90 Day Fiance couple Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh haven't seen eye-to-eye about their future living arrangement on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, so did Jenny and Sumit break up once and for all or did they get married? Do spoilers reveal that Jenny and Sumit are still together now, and if so, where are they living?


[90 Day Fiance Spoilers: This report includes spoilers that reveal if Jenny and Sumit have broken up or if the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple is still together or married now.]

Jenny, a 63-year-old from Palm Springs, CA, and Sumit, a 33-year-old from India, met on Facebook when Sumit catfished Jenny and pretended to be a buff bachelor, but once she discovered his true identity, she thought he was cute and still wanted to be with him.


Jenny decided to move to India to pursue love with Sumit, but she didn't know he was married to another woman! (And Sumit's parents didn't know about his affair with Jenny).

Sumit felt forced to enter an arranged marriage and said he barely knew the woman before tying the knot with her.

Once Sumit's family found out about Jenny, they got involved and turned the situation into an even messier one. Jenny's visa expired in the meantime and so she had to return to America before progressing her relationship with Sumit.

During the second season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jenny and Sumit had been apart for five months and she was ready to give Sumit another chance and move back to India.

Jenny traveled over 20 hours to New Delhi with no car or money, but she expected to be happy and for Sumit to marry her.

Sumit said he was definitely divorcing his wife but it could take between two to five years to finalize the paperwork in India, and in the meantime, he wished his family would come around and stop caring about "what society thinks."

After lockdown in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jenny and Sumit met with a lawyer who specializes in marriage law so they could start the process of getting married legally.

A lawyer advised the couple to avoid a lengthy process and potential complications by getting married in the "Arya Samaj Mandir," a temple. Jenny and Sumit were told they could explain their willingness to marry, provide documents and then tie the knot.

Jenny was told her union would be legal and she wouldn't have to convert to Hinduism. The lawyer also said registration was post-marriage and she Jenny and Sumit could get married at any time.

What Jenny heard was like a dream come true, that Sumit's parents would not be able to object to their nuptials unless Sumit was under age 18 or was "a lunatic," according to the lawyer.

Sumit still didn't want to wed without his parents' approval or lose them forever, but he at least agreed to go through with a ring ceremony, which is essentially getting engaged, before discussing the matter with his parents.

But when Sumit's brother Anil learned about the couple's secret plans, he told Sumit to be honest with their parents or be "ready for the consequences."

Sumit therefore postponed the ring ceremony, saying he needed to explain himself properly to his parents and convince them of the marriage.

"Well that's something I've heard before," Jenny complained, referring to when Sumit had postponed their ring ceremony on Season 1.

When Sumit and Jenny sat down with Sumit's parents, it has been eight years since Jenny had a real conversation with her potential in-laws.


"There is no law above parents' law," Sahna said.

"I am going to marry her," Sumit noted.

"Marriage? Over our dead bodies," Sahna shouted, adding that her body would be in the ground when Sumit chose to marry Jenny.

Anil later complained, "This is all you could find?! You'll find other women a thousand times better -- a million times better."

Sahna admitted she was "ashamed" of Sumit's new romance, and then Sumit got down on his knees and begged her for approval. Sumit said he was "dying" and needed her to accept Jenny because his life without her was "a disaster."

On the Season 3 premiere of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jenny said she was living her best life with Sumit, "the love of [her] life."

Jenny shared how she has a 10-year Tourist Visa to live in India but she must leave the country every six months. Due to the lockdown, Jenny was able to extend her visa for several months, but she was afraid that was going to stop soon.

"Sumit needs to marry me. It's sad, I wish the man I love could just make a decision and stop listening to everybody else... If this is what you say you want, then let's do it. Keep me here; let's stay together and be happy. This is what we both want," Jenny complained in a confessional.

Suddenly, Jenny learned her visa extension had been "closed" rather than extended and approved for more time. Jenny said she was going to have to leave India again, and she appeared very upset and nervous.

Sumit replied, "We need to figure it out," adding they could maybe stay in Nepal for a couple of months until the borders would open again, and Jenny intended to talk to a travel agent for guidance and advice.

Sumit's in-laws had also taken his passport away, and so Nepal seemed to be the couple's "only option," according to the travel agent.

