90 Day Fiance couple Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith were hanging on by a threat, with Ronald accusing Tiffany of flirting with a cameraman on Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth-season Tell All -- so did Tiffany and Ronald split up or are they still together? What do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal about their relationship now?


[90 Day Fiance Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers revealing if Tiffany and Ronald are still together now or if the 90 Day Fiance couple broke up after filming 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth season.]

Tiffany was a 27-year-old from Frederick, MD, and Ronald was a 29-year-old from South Africa when they starred on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's first season in 2019.


Tiffany got engaged to Ronald despite his faults and mistakes -- including Ronald having a criminal record as well as a serious gambling addiction that led to a six-month rehab stint in South Africa.

Once Ronald changed his ways and sought therapy, Tiffany moved her eight-year-old son Daniel to South Africa on a Tourist Visa so they could be a family, but she wasn't convinced it was going to be a permanent move.

Tiffany and Ronald tied the knot during her trip, but due to financial constraints and Tiffany deciding South Africa was not a safe place for her kids to grow up, she decided to return to the U.S. and give birth to the couple's daughter there.

Tiffany thought the best way to be with Ronald would be to file for a spousal visa so he could move to the U.S.

Tiffany then gave birth to a daughter Carley in Summer 2019, and she found being a single parent very difficult.

Although Tiffany said she applied for a spousal CR-1 visa, she ended up consulting with an attorney, Christopher Role.

"I have moments when I wonder if this marriage is right for me," Tiffany confessed. "Ronald doesn't know this, but I think I want a divorce."

Tiffany lamented she was feeling miserable every day and had reached "a breaking point" and feared there was "no other choice but to get divorced" because things might only get worse once Ronald arrived to the U.S.

But Ronald insisted he was making "small strides" and "ends meet" by doing odd jobs such as painting rooms for people. He said he was doing the best he could.

After Tiffany settled into an apartment of her own, she received an email she had been waiting on "for years" informing her that Ronald's visa application to come to the United States had been approved and they'd be able to move on to the interview phase of the process.

Tiffany's father Carlos also agreed to be Ronald's co-sponsor in the U.S.

But Ronald didn't seem nervous about the interview because, in his mind, Tiffany and the kids would move to South Africa as Plan B.

"I'm terrified because I know I'm not going there. So for me, if he fails that interview, that's it and there's no backup plan. He still thinks he has a safety net, and he doesn't," Tiffany revealed.

Ronald then asked Tiffany to visit him in South Africa with the kids for the Christmas holiday and stay for at least three months.


Tiffany wanted to see that Ronald was saving money, working, prioritizing his family, and being responsible in South Africa.

But Ronald had a different plan. He envisioned filing an extension on Tiffany's Tourist Visa after three months so that they could stay in South Africa an additional three months.

"The fact of the matter is, if Tiffany doesn't want to move to South Africa, I will force her to. I'm not going to be away from my kids again that long," Ronald admitted.

Ronald ended up being short on the grocery bill and spending too much on Christmas decorations once his family joined him in South Africa. Tiffany also complained about how she needed more help from him with the kids.

Tiffany and Ronald kept fighting during her stay, and Tiffany said she wasn't going to allow Ronald to feel "above" her and take on traditional gender roles. She was beginning to wonder if Ronald could ever truly make her happy.

Tiffany said Ronald not paying attention to the small things was "destroying" their marriage.

Ronald accused Tiffany of just wanting a vacation away from her kids, and Tiffany felt criticized and insulted. She demanded an apology from Ronald and even refused to get in the car with him to go home. She called Ronald "rude."

Ronald told Tiffany that her family was always around helping her and so she's a hypocrite." She in turn called him "a child."

On the sixth-season finale of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Ronald said Tiffany couldn't accept her faults and always blamed him for everything.

"What is she Queen? It's a two-way [street], man," Ronald complained.

Tiffany wasn't okay with how Ronald spoke to her, and she lamented, "At this point, it makes me feel like there's nothing else we can do for us, like, I don't know where else we can go productively from here."

