90 Day Fiance couple Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi were definitely on the outs, with Angela flashing her chest in anger, on Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth-season Tell-All, so did Angela and Michael break up and get divorced, or are they still together? What do 90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal about the couple's relationship now?


[90 Day Fiance Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers that reveal if Angela and Michael are still together now or if the 90 Day Fiance couple has split up.]

Angela, a 53-year-old nursing assistant from Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael, a 31-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria, met each other online.


The couple met face to face for the first time when Angela decided to travel to Nigeria, but her loved ones were worried Michael was trying to scam her for money or an eventual Green Card.

While getting to know one another better, Angela struggled with the couple's age difference and her jealousy and trust issues. The pair broke up and made up multiple times after explosive arguments.

However, Angela applied for a K-1 visa anyway, which unfortunately resulted in a denial.

Angela therefore let go of her dream to have an American wedding and decided to tie the knot with Michael in Nigeria. Following the ceremony, Angela applied for Michael's K-1 visa, as shown on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

Angela and Michael anticipated the visa would take 9-18 months to be approved and they could eventually have a second wedding in America.

But marriage didn't solve the couple's problems. Michael still desperately wanted a biological child, and Angela was told giving birth would be a serious risk to her health and she has no eggs.

And Michael also seemed to assume Angela would take on the traditional housewife role like the typical Nigerian wife -- cooking and cleaning the home -- but Angela said she'd never be a submissive partner.

Seven months after their wedding, Angela, weighing 273 pounds at the time, decided to undergo weight-loss surgery against Michael's wishes, as shown on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?.

Michael explained in a confessional that he liked Angela the way she was, her curvy body and all, and the idea of pushing back their timeline on having a child upset him.

"If Angela decided not to have kids at all, I think I will have to divorce her. That makes me feel so sad and upset because I love her so much," Michael told the cameras.

Angela also decided to have a breast reduction, and Michael seemed displeased with the news since he was mainly attracted to Angela for her breasts to begin with.

Upon learning about Angela's desire to have a facelift as well, Michael expressed his rage and claimed, "If you do the facelift now, I don't support you... I am putting my foot down. She is not doing any more surgeries."


But Angela didn't seem to care about Michael's opinion and told the cameras that she was going to do whatever she wanted to her body -- including the $25,000 procedure.

As the weeks progressed, Angela complained that Michael never checked on her or reached out to her during recovery. She didn't think her husband cared about her, and Angela vented about Michael slacking and not supporting her.

"After the surgery, all Angela and I do is fight, fight, fight. At this point, I don't know if I'll ever be happy being married to Angela," Michael confessed.

Angela said Michael essentially "disappeared" on her, and she accused her husband of making up excuses and lying.

"If I can't trust you, I want no part of you. And all the sneaky sh-t he's doing this time in our relationship might be [irreparable], that's why I'm going to get somebody to [hack] his phone. And if I'm right, he hasn't seen the wrath of me yet!" Angela revealed.

Angela met with an IT specialist asking to put a GPS tracker on Michael's phone, but she was told that would be illegal.

Angela learned, however, she could find out Michael's "live location" on WhatsApp, the forum in which Angela and Michael often communicate when they are in different countries.

Angela then called Michael and called him "a nasty son of a b-tch" in front of the IT specialist. Michael yelled back at his wife and told her to never talk to him that way.

Angela yelled about how Michael had "conned" her into marrying him, and she said if Michael continued to act this way, he'd be staying in Nigeria forever. Angela repeatedly called Michael "a son of a b-tch," and Michael replied, "Who do you think you are? Are you God?!"

"I didn't get married to have these problems. We don't need to be married, do we? If he was in America, we'd be divorced," Angela confessed to the IT specialist.

She added, "I never thought in my wildest dreams Michael would be treating me like this. Maybe Michael didn't marry me for the right reasons, because ever since we got married, he's treated me different than he did before we got married."

Angela didn't think Michael cared about her at all, and so she claimed she didn't want to be married anymore and had lost all romantic feelings for him.

