90 Day Fiance star Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre disagree over where they should live long-term on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, so did Ariela and Biniyam break up and continue co-parenting Aviel, or do spoilers reveal that Ari and Bini are still together?


[90 Day Fiance Spoilers Warning: This report contains spoilers about Ariela and Biniyam's relationship and whether they broke up or are still together in either Africa or America.]

Ariela, a 29-year-old freelance writer from Princeton, NJ, introduced herself on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way as Biniyam's girlfriend.


And after going through a difficult divorce, Ariela said she wanted to get to know herself better and see the world -- so she booked a cheap trip to Ethiopia and met Biniyam while she was waiting for a taxi outside of her hotel.

Biniyam is a 31-year-old dancer, choreographer, martial artist and gymnast from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who was living with his older siblings when he met Ariela.

Only three months into dating each other, Ariela learned she was pregnant, which was certainly "unexpected news."

Ariela planned to move to Ethiopia long-term so she could raise her baby with Biniyam, but the couple were used to different cultures, and it took time for Biniyam to find the couple a suitable apartment, suitable for a middle-to-upper class American.

Biniyam was previously married to another American woman for four years, but he said he was only with her for "six to eight months." The woman apparently left for America when the couple's son was only three years old and she never returned.

When getting settled in their new life together, Ariela and Biniyam had issues to work through -- such as Biniyam's desire for Ariela to convert to his Ethiopian-Orthodox Christian church when she had been raised Jewish.

And once their son was born via emergency C-section, Ariela initially didn't want to circumcize or baptize Aviel Biniyam Shibre.

Ariela also missed Biniyam when he worked late, and she battled trust issues. For instance, a woman once called his phone and Biniyam denied having any involvement with her.

Although Ariela said she and Biniyam weren't communicating and acted more like roommates, they got engaged while attending a celebration for the baptism of Jesus Christ, which is a holiday in Ethiopia.

Ariela then hired a nanny and she and Biniyam had moved into a three-bedroom house together. Ariela gushed about child-help being only $200 a month, but Biniyam hadn't been working much due to COVID-19.

The couple even survived a visit from Ariela's ex-husband Leandro, who oddly remained Ariela's best friend. The pair had married young and stayed together for 10 years, but as they aged, they grew apart and Leandro didn't want children, much to Ariela's dismay.

"I love you so much. You are my heart. You are my everything. Just don't give up. Don't worry, it will get better," Biniyam told Ariela.

Ariela and Biniyam later took their son Avi to a pediatrician in Ethiopia and learned Avi had a hernia at nine months and would need surgery as soon as possible to avoid further complications involving the baby's intestine.


Ariela ultimately decided it would be best for Avi to have surgery in the United States, where Ariela still had health insurance.

Ariela knew Biniyam wouldn't like her traveling to the U.S. with Avi since he couldn't join them due to the U.S. Embassy being closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Biniyam begged Ariela not to go, but Ariela promised Biniyam and his sisters that she'd return to Ethiopia and would never hurt Biniyam in the way his ex-wife had. She planned to stay in America for just one month.

Ariela understood Biniyam had been "traumatized" over his first wife neglecting him.

Ariela therefore bought Biniyam a wedding-type band to prove her loyalty and devotion to him, and he said he'd never take it off. Ariela had the ring engraved and it read "forever family." She also bought herself a matching ring.

While in the U.S., Ariela's family tried to convince her to move back to America so Avi would be exposed to the best education and health care available.

But Ariela said she liked Ethiopia and Biniyam wouldn't want to leave his close-knit family.

Ariela later accused Biniyam of not communicating and lying about his whereabouts. She also said Biniyam had never done anything nice for her, which prompted Biniyam to say, "Go find yourself an American man if that's what you want."

Ariela told Biniyam that it didn't seem like he cared she was gone and he appeared to be having a great time without her at the club "every weekend for three weeks." Biniyam said going out made him feel better because he was lonely.

Ariela said she felt "hurt" and it was painful when Biniyam didn't answer his phone. She said his friends seemed more important to him than their relationship and his child.

Biniyam thought Ariela was just acting jealous, and his friends complained about Ariela's alleged difficult personality and high expectations of her partner.