Jenny snapped that she was "ruining [her] life" for Sumit, having to travel back and forth between two different countries. She said she was tired of Sumit's empty promises.

Jenny screamed at Sumit and said she wasn't going to live in India for six months at a time for the rest of her life under the false assumption Sumit was going to marry her when he really wasn't going to.

"That's it!" Jenny yelled, throwing something on the floor on her way out of the house. "I am done with all of this crap! F-ck you, Sumit! I'll never listen to you again! I'm booking my flight and I'm leaving!"


Sumit assured Jenny that he loved her and wondered if he had failed her.

Jenny was not ready to give up her American citizenship because she had worked hard her entire life for benefits she'd have to give up. That's where Jenny apparently drew the line, and her kids and grandkids are also in the U.S.

The couple learned they had one option, ISKCON, a missionary visa for Hindus who pray to the blue avatar, Krishna -- the god of protection, compassion, tenderness and love -- as their religion.

Jenny found the loophole humorous but said she'd be willing to explore that idea, especially if it meant not having to do anything for the religion and being able to stay with Sumit in India.

Jenny therefore visited a nearby temple to figure out what she'd have to do if she joined the religion. She didn't want taking on a new faith to cause a big change in her lifestyle, and so she searched for answers from Ajay, an Iskcon priest.

Jenny learned being a devotee is easy in the beginning of her faith journey but then, if she receives a missionary visa, she must serve the temple all day. Ajay also said it could take anywhere from three to 10 years for it to happen and there's "no guarantee."

Jenny realized in that moment her only two options would be to leave the country every six months -- which is very expensive -- or get married to Sumit in India and receive a spousal visa.

"We are in the exact same situation as before. I cannot choose marriage over my parents," Sumit explained in a confessional. "I don't know what I got to do. I am really in fear for Jenny and I."

Jenny scolded Sumit and told him that he needed to take better care of himself and his belongings, to be "on top of stuff," and find a way to get his passport back from his parents.

Sumit followed Jenny's advice and learned he could file an application online to get a new passport in about a month, claiming his previous passport had been lost.

Sumit continued to promise Jenny that he would marry her, but Jenny was tired of hearing that over and over again and insisted she wasn't going to stick around forever.

"Either do it or don't do it, but do what you want to do. If you want to marry me, then you should marry me. If you don't, then you should tell me so I can go back to America and not be here anymore!" Jenny said.

"I am living in India for a reason. I don't have any family here, it's only you. So if this isn't really what you want or you're too afraid, then you should just let me go."


Jenny had never said anything like this to Sumit before, but she was getting to a place of no return. Jenny insisted she was done playing their little game.

"So, let's see. As I said, I will marry you," Sumit replied.

"I'm not going to wait forever. I think I've already waited long enough," Jenny countered.

Sumit later met with his parents to discuss how they could improve their family dynamic, but Sahna once again broke down into tears and didn't seem receptive to suggestion at all.

"My mom was blaming my father that my father is not able to stop me from getting married or living with Jenny. After that, I was so broke that I could not even talk about it," Sumit told the cameras.

Sumit told Jenny that his mother threatened to make his life "hell" if he continued with his engagement to Jenny, and so Jenny asked, "What should we do?... I'm starting to feel really bad here, like, 'Is this all because of me?' I don't want to destroy your family."

Sumit said he had learned to lie from his father and avoid certain situations instead of telling the truth and suffering because of it.

Sumit revealed his younger sister had passed away at eight-months-old from jaundice and so his mother Sahna felt like Sumit was divorcing her and snatching away her happiness.

Sumit said Sahna blamed him for losing another daughter when he chose to get a divorce from his Indian wife.

"Sometimes I feel like my mom is getting revenge, like she is mad at me because she's not happy and she lost the girl she had a connection with," Sumit explained in a confessional.

"So maybe this explains that's why my mom [doesn't] like Jenny, because she considers Jenny to be the one who helped me in getting a divorce."

Jenny said Sahna needed professional help because she clearly didn't know how to control her anger, and Sumit said they needed a family counselor or psychiatrist for her mother.

"And we need someone for us, because I feel like we are going through hell," Sumit said.

"I agree," Jenny noted.

