90 Day Fiance featured Kalani Faagata announcing she's pregnant again, Steven Frend obtaining an American passport for his son, and Fernanda Flores admitting she wanted to return to Mexico after a big fight with Jonathan Rivera during Sunday night's Season 6 episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance features couples separated by land and sea bringing the foreign fiances to the United States so they can tie the knot within 90 days. Otherwise, the American individuals risk losing love and having their significant others return to their home countries.


Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance stars Steven, a 20-year-old from Bowie, MD, and Olga Koshimbetova, a 20-year-old from Russia; Jonathan, a 32-year-old from Lumberton, NC, and Fernanda, a 19-year-old from Mexico; and Kalani, a 29-year-old from Orange County, CA, and Asuelu Pulaa, a 23-year-old from Samoa.

The remaining couples are Colt Johnson, a 33-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, and Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima, a 31-year-old from Brazil; Eric Rosenbrook, a 40-year-old from Baraboo, WI, and Leida Margaretha, a 29-year-old from Indonesia; and Ashley Martson, a 31-year-old from Mechanicsburg, PA, and Jay Smith, a 20-year-old from Port Maria, Jamaica.

90 Day Fiance, Season 6 Episode 9

Below is the latest on each couple, according to the new 90 Day Fiance episode:

Ashley and Jay

Ashley said Natalie was calling and texting her nonstop, and after getting no response, Natalie showed up on her doorstep. Natalie insisted Jay was a cheater who wouldn't be able to support or take care of her.

Natalie called him a liar and said she was choosing "a 20-year-old man child" over their friendship, which was basically a sisterhood.

Natalie couldn't believe Ashley was going to get married in Las Vegas with no family or friends there. Natalie insisted Jay was in America for "an opportunity."

Ashley told Natalie their friendship was done and nothing would solve their problems or render the situation. Jay suggested calling the police.

Ashley said Natalie had been there for her a lot and for a long time so it was upsetting, but Ashley couldn't stand the drama and chaos Natalie was bringing to her relationship.

Ashley and Jay were later shown arriving in Las Vegas for their wedding, and they were very excited. Ashley said this engagement was definitely different from her two previous and she had no reason to run.

The couple blew some stress off by swimming in the pool, and Jay said it was a sexy place that reminded him of Jamaica.

Jay ended up complaining about how they needed to have more sex because he didn't want to get "clogged up." Ashley vented about how having sex three times a day is a lot, and although she has more of a sex drive than her friends, that's simply too much.

Ashley explained to the cameras this area was where their 11-year age gap was quite apparent and she wanted to marry a man, not a child or a "horny teenager."


Colt and Larissa

Colt was looking for one-way tickets to Brazil after Larissa broke his heart by throwing her engagement ring and threatening to end their relationship.

Larissa was tired of being blamed for everything, but she felt sorry for her outburst and hoped Colt would forgive her.

Colt acknowledged Larissa was his polar opposite personality-wise, as she'd go from "sweet to scary and then back to sweet again."

"If you're not happy, why do you want to be here?" Colt asked her.

Larissa thought Colt was being mean and harsh. Larissa said Colt should have protected and defended her when John was screaming at her and attacking her character and intentions.

Colt insisted Larissa needed an attitude adjustment even before his family came over for a cookout. Colt didn't appreciate Larissa alienating from his family. He said Larissa acted like a child when they are both adults and he needs a partner in life.

Larissa apologized and then Colt expressed his love for her -- with an ultimatum.

"I can't fight with you again like that. You realize that. If you do, it again, it's over," Colt said. "If she continues to do this, then I don't want to marry her and she'll have to go back to Brazil. I hope she understands that."

That night, Larissa and Colt went on a double date with his friends Andrew and Angela. Colt was hoping Larissa knew that she needed to be more reasonable or else they would not wed.

Larissa was mad Colt didn't compliment her looks since she spent two hours on her makeup. Angela called Larissa "a fiery spark."

Larissa and Colt fought outside the restaurant and the dinner was a little awkward. He said he worked a lot and was tired but things always seemed to be about Larissa.

"Have you ever thought that you are maybe batsh-t crazy?" Colt asked her.

Larissa said any man would love to be by her side, and Colt felt very embarrassed they were arguing in front of his friends.

Colt, however, chose to let things go and promised his fiancee that he viewed her as the most beautiful girl in the world and was proud to have her by his side. With that being said, Larissa dropped the fight.

Ironically, Colt and Larissa got the same waitress they had before when Larissa blew up over the fact he had complimented her glasses.

But the dining experience went well and Larissa and Colt were ultimately able to joke around with each other and have some fun.


Olga and Steven

Olga figured if Richie got approved for U.S. citizenship, it would speed along her K-1 visa. Olga was looking forward to having a little family of her own in America and Richie having more opportunities for than he would growing up in Russia.

However, Olga feared moving to a new country when she was constantly fighting with Steven.

Steven made it known he wanted Richie to live in the U.S., and so Olga worried she wouldn't be able to be with or take care of her son if her visa gets denied. Olga didn't want Steven to take her baby away, saying she couldn't imagine that happening and wouldn't accept it.

Olga admitted to the cameras if Steven took her baby to America without her, she would be "destroyed" and it would be "the end of [her] world." Olga was pained waiting for Richie's U.S. citizenship to get approved.

In the end, Steven was able to successfully obtain an American passport for Olga.

"He's okay to stay here, but I feel like I really should keep him for now... He could just come home with me. I'll take good care of him," Steven told Olga.