Tiffany called Ronald "a f-cking psycho" but said his anger didn't scare her.

Once the pair reunited in Ronald's home, she called him an "idiot," and he asked her what she was even doing in his place.

Tiffany told Ronald that he had acted like "an assh-le," and Ronald decided he was going to sleep alone. Tiffany therefore called her husband "a f-cking loser."


Ronald didn't want to lose his kids, but Tiffany threatened to walk away from him and their relationship.

"You can literally go back to America," Ronald said, before accusing Tiffany of being "controlling" and telling her to get the "f-ck out" of his house.

Tiffany said she felt very unwelcome and was ready to pick up her kids, leave, and get "out of this situation."

"I have it pretty good back home. I have zero need to accept his behavior. Our marriage is over," Tiffany noted.

On Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s Tell All, Ronald expressed how he and Tiffany were not in a very good place. He said things had been "a bit rough" for his relationship.

Tiffany said once she returned home to the United States after her Christmas trip to South Africa, it hit her "twice as hard" that she was taking care of two kids and handling her family's finances all by herself.

"I put my foot down [with Ronald] and said, 'If you can't be a man about it and support your kids, then you don't actually deserve to be a dad, and so I'm going to do my own thing,'" Tiffany recalled.

Tiffany called her situation "complicated" and said that once Ronald realized Tiffany was seriously going to leave, he opened up and started communicating better.

"I did not treat her right," Ronald conceded, adding that he only realizes this after the fact and it's a bad habit of his that he needs to break. "I apologized for my behavior."

Tiffany said she stayed in South Africa for four months with her two kids and arrived back in the United States in March.

Tiffany told Tell-All host Shaun Robinson that Ronald was still trying to figure out how to make her happy.

Ronald compared his relationship with Tiffany to Michael and Angela's marriage in that Tiffany is "the boss," just like Angela. Ronald said he's always the one who is wrong and at fault but Tiffany cannot take the role of a man and "that's literally what she does."

Tiffany said she was always supportive of Ronald and has been raising their kids on her own and so she's definitely fulfilled her role as the "woman" in the relationship.

"She is the reason I'm not in the U.S. yet," Ronald declared. "Did you do the tax papers, Tiffany?"

"I didn't submit it because I'm here," Tiffany replied.

Ronald complimented Tiffany on being strong but pointed out how they "clash."


When Tiffany told Shaun that she wants Ronald in America, Ronald countered, "Bullsh-t."

"Ronald, I really suggest -- watch yourself," Tiffany responded. "I told you I'm not worried [about] moving to the U.S. I can stay in f-cking South Africa."

"Then that's your choice... If you want to stay away from your kids, then go ahead!" Tiffany griped.

Tiffany appeared to be choking back tears, and she said she wasn't sure if the fighting would stop once she and Ronald can actually live together in the United States.

"When I came walking in and she was laughing, first of all, she's sitting with a bottle of Bacardi with her that she took out of the car because she's going to stay by the hotel with the f-cking cameraman," Ronald alleged.

Ronald accused Tiffany of being "way too friendly" with this cameraman while filming the series. Ronald said it was "a fact" Tiffany had been giving this man too much attention.

"I will make sh-t known!" Ronald shouted, adding that Tiffany gushed about how this cameraman was the greatest and best guy ever.

Tiffany shrugged off Ronald's remark and said he was just "jealous" and it's not her problem.

Tiffany's mother Maggie and mother-in-law Ria then participated in the Tell All via videochat. Ria said if either Tiffany or Ronald decided to file for divorce, she'd be devastated because it would feel like she's losing a child.

Tiffany admitted she was "so annoyed" because Ronald cherishes and loves her half the time and then there's a side of him that accuses her of flirting with a cameraman and treats her poorly.

Tiffany said if a man loves his wife, he doesn't act like that.