Jenny and Sumit planned to meet with Sumit's parents, Anil and Sahna Singh, along with a family counselor, Ushma, to hopefully hash out their issues and alleviate some stress and tension in their relationship.

Sumit's parents made it clear that Jenny being almost double Sumit's age was the problem and they wished she would just move back to the United States and live with her adult daughter.


"You're not going to choose me. You're always going to go with what your parents want, and we'll never move past it," Jenny told Sumit at the session.

Sumit wanted his parents to understand his relationship and why he loved Jenny, adding how that he was not going to give up.

Ushma asked Sumit's parents to try to understand Sumit and Jenny's love a little bit because lecturing them wouldn't help or change anything.

Ushma said Sumit's parents should let Sumit live his life as an adult the way he wants to, but Sahna complained, "Marriage can't happen like this until I can see how she will be an Indian daughter-in-law. I will teach her."

Sahna and Anil therefore offered to live with Jenny and Sumit in their place so Sahna could teach Jenny her ways and maybe turn her into a proper Indian bride and future wife.

Jenny's first reaction was "hell no" -- although she didn't say it out loud -- but Sahna wanted Jenny to learn some Indian traditions, at least.

Sumit said the situation made him "happy" and he viewed the opportunity as "a positive sign" and a real chance.

Jenny dubbed the scenario "crazy," but Sumit thought it was a test that they could pass together.

"I've seen the hurt and anger in her face, so it's hard to believe her. For all I know, she's thinking, '[Jenny] won't be able to handle it and she'll run back to America and I'll break them up... I won and I have my son back now,'" Jenny explained.

But after Jenny's Indian friend Deepali advised her to be optimistic and keep an open mind, Jenny came around to the idea of having Sumit's parents live with her for a few days.

Sumit hoped Jenny would learn from this experience. He said he wanted to get back to normal life in India, such as going to work and being more active. He desired a partner who would take care of him once he returned home from his job.

Sahna immediately started making demands and cleaning Jenny's house. As Jenny grew increasingly more angry, Sahna told Jenny that maintaining her household should be her full-time job.

Jenny thought the living arrangement was going to be a disaster, but she and Sahna actually got along when they cooked dinner together. Sahna was smiling and Jenny said Sumit's mother was "acting like a real human being and not a crazy person."

Sahna, however, accused Jenny of having no interest in cooking, and she said Jenny should have offered them tea and water immediately upon their entrance into the house.


But during the meal, Sahna pointed out how society would make fun of Jenny's age and the fact she's dating such a younger man. Jenny felt insulted and determined in that moment Sumit's parents were never going to accept her.

"It's my dream that we can all live together," Sumit announced at the gathering. "And I will be really happy when both sides unite... Indians have strict culture and strict rules."

Jenny was surprised to hear that Sumit wanted to live such a traditional Indian life, but Jenny said she'd never live with Sumit's parents and he better choose her over them.

Sumit's parents then promised they would try to have an amicable relationship with Jenny out of love for Sumit.

Jenny worried that Sumit's parents had wedged a divide between Sumit and herself, considering Sumit's plans for the future had not changed and they weren't on the same page.

Did Jenny and Sumit break up, get married or just stay together as a dating 90 Day Fiance couple? What's the latest on their relationship?

Jenny and Sumit are absolutely still in a relationship, and they appear to be very happy as a couple.

On October 27, someone asked Jenny in her Facebook comments, "Are you and Sumit, against getting mail, little gifts and packages from the USA?"

Jenny replied, "No but we have no PO Box," basically confirming she and Sumit are still living together in India.

Another follower asked Jenny, "Is it possible to get a P.O. Box over there?"

"Yes, we just need to go get one," Jenny responded. "We just never have time."

When a person said they wish Jenny and Sumit would just move to the United States, Jenny replied, "We love it here

On October 17, Jenny also posted a picture of Sumit out at a restaurant.

A fan asked Jenny on her Facebook, "Jenny have you [guys] ever thought of coming to [the] States to live? Does he not want to?"

Jenny revealed the reason why she's not trying to move Sumit to America.


"[Too] expensive in U.S.," Jenny clarified, later adding that Sumit would prefer to stay in his native country.