"You need to be with someone who is stupid and desperate, and you are an idiot, you are a joke, and you are not for me!" Angela shouted. "I should have left you when I found out your penis wasn't what you said it was. You lied from the beginning!"


Angela insisted she was "done," and Michael didn't put up a fight. He instead planned to live like a single man, even though he still loved his wife.

Angela was then shown consulting with an attorney, Lew, saying, "I want a divorce. I have had enough."

Angela said Michael was treating her poorly and she may have made a mistake by marrying him, but Lew noted how Angela had invested a lot of time, energy and money into this marriage.

Lew said Angela just needed to dissolve the marriage and would be able to leave with everything she had brought into the marriage. Lew said Michael needed to be served with papers and then they could get the divorce granted.

The couple's spousal visa would then be withdrawn, which would make it very difficult for them to get back together and apply for another visa. It would raise major red flags for immigration, and so Angela realized she didn't have a light decision to make.

"I don't know if it's worth it anymore. I have invested a lot," Angela vented.

If Angela ultimately decided to bring Michael to the United States, she would be financially responsible for him, and so Lew explained it would be better to file for divorce sooner rather than later.

"I still love him... I need to make sure I've looked at every option and make sure this is what I want to do before I file, because once I file, that's it," Angela acknowledged.

Michael then apparently began blowing up Angela and her daughter Skyla's phones after days, if not weeks, of no communication.

Angela accused Michael of swearing at her back during arguments and calling her "a b-tch," for example. Michael replied, "That's because you deserve it."

Angela wanted an apology from Michael, but her husband stood his ground and had every intention of putting his foot down with his wife.

Two weeks after their split, Angela said deep within her heart, she wanted to mend things with her husband. However, she feared Michael might move to America and then leave her and go find his "perfect family" once he obtains his Green Card.

"Honestly, at this point, I don't think there's no hope for this relationship -- at all. Nope," Angela said.

But Michael explained to the cameras that he just wanted Angela to listen to him and respect him. He apparently felt like his opinion and feelings didn't count in Angela's decision-making, and he wanted to matter as her husband.


"The reaction I did, it's kind of childish. That's why I just wanna apologize for the way I treated you right after your surgery," Michael said. "Not being there for you, and I'm sorry."

Angela told Michael that he needed to step up to the plate or they would separate, especially since she was still considering having a skin-removal surgery and facelift. Angela said she had lost 70 pounds and Michael didn't once tell her that she looked pretty.

Michael told his wife that she looked young, beautiful and sexy and that his eyes were finally opened wide. Michael realized he had caused Angela pain, and he said he felt badly about it.

Michael promised to be there for Angela and support her going forward, and Angela said, "I still love ya... [but] actions are bigger than words to me."

Angela said in a confessional Michael would have to make a big effort to change -- because she still wanted him to come to the United States -- or else she'd follow through with filing divorce papers.

"I will make it up to you... You are my queen," Michael noted.

After officially getting back together, Angela decided to show Michael her new body and reconnect with him sexually via FaceTime.

Michael was clearly disappointed in Angela's smaller breasts, but he assured that they looked "okay" and he'd probably grow to love her new look.

Michael later visited a fertility clinic to check his sperm mobility and quantity and make sure everything was okay for having a baby on his end.

Michael hoped to ship his sperm to the U.S. so he and Angela could try to have a baby via IVF, In Vitro Fertilization.

But Skyla said her answer was going to be "no" in every language about donating an egg to Angela and that wasn't ever going to change.

Angela then asked Skyla to visit a fertility clinic with her so she could find out all of the reasons why she wouldn't be able to carry and/or deliver a baby. Angela essentially wanted to shut Michael up once and for all and close the book on having a child together.

"The odds are so against us that I'm just over the baby thing, but I'm a woman of my word and I'm going to do what I've got to do... to show Michael whatever it takes... But if I can't find a blood-related egg, I am out -- and there's nothing he can do to change my mind," Angela explained.