Maggie blamed "hard-headed" Ronald for being at fault for most of the couple's fighting, saying she doesn't like or appreciate what Tiffany has to go through in her marriage, "like her suffering."

"If you didn't have kids, would you be divorced by now?" Shaun asked.

"I think, yeah," Tiffany replied.

Tiffany confirmed, however, that she still loves Ronald and that's why they're still together.

"We love each other and we're trying. I've got faults... I'm not saying I'm an angel. I'm sorry, love," Ronald told his wife.


Shaun told the couple that she hoped they could work things out, and Ronald responded, "We definitely will."

Tiffany later revealed she planned to go under the knife to have the same sleeve weight-loss surgery Angela had. Ronald apparently wasn't supportive in the beginning, but Tiffany determined surgery is the right step for her.

"Why not put in the work? That's my mindset. You'll appreciate the results much more," Ronald said.


Did Ronald and Tiffany stay together now or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split up?

Tiffany revealed in an August 17 Instagram video she had the weight-loss surgery, despite Ronald's disapproval, and it was "worth it."

"I will be able to share the surgery stuff with you guys soon. It's so fresh that it's not enough for me to be like, 'Whoa guys, look at this!' But I'm getting there. I've lost some weight... I'm happier and healthier every single day," Tiffany explained.

When reflecting on Part 1 of the Tell-All, Tiffany joked, "Some of the things that come out of Ronald's mouth -- 'A woman is a woman. A woman is not a man.' Yup, that's my husband!"

Daniel also confirmed the cameraman Tiffany allegedly flirted with is just "a good friend" of the family's, and Tiffany added, "I do not like him."

She elaborated, "I promise you guys, it was just jealousy for no reason. I have to respect how he feels. Maybe if it was the other way around, I would be just as jealous. But I can confirm it is not a thing and never will be! I am not a cheater."

Tiffany also said she had Bacardi with her because alcohol sales in South Africa were about to be "shut down" and "banned" and she wanted to be able to make some cocktails with Ronald.

Tiffany also recalled laughing after her fight with Ronald because she was thinking about chugging the rum and jumping into a hotel pool.

"Sometimes being in a long-distance relationships creates a very insecure environment because you don't see your person every day and you don't really know what's going on... It was an annoying situation," Tiffany shared.

She also confirmed that "Ronald FaceTimes the kids every day."

During a different makeup tutorial Tiffany posted to her Instagram account in late July, she said she doesn't want to take another trip to South Africa because they are "so long and exhausting" -- but not because she doesn't want to see Ronald again.


Tiffany also played a game or "True" or "False" with her Instagram followers, and someone asked, "Do you and Ronald talk on a daily basis?"

Tiffany replied, "True."

When asked if she's "still married" to her husband, Tiffany responded again with "true."

Tiffany opted to "skip" a question about whether she's still in love with Ronald; however, she confirmed she is happy and regrets getting so emotional and crying so much on the show.

She also revealed that after she and Ronald stopped filming 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Ronald "started changing more diapers."

"But that's because... I was like, 'You're going to do it! This is not only my job! There are no such roles as man and woman. I'm not going to sit at home and cook and clean while you bring home the bread... and I won't expect you to be the only one working and supporting us,'" Tiffany said, adding that they both share cooking, cleaning and working responsibilities.

A few weeks earlier, Tiffany also posted a video of Carley celebrating her second birthday and one Instagram user commented, "Too bad her father doesn't get to See her for birthdays Christmas. Any important days. What a shame."

Tiffany replied, "Lol he was on video call I include him every thing. And the visa takes forever it's not my fault he's not here."

But Tiffany and Ronald had an explosive argument and broke up in early July.

The spouses appeared to be headed for divorce at the time after Ronald lashed out at Tiffany for allegedly lying about his spousal visa and Tiffany in turn accused her husband of emotional abuse.

It appears the couple got into a fight right around Carley's July 3 birthday based on cryptic social-media activity -- including Tiffany cropping Ronald out of a family photo in one of her uploads -- and then everything came to a head on July 6.