"I am fearful inside because we don't have a good relationship," Biniyam lamented. "I really want Ari to keep her word and return to Ethiopia for me. If she is not happy, I know she will not return. Therefore, the situation scares me."


Ariela acknowledged some of Biniyam's friends were "poison" because they liked to party and weren't in serious relationships. Ariela even said Biniyam's pals had been using her home as a place to drink and unwind.

Ariela's mother Janice suggested Biniyam should join Ariela in the United States and leave his bad influences behind, which Ariela noted was "a good idea." She also contemplated moving to Kenya, where Biniyam is from and the couple apparently fell in love.

Ariela later admitted her relationship with Biniyam had deteriorated.

People had texted Ariela letting her know that Biniyam had been hosting parties at their house, and his photos had been synced to her iCloud, showing people -- whom she didn't even know -- were in and out of her house.

Ariela then Zoomed with Biniyam and accused him of not caring about her or Avi. Ariela said Biniyam had turned her home into a party house and he had even invited women over, which she called "shameful."

Ariela proceeded to tell Biniyam, "I thought about it a lot, and I've decided I'm not coming back to Ethiopia."

Biniyam said Ariela had made him a promise, but Ariela countered, "After everything you have done, I will never go back to Ethiopia."

Biniyam called Ariela's decision "disrespectful" to his culture, but Ariela said, "Stop using your culture as an excuse. Is it normal in your culture to sleep with other women when you're engaged? Is that normal?"

Biniyam smiled at the suggestion he's cheating on his fiancee, showing that he thought it was funny and ridiculous -- but Ariela said she had no idea what was going on over there.

Ariela had allegedly learned from Biniyam's own friends and family members that he had welcomed other women into their home and so he wasn't being sneaky.

Ariela told Biniyam to get tested for his own safety and the safety of others. Biniyam's sister Wish had apparently texted Ariela the news, and Ariela said she also had Biniyam's Messenger on her phone.

"He got a message saying, 'Remember me from the other night at the club?'" Ariela claimed. "Obviously he'd hiding something."

Ariela told Biniyam that if he wanted to be a family again, they could move to Kenya and start over again -- or they could co-parent from different countries.

Ariela said she was hurt but a part of her still loved him and she didn't want him to lose his son.


"But you are surrounded by evil, and you are not the same man that I knew," Ariela said, adding that Biniyam's behavior was "embarrassing" and shameful.

Ariela thought Kenya would be neutral territory, and she left the decision up to him.

Biniyam called Ariela "bossy" and said he didn't like it, but Ariela told him to "shut the f-ck up and listen" because he had allegedly "destroyed" his family and "sacrificed nothing."

Ariela told Biniyam that she was giving him only one more chance and he needed to wake up.

After an explosive fight with Biniyam, Ariela said she wasn't sure there was any hope for the future of her relationship with him.

Ariela admitted she was tired, and so she left her mother Janice to sit down with Biniyam for a chat with a language translator in Kenya. Biniyam wished Ariela would give him the benefit of the doubt, and he hoped Janice would understand his point of view.

Janice explained to Biniyam that Ariela had received messages informing her that Biniyam had turned their home into a party place, with women coming and going as they pleased.

Biniyam explained he had turned his house into "a studio" to work on music while Ariela was gone, which resulted in eyewitnesses speculating and causing problems. But Ariela had lost trust in Biniyam and wondered if he had found another woman he liked more.

"When Ari was gone, did you cheat on Ari?" Janice asked.

Biniyam smiled, hesitated and responded, "No... Absolutely it's not like that."

Janice believed that Biniyam was telling the truth -- based on his response and body language -- and so she apparently felt happy and relieved.

Biniyam said he had lied to Ariela about a lot of things, such as going to clubs when Ariela wasn't around, just to avoid confrontations and possible arguments, but he said he regretted not being honest with Ariela all the time.

Janice assured Biniyam that Ariela loved him and had cried every day for about two months over Biniyam's behavior.

Biniyam promised Janice in turn that he loved Ariela and was "trying" to make things right.


"I really love Ari, from the bottom of my heart," Biniyam insisted. "I will go to great lengths to try and fix this."

Ariela was optimistic she and Biniyam may be able to repair their relationship and fix things after Janice had questioned Biniyam and pressed him for an explanation.

