail" of every outing he ever has and Angela left this entire story out of conversation.

"Dr. Obeng is a very caring man," Angela said.

"Go marry him then," Michael snapped. "Rubbish... I was sick, Michael! He seen I was pale as a frickin' ghost."

Angela called Michael an "assho-le," and then Michael's aunt Lydia joined the conversation via videochat from Nigeria.

Lydia called Angela's new transformation "pretty okay" but said she's annoyed because Michael accepted Angela for the way she looked before and Michael's wife should be more concerned about having his baby.

"If he accepts me for how I am -- big, fat, skinny, tall -- then he accepts me for not being able to have babies," Angela explained.

Lydia said she has no problem with Angela not wanting to carry a child but she and Michael should go through a surrogate mother as a result, and Angela told Lydia to mind her business.

Michael scolded Angela for speaking to his aunt disrespectfully, and then Angela yelled at Michael, "Shut your f-cking mouth!"

Michael begged Angela to let Lydia talk and stop cutting her off, and then Angela totally lost her cool. Angela said Lydia always cut her down behind her back, and then Lydia pointed her finger at Angela, which upset Angela even more.

"I gave you more respect than you deserve," Angela shouted.

The women began yelling at each other and Angela called Lydia "so nosy," before Lydia said it's not good for an American woman to marry a Nigerian man and not want a child. Lydia said Michael is like a son to her.

"Your aunt wants us to get a divorce," Angela told Michael.

Michael assured his wife that she was jumping to conclusions, and then Angela got on her feet and started yelling at Michael even louder. Angela and Lydia started screaming at each other through videochat, with Angela saying Lydia had no right to talk to her like that.

Lydia accused Angela of wanting to look sexy and beautiful for other men, and Angela screamed at Michael to "shut the f-ck up" and star supporting her.

"You better respect me! Who the f-ck do you think you're talking to?!" Angela yelled at Lydia. "That is my husband. That is my f-cking husband and there's nothing you can do about it!... Mind your own business and you will not tell my husband what to do!"

In a moment of pure rage, Angela flashed Lydia her boobs and the entire cast behind her appeared shocked.

"You want to listen to her? I'll show every f-cking body in here my [boobs]!" Angela threatened.

Angela did, in fact, proceed to flash her boobs to the group and the cameramen.

"You won't see these God damn tits again!" Angela concluded.


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