Tiffany began a stream of posts on Instagram Stories on Tuesday by writing, "You think things are messy? They are about to get a whole lot messier."

Tiffany, a mom of two, went on to share alleged emails and Instagram DMs from Ronald in which the South Africa native insisted he's "done" with his marriage to Tiffany and threatened to expose her on social media.


Ronald allegedly told Tiffany that he could find someone "better" who will treat him "right" and "won't lie."

"F-ck you for that... I'm gonna block you again... I already threw everything out of the house... [I] hope you find pleasure in what you did. I'm literally nauseous thinking about you now lol... I'm free now, thank you [for] lying... I won't respect you for sh-t again," he allegedly wrote to his wife.

"If I see my kids ever again [that's] up to you. Are you going to visit me with them? F-ck no, stay away from my place. You're just like your mom now! Single, have kids, no dads, and likes to lie but demands respect. Get real, Tiffany. Watch social media, [going to] hit you hard!"

Tiffany wrote on the alleged screenshot that she "won't stay quiet anymore."

Ronald allegedly continued, "I do not want to know nothing about you. I don't want to hear about you; all I want is my kids. I'm done with you, you can move on. I move on. Let's do that. You can say I'm cheating [but] you are the one lying about the visa."

Ronald seemingly suggested Tiffany had yet to follow through with the visa paperwork to move him from South Africa to the United States.

Ronald allegedly continued in his messages to Tiffany, "You are worthless, you are not worth being loved. You are useless as a woman, as a wife."

Tiffany called Ronald's messages "more abuse" and wrote on Instagram Stories, "Emotional abuse leaves scars that you'll never see. I've gone through enough for a whole life together and I've had to stay quiet."

Tiffany also posted an alleged email from Ronald that read in part, "You wouldn't have felt lonely... if you did the visa or if you move to South Africa, but no, you decided you wanted to lie to me about the visa and same time you refused to move to South Africa just so that I can be with my family."

He allegedly wrote, "You took me for a big, big ride. You made me change my life. You made me put things on hold... I got rid of people for you and I regret it so much. I regret everything I did for you... The only thing that I'm happy about from you [is] my kids, nothing else. I'm sorry, it is what it is."

"I'm glad you moved on," he allegedly added. "I'm happy for you. I hope you get someone... that can love you again because from my eyes, sorry, I literally can't wait for sunrise only [to[ get this divorce thing done. But until then, you are free. I promise you, you are free."

Ronald allegedly complained that he'd probably lose his children from this situation and hopes Tiffany is "delighted" about that.

"In my eyes, you are nothing... You never, never, never, never have the opportunity to be in my arms again... It's here where we draw the line," Ronald allegedly lashed out.


Ronald appeared to threaten Tiffany by saying he'd "exploit" her "like never before" and show her "lies and manipulation" and the way she allegedly played him.

For Ronald's part, he fired away at Tiffany by sharing a post on his own Instagram Stories, asking his followers for a "lawyer in the [United States]" so he could receive "advice and costing on [a] few things," according to In Touch Weekly.

Ronald also reportedly said on Instagram Live of Tiffany, "She basically told me everything is submitted, everything is done, I'm going to be with my family soon."

"I found out she lied. I lost my sh-t and you know what? She says I treated her bad," he claimed.

"Let me just calm down for a second because I'm so upset thinking she played me for a fool and she literally made me believe I'm going to be with my family soon. She's complaining she's alone and she's doing everything by herself, but she lied about the visa. Literally, she lied."

Tiffany went on to write to her followers on Instagram Stories that she doesn't regret any decisions in her past because she acted with an open heart.

"Not everyone has the same heart. Some people choose to take advantage of those they see as [weak]. I cannot see where everything stands at the moment, but what I will say is, if anyone speaks to you this way, it is a reflection of who they are, not who you are," Tiffany explained.