Janice advised her daughter to set boundaries for Biniyam and discuss her expectations and exactly what she'd want for her relationship going forward. Janice also told Biniyam to always tell the truth and "face the music right away" in order to build trust.

After two months of trying to improve their relationship in Kenya, Ariela and Biniyam celebrated their son Avi's birthday.

Biniyam said he and Ariela were "trying" even though things weren't perfect. Ariela was also determined to make her relationship last.

Biniyam apologized to Ariela for treating her poorly and partying too much when she was home in New Jersey, but Ariela called forgiveness "a process," acknowledging things "weren't 100 percent" for Biniyam and herself and probably wouldn't be for a while.

Ariela liked being in Kenya "away from the noise of other people" and Biniyam's friends, but she didn't think it made sense to live there long-term. Ariela didn't think a life in Kenya would be sustainable because she and Biniyam would have to keep renewing their Tourist Visas every six months and they didn't have stable work.

"Since I don't want to go back to Ethiopia, it seems to me that the U.S. is the best option. But I'm scared to tell Bini because I know this is going to make him upset," Ariela shared.

Once Ariela dropped that bomb on Biniyam, he actually said, "I understand."

Ariela thought she and Biniyam would have a successful and happy life in America together, and so she considered filing for the K-1 visa again. Ariela didn't want to return to Ethiopia because she believed people would laugh at her and make a joke of her relationship.

Biniyam, however, told the cameras he didn't want his family to break up but he also didn't want to live in America. Biniyam said he would rather travel back and forth to see Ariela and Avi.

However, Biniyam told Ariela to her face that being together in the United States would be "wonderful" and he was up for the move.

"I'm just agreeing with Ari because I don't want another argument. We'll talk about it more in the future," Biniyam admitted in a confessional.

Ariela and Biniyam then consulted with an immigration lawyer via FaceTime to discuss going ahead with a K-1 visa. The lawyer revealed the couple would have an interview in 19 days, and Ariela admitted she wasn't ready for that to happen so soon.


The interview would take about 15-30 minutes, and the lawyer advised Ariela and Biniyam to go to the interview together. The lawyer said Ariela's support would look great even if she wasn't allowed into the actual interview.

Ariela was also told she'd have to go back to Ethiopia because she and Biniyam weren't allowed to travel for 14 days prior to the interview -- which was three weeks away -- and Ariela hated hearing that because she didn't want to face Biniyam's friends and relatives.

Ariela, however, said she was "excited and scared" at the same time.

"Things are moving at lightning speed. I want this visa to go through because I think it's our only hope, but at the same time, I don't know if I'm ever going to be ready to go back to Ethiopia," Ariela explained in a confessional.

"But if I don't, it will hurt Bini's chances of being approved, so I am really torn about what to do." 

So did Ariela and Biniyam stay together and make it work, or did the 90 Day Fiance couple split for good?

Ariela and Biniyam are apparently still together, as Ari and Biniyam both posted Instagram-Story videos of the same Thanksgiving spread! The couple apparently spent Thanksgiving with Ariela's mother and family, and they dined on quite a feast!

Ariela also called Biniyam and friends "the best company" in late November when she posted a video of them walking down a beach, which could have been a throwback video.

On November 16, Ariela uploaded a video of the couple swimming in the ocean together in Kenya. Biniyam also shared the same video at the same time, and they were all smiles together while bobbing up and down in the waves.

The couple also posted the same video in which Biniyam was feeding coy fish while holding Avi in his arms, and Biniyam also wished Ariela a happy birthday by dancing for her in his Instagram Stories.

Avi has posted so many photos and videos of Avi in recent weeks that he and Ariela must be still together and living as a family.

On November 15, Ariela uploaded a video of Biniyam, her mother Janice, Avi and herself eating lunch in Kenya by the ocean as camels were walking down the beach.

"This is Diani Beach. The Indian Ocean is breathtakingly beautiful and warm," Ariela wrote.

"Biniyam and I lived in Kenya for three months together after meeting in Ethiopia. Kenya and Ethiopia could not be more different but I love them both!"


Ariela posted a November 7 video of herself dancing with Avi and "enjoying the East African sun," showing that she was in Kenya at the time.