Angela and Skyla were told that the process to donate an egg can cause headaches, nausea, weight gain, and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome -- when ovaries swell and can cause pain and bleeding.

The syndrome apparently happens five percent of the time and can put a woman in the hospital.

"I was only thinking about myself, but now, I really don't think it's right pressuring Skyla after hearing the risks from the doctor. I don't want to jeopardize Skyla's health for something that Michael wants," Angela explained.

The doctor also warned Angela that her baby would be Skyla's half-sibling and aunt/uncle at the same time if Skyla opted to donate her egg. Angela would also be the baby's mother and grandmother simultaneously, which completely creeped Angela out.

The whole process can cost over $100,000 for just the medical requirements, and Angela also faced the risk of not having a healthy pregnancy due to her advanced maternal age. If Angela attempted to tote a baby, she could develop high blood pressure as well as diabetes.

"Mom, you don't want to go through all this... You're trying to get your health together, and this would honestly set you all the way back," Skyla explained to her mother.

Angela worried about disappointing her husband, but the doctor explained how Angela would have no guarantee about having a baby even with in vitro fertilization.

Angela determined it didn't make sense for her to try to have a baby.

"Maybe he'll want to get divorced," Angela said. "That would be devastating if he divorced me... [But] I'm too f-cking old."

On Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s sixth-season Tell-All, Michael insisted he didn't want to lose his wife and he truly cared about her health and well-being even though Angela had felt neglected post-surgery.

Angela revealed she had lost 106 pounds since undergoing weight-loss surgery, and Michael said he couldn't wait to see his wife in person and she looked "sweet and sexy."

However, Angela accused Michael of causing her pain by making fun of her small breasts after the breast reduction and so she apparently had implants put in -- the one surgery Michael allegedly agreed to.

The cast then watched back a clip of Angela flirting with her surgeon, Dr. Obeng, which made Michael feel very jealous.

When the Tell-All host Shaun Robinson asked Angela if she had only seen Dr. Obeng at the office, Angela hesitated for a minute and then revealed she had attended the surgeon's birthday party in California.


"I thought I told you," Angela told Michael, who looked shocked and upset. "I went to show my appreciation."

"So you were never alone with Dr. Obeng?" Shaun questioned.

A producer apparently told Shaun that Dr. Obeng had driven Angela home from the party, and Angela noted how she had forgotten all about that moment.

"Are you kidding me?" Michael said. "[If I did this], you would curse me out and say all these things! Why didn't you tell me this before?"

Angela told Michael to shut up and explained how the party was at a bar and she and Skyla attended. Angela recalled feeling nauseated and wanting to go back to the hotel, and so Dr. Obeng allegedly offered to drive her home since Angela appeared pretty sick.

Michael said the story doesn't matter because Angela never told him about it. Michael said Angela demands "every God damn detail" of every outing he ever has and Angela left this entire story out of conversation.

"Dr. Obeng is a very caring man," Angela said.

"Go marry him then," Michael snapped. "Rubbish... I was sick, Michael! He seen I was pale as a frickin' ghost."

Angela called Michael an "assho-le," and then Michael's aunt Lydia joined the conversation via videochat from Nigeria, which opened up a whole other can of worms.

Lydia complained about Angela's lack of effort to give Michael a child, and the two women got into a heated screaming argument.

"If he accepts me for how I am -- big, fat, skinny, tall -- then he accepts me for not being able to have babies," Angela explained.

When Michael scolded Angela for speaking to his aunt disrespectfully, then Angela yelled at Michael, "Shut your f-cking mouth!"

Lydia accused Angela of wanting to look sexy and beautiful for other men, and Angela screamed at Michael to "shut the f-ck up" and start supporting her.

"You better respect me! Who the f-ck do you think you're talking to?!" Angela yelled at Lydia. "That is my husband. That is my f-cking husband and there's nothing you can do about it!... Mind your own business and you will not tell my husband what to do!"