"Don't ever be silent. You can survive it and get out of it. Love should NOT HURT. I am not perfect and I have made mistakes, but I will never again allow anyone to make me feel this way again."

Prior to the big fight, the couple's relationship seemed to be thriving in June 2021.

Tiffany wished Ronald a Happy Father's Day on social media in a super sweet post.

"For almost 5 years now you've been Papa bear, through the ups and downs A constant reminder of why are you are the love of my life is the amazing love you have for our kids," Tiffany captioned a slideshow of family.

"You embraced Daniel in a way that I can't actually explain... I love you have for him makes me so proud. The kids adore you. I adore you. Today is entirely your day, to celebrate the amazing dad you are and how even more amazing you are becoming every day."

Tiffany continued, "I love seeing the man who once was the center of attention and the party animal turn into the guy who lets everyone go have their parties so you can walk off to the side and play toys with the kids. I am grateful, I am blessed, I am proud. You are truly a blessing to us."

"From the bottom of all of our hearts we love you with all of us and we wish you the best Father's Day! Sidenote..." she concluded.


And Ronald commented on the post, "Thank you my love. Love it its beautiful thank you thank you thank you love you sooo much youre my everything and you and the kids complete my life."

At the time, Tiffany also confirmed she had gone under the knife for weight loss surgery and said Ronald had been supporting her emotionally, according to In Touch.

And in a May 24 Instagram Live session, Tiffany conducted a makeup tutorial and dropped a sly quick comment about how she had just traveled to see Ronald again in South Africa.

"It's from when I was on the airplane coming here from South Africa. My skin got super dry and it just got really messed up," Tiffany said, before flashing a big know-it-all smile.

Tiffany also said during the video, "I wish Ronald was on here so he could help me [answer questions] while I'm doing my makeup, but he is busy!"

And on May 18, Tiffany and Ronald went Instagram Live together, with Tiffany posting their conversation on her account's page.

Tiffany captioned their session, "Definitely getting a divorce. Definitely getting a divorce," but she added a crying-laughing emoticon to her post to suggest she's joking.

Tiffany jokingly asked Ronald when he'd be signing the divorce papers, and Ronald explained with a big smile that he didn't have a pen.

Tiffany was all giggles as she and Ronald sang love songs to each other and teased one another.


And on April 4, 2021, Tiffany confirmed she still loved Ronald.

Ronald posted a beautiful tribute to Tiffany's son Daniel, whom Ronald also considers and calls his son.

In addition to complimenting the young boy on his maturity, cleverness and being well-mannered, Ronald wrote, "I just really hope that the connection we have I hope it never dies as you get older now I'm proud to have you as my son but also I'm a bit sad not being able to be there to celebrate it with you."

Ronald added of Tiffany, "Tell your mom @tiffanyfrancosmith its your yes day and make the best of it... you know what i mean my boy! love your dad."

Tiffany actually commented on Ronald's post, "Aw love you. I'm showing him."

But Tiffany and Ronald have a history of being on and off.

Ronald and Tiffany announced they were "separating" in January 2020 and seemed to be headed for a divorce.

Tiffany accused Ronald of "adultery" and manipulation and claimed he had suffered multiple relapses of the gambling addiction he had once sought treatment for before in a rehab facility.

On January 28, 2020, Tiffany told her Instagram followers in regards to her marriage "some things are just irreparable," and Ronald claimed on social media at the time he'd be "filing for divorce in South Africa" after a year-and-a-half of marriage.

"Tiff only tried to do good, not really control me but more protect me from wrong [people], places and temptations, and the more I think about it now, it makes sense..." Ronald wrote on Instagram during.

"She was more the victim and I'll admit here I was a dick to her at times, worrying about me, me, me and not looking after her feelings or needs."

But rumors of a reconciliation began to swirl on March 5, 2020 when Ronald posted adorable snapshots of Tiffany and himself seemingly in South Africa together. Ronald later confirmed on March 12 he and Tiffany were back together.


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