Jenny also gushed about Sumit at the time and wrote, "Sumit is good but this show has made him the villain. He's really so good and such a sweet guy."

One person requested that Jenny never lets anyone break her and Sumit up, and Jenny replied, "Never."

Around that same time, Sumit posted an Instagram photo with Jenny at a bar and wrote, "Cheers to all!"

One week earlier, Jenny posted a video of Sumit eating a big pile of quesadillas and guacamole.

"This is how @sumitjenny looks to me after seeing so many monkeys all the time," Jenny captioned the video. "This is intended to be Funny not insulting at all. We both are laughing and thinking it's cute so if you feel insulted move on."

In late September, Jenny posted a video on Instagram of herself driving down an Indian road.

And around that same time, Sumit uploaded a sweet picture with Jenny and captioned it, "A relationship only works and [becomes] good when you listen to your heart. #love #listentoyourheart #believe #staypositive #forgiveness."

Jenny's Instagram profile also features Sumit, and she wrote in her bio, "Sumit is my Love."

On September 8, Sumit posted photos with Jenny when he was wearing an elephant hat and captioned them, "Jenny with Drunken elephant. #funtime #enjoylife #kingsize."

Jenny also posted a photo of herself appearing to pray to a Krishna statue in early September on Instagram.

When one of her followers joked that Krishna may show her the path to go home, Jenny commented, "I am home," along with a smiley-face emoticon.

There are many photos of the couple together on social media, whether they are happy at home, grabbing coffee, or going out on dates to gardens, beaches and restaurants.

On August 14, 2021, Sumit posted selfies with Jenny as well as pictures of them out shopping together, and he wrote, "Enjoy every moment of the life fully. No one knows the future. #enjoy #enjoylife #everymoment #behappy #keepsmiling #keepcalm #yourtimewillcome #loveall #thanksall #forlove #support #understanding #prayers and everything."

A couple of days earlier, he wrote to Jenny on Instagram, "If I know what love is, it is because of you."

As far as where the lovebirds see themselves in five years, Jenny joked with Us Weekly this past summer that she and Sumit will probably be sitting in the same spot on his couch in India -- but "hopefully" with wedding rings on their fingers.


"That's the plan," Sumit agreed. "Hopefully, that's the plan. We [have been] trying to get married since 2013. Until now we haven't married yet, but still, you can say the plan is the same."

Back in June, Jenny posted a photo with Sumit on Instagram when the couple was hanging out on their terrace. She added "love is love" in the caption, and earlier in the month, Jenny made it known she and her man "laugh at" the rumors out there about them.

Despite being sick and going through the coronavirus pandemic together, their love apparently stayed strong.

"Our love is way stronger than you think," Sumit wrote alongside a photo of the couple smiling on April 3.

He added the following hashtags to his post, "#Love #stronglove #fightforlove #lovequonquersall #loveislove #90dayfiance #90daytheotherway #tlc #tvshows #loveall #peace."

On an episode of 90 Day: Bares All hosted by Shaun Robinson earlier this year, Shaun asked why Jenny and Sumit wouldn't just tie the knot when it's clearly their easiest solution.

"Sumit doesn't seem to want to separate from his family, so [that's it]," Jenny shared with an angry look on her face.

Sumit remained silent as Jenny spoke and just nodded his head in agreement as he sat beside her.

"Are you satisfied with the relationship with Sumit, just not being married?" Shaun asked for clarification.

"No," Jenny confirmed.

Sumit apparently had no comment and seemed nervous and sweaty.

Going all the way back to late last year, Sumit posted splitscreen photos of Jenny and himself drinking tea.

"Humanity runs on coffee and chai, so keep drinking and enjoy life," Sumit captioned the image.

"What's your first wake up drink of the day? Mine is chai means tea not chai tea #goodmorning #iknowiamlate #tea #coffee #chaitea #ilovemytea #90dayfiance #90dayfiancetheotherway #season2 #tlc #tvshows #realitytv #realityshow #keepwatching #spreadlove #nojudgement #loveall."

If fans look at the photo carefully, a ring can be seen on Sumit's ring finger on his left hand.

Since Sumit wouldn't accept a ring from Jenny on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's second season before making their relationship official and exchanging vows, this could be an indication they are now married.


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