But on November 3, Ariela led her followers to believe she and Biniyam had split.

"Ethiopia... I dont have words. Love is a strange thing, even when it is for a place rather than a person," Ariela captioned a video of herself making a giant pancake outdoors in Ethiopia, suggesting she had fallen out of love with Biniyam.

"I have made the most amazing memories of my life in Ethiopia. When you love a person or a place you suffer and cry with them. But just for now I want to laugh at this funny little memory."

And in early November, Biniyam told his followers in a video that he talked to his baby on "video," giving the impression he and Ariela were living apart.

But in late October, Biniyam and Ariela posted the same advertising content in their Instagram Stories at the same time, giving their followers the impression they had talked about it and planned it together.

In late September, Biniyam and Ariela were spotted in New Jersey together and pictures of the couple circulated on social media. Ariela apparently told the fan that she and Biniyam were "just visiting" the U.S.

Biniyam also made it seem like he and Ariela are still a couple when he posted a fan's illustration September 15 on Instagram of Ariela and himself as Simpson characters hugging each other. Biniyam called the picture "awesome" and said he loved it.

And back on September 12, Ariela and Biniyam conducted an interview with E! News and the couple appeared very happy together. Ariela gushed about how her son loves dancing with his father.

The pair also played "The Newly Engaged Game" with Us Weekly in August when they were definitely still an item.

Ariela gushed about her Biniyam being the more romantic one in their relationship, and one day earlier, she posted a portrait of herself in Ethiopia.

If Ariela continues to reside in Ethiopia or Kenya, she and Biniyam probably got married or else she stays there six months at a time on a Tourist Visa.

The couple, however, couldn't seem to agree on wedding plans in a Summer 2021 joint interview with Us.

Ariela shared how she and her fiance had yet to set a wedding date or even agree on a time of year in which to marry.

"It remains to be seen," Ariela admitted. "I'll leave that one on a cliffhanger."


Ariela explained how she and Biniyam had "taken time" with their engagement.

"A lot of people get engaged and they get married right away. I think... one of my concerns is and points [of contention] is that Bini is a party person. He likes a big wedding, a big party and, you know, he likes to go all out," Ariela explained.

Biniyam, however, said "it's not about partying" for him when it comes to saying, "I do."

"In my culture, if you have to do a wedding, you have a big wedding. Like, your father's side, your mother's. That's the culture I'm used to, that's how I grew up," Biniyam said.

Ariela, on the other hand, told the magazine that she envisions a small wedding, maybe at the beach.

"I don't know. I don't want a big wedding, and so I don't know how we're going to work that one out," Ariela acknowledged.

Ariela and Biniyam also hadn't even decided on which country their wedding should take place in.

"It would be great if my family could attend the wedding," Ariela said. "I think it would be hard to get the whole family shipped out to Ethiopia."

But Biniyam said he would "definitely" like to get married in Ethiopia.

"I'd like a big wedding in my country. I'd like to show her what a typical Ethiopian wedding looks like," Biniyam told the magazine.

"My father's side is very funny. My mother says it's a different culture [with] a wedding ceremony. I want to show her -- for Avi, for Avi's family... what a traditional Ethiopian wedding looks like."

Biniyam also reasoned how it would be hard to fly his whole family to the United States for their wedding.

"We have kind of a situation," noted Biniyam, who appears to struggle financially in Ethiopia.

Ariela therefore determined, "I think maybe we've got to talk about this one, because that sounds like a lot."

And Biniyam gushed about being happy with Ariela on his own Instagram account on August 1.

In addition to uploading several family photos and videos, Biniyam wrote at the time, "I'm so lucky god he give me this amazing family. We love like crazy. Every day is an adventure when we are together."

Ariela had also posted Summer 2021 photos of her son "in the Ethiopian countryside" with her and videos of Biniyam busting a move.

Ariela wrote to Biniyam in a sweet Father's Day message in June, "Happy Father's Day! Seeing you love and care for Avi makes my whole life."

"I know you love him more than anything," she continued. "Waking up to him and you every day is the most comfortable feeling in the world. I love you both. Thanks for making this family with me. #happyfathersday #90dayfiance #myfamily #usthree #arielaandbiniyam."

More photos of the couple date back months beforehand.


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