In a moment of pure rage, Angela flashed Lydia her boobs and the entire cast behind her appeared shocked.


"You want to listen to her? I'll show every f-cking body in here my [boobs]!" Angela threatened.

Angela did, in fact, proceed to flash her boobs to the group and the cameramen.

"You won't see these God damn tits again!" Angela concluded when looking at Michael.

So are Angela and Michael still together now or has the 90 Day Fiance couple broken up?

On August 1, Angela posted several photos of Michael on her Instagram account and captioned them, "Happy New Month fam #letlovelead," suggesting they're still together.

Angela and Michael got married on January 27, 2020 in Nigeria, but the wedding bliss apparently didn't last long.

Angela has said her long-distance relationship with Michael has been "hell."

"At one point, I was telling Michael, 'You've changed since we got married and we're not even living together yet. Don't take that for granted because there's always a damn divorce court right around the corner,'" Angela recalled in an April 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I feel like he married me and then he [changed]," she added.

Like viewers have seen on the show, Angela alleged Michael wasn't supportive after she underwent a gastric sleeve reduction, liposuction on her back, and a breast reduction in August 2020.

The surgeon also addressed two hernias she had and so Angela was under general anesthesia for five to six hours.

Angela said her grandchildren were her "main support" through the long recovery process, which really caused some real tension between Michael and herself.

"I can tell you he was a butt," Angela admitted.

"He was a total ass. I can tell you a little bit, that I was in this alone... You know, I did my boobs and he loved my boobs. I don't know if it was just him not being a part of it because he was over there [in Nigeria] at the time or what, but we went through it."

Angela confirmed she "definitely" contemplated divorce and that wasn't just for TV.


"I told my lawyer, 'I'm definitely not going to put up with this. If he's like this all the way over there, then what's he going to be like here [in the United States?]'" Angela lamented.

Angela suggested Michael has a way of bringing out the worst in her.

"Michael always gives me a reason to explode. I think he likes it when I get upset because it shows I care about him in some crazy way," Angela explained.

"He put me through hell while I was healing and it's all real. The struggle was real!"

But despite the obstacles they've faced as a married couple, Angela confirmed she and Michael are still together and working things out.

Angela recently posted an Instagram Story that showed her FaceTiming with Michael while she was out for drinks, and she posted photos and videos with Michael on Instagram in early May 2021.

Angela captions many of her posts of Michael with red-heart emojis.

For example, Angela posted a photo with Michael and her mother-in-law to wish Michael's mom a Happy Mother's Day, and she also recently shared a side-by-side TikTok video of Michael and Angela dancing to the same song.

In addition, Michael's bio on his own Instagram account reads, "I LOVE MY WIFE ANGELA," and his profile picture features his wife.

Angela told ET that she hopes Michael can move to the United States soon, especially since the international travel ban has been lifted amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm hoping and praying. We've got my lawyer looking into it and I've contacted Congress," Angela revealed.

"Hopefully we'll see what's taking so long because we've been waiting for three-and-a-half years... We're going to have an American wedding [once he arrives]!"

Angela is also still considering having a child with Michael, although she insisted she won't consider carrying a baby herself.

"I know in my heart once Michael gets here, he has a way of getting me to do things. So I'm not going to say it's out the window," Angela shared of becoming a mom again.

She elaborated, "I don't want to raise a baby alone... We'll talk about it more once he gets here and we'll go from there."

The reality TV star joked she still needs an egg in order to have a baby.

"I'm still after [my daughter] Skyla's eggs!... We'll figure it out, but right now, I want to enjoy my weight loss," Angela noted.

One thing is for certain though: Angela said she doesn't want to "tote the baby."

"Of course if he wants it, I want it for him, but we'll figure it out. I definitely won't tote it. I've come to my senses. I am too old to tote a baby," Angela explained.

"And if anybody could tote it, I know I could, but why would I want to lose all this weight and do that? We'll definitely do a surrogate and hopefully I can get some blood-related egg."


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