Olga wanted to go to the United States with Steven and this was very hard to hear for her. Steven just didn't want Richie to grow up without a father, because such a childhood was difficult for him.

Steven, however, knew it probably wasn't a good idea to take his son away from his mother at such a young age. Olga didn't want Steven to take Richie away, but Steven insisted he didn't want to miss a beat.


Kalani and Asuelu

Three days prior, Kalani and Asuelu got some shocking news, that she is pregnant.

Kalani explained she couldn't use many forms of birth control because she was breast feeding and Asuelu didn't like to wear condoms because they are for "slut people."

"I feel like I should be excited but I feel like it's not good timing right now with his papers... and planning a wedding and taking care of my son. I feel I'm not even as good of a mom as I should be right now, and now I'm going to have another baby... I'm already spreading myself so thin," Kalani cried to the cameras.

Kalani was afraid of being responsible for another child given she didn't have enough time with her son Oliver to begin with.

Kalani didn't want to disappoint her family again, and she was feeling very overwhelmed. Asuelu, on the other hand, was excited.

Kalani shared the big news with her mother, Lisa, first because she tends to be the most supportive in situations such as these. Kalani cried and Lisa was shocked. Lisa didn't expect this to happen so fast.

Part of Kalani wondered if Asuelu wanted her to get pregnant again so she would definitely marry him, but if anything, it made her question a future with him even more.

After Kalani had some time to let things sink in and Asuelu promised he loved her and wanted to marry her and take care of their children as a team, Kalani eventually came around.

Kalani acknowledged Asuelu was the man she fell in love with after all.

"Now that he's had time to process my feelings and what I told him, he does understand where I'm coming from. I do feel Asuelu came here to take care of our son and be with me... I love Asuelu... and I do want to marry him," Kalani told the cameras.

Kalani, however, was not going to tell her family that she was pregnant in fear they'd be disappointed in her again. Kalani hated the idea of keeping another secret from her sister, Kolini.


Leida and Eric

Leida was relieved Tasha was out because she was messy and taking up space. Leida said she felt bad because Eric loved Tasha but she was excited to clean and organize the apartment. She could also prepare the bedroom for Allessandro.

Leida said she was "done with accepting things" and deserved "to be the priority."

Eric admitted he had been in a terrible situation, having to choose between his fiancee and his daughter. Leida said Tasha wasn't coming to their wedding and she thought Eric was making a mistake by choosing this relationship.

"She was the problem, not me," Leida told Eric.

Leida said she gave up her family and her medical career to be with him and so she needed to be his top priority.

Eric explained he didn't have a choice but to side with Leida because she would leave the country and he'd never see her again.

Meanwhile, he thought he could resolve things with Tasha down the road and she'd always be his daughter. Eric assured Leida that she came first because they are to be teammates in life.

"You are the most important thing in my life, period," Eric told Leida.

Eric confirmed Leida was "The One" for him, and so he continued with wedding preparations -- including getting a haircut and hiring a professional photographer.

Eric revealed to his father, Tom, that he was showing Tasha "tough love." Tom wasn't envious of his situation but noted he probably wouldn't kick a child out of the house just for being messy.

Tom didn't think the pressure Leida was putting on Eric was fair, and Tom wondered if Eric was putting Leida before his daughters. Tom advised Eric to stand by his children, but Eric insisted what he did needed to happen so Tasha could have "a snap of reality."

Eric felt guilty about kicking Tasha to the curb, and he cried to the cameras about Tasha's anger towards him, but he stood by the fact he had done "the right thing."

Later on, Eric's ex-wife Tania asked Leida to meet with her in person. Tania said she was not going to tolerate a new woman in the family treating her children poorly.

"I think a lot of it is superficial and drama, but I'm not sure she feels that way," Tania said in a confessional.

Leida told Tania that Tasha was trying to tear her apart from Eric. Tania didn't expect Leida to get along with everyone perfectly, but she was pushing people away and allowing Eric's family to fall apart.

Tania acknowledged Eric's children didn't want to attend his wedding and were hoping he'd break up with Leida before then.

"I'm not going to force [Eric's kids] to come [to our wedding] and beg them... because I have my pride, sorry. I know they're family. If they want to come, then good. If they don't want to come, then it's good," Leida told the cameras.

"Because I keep telling myself the most important thing in my life is Eric and my son, our family... who cares about the others!"


Jonathan and Fernanda

Fernanda had inspired Jonathan to fix things with his family and communicate with his mother more. Jonathan acknowledged it would take time to relieve the tension but he cared enough to put the effort in to mending those relationships.

Jonathan was then shown meeting with his friend Stephen for a couple of beers. Stephen had his share of concerns.

Jonathan said while was working, Fernanda felt like she was "in a jail" and she may become resentful because he's able to control her finances and ability to travel and go out. Jonathan called his relationship "a work in progress."

While Jonathan was chatting with his friend, Fernanda was blowing up his phone. Jonathan was a little upset he couldn't get some time to himself because he needed the support of his friends.

Once Jonathan got home, Fernanda admitted she was mad that he didn't answer any of her calls and texts. Fernanda cried, saying Jonathan didn't understand how much she needed him and how she was all alone in a new country.

Jonathan said Fernanda needed to give it more time, but she called him selfish because she didn't have a job or any friends or family.

"I need you here and you need to be here for me! Because I'm in another country for you, and you can't leave me alone!" Fernanda yelled at him.

Jonathan said he was breaking his back to try to provide for Fernanda.

"Nothing is good enough. I am pissed she makes it seem like I am the bad guy when I am trying so hard to make her happy. I need a life partner, not someone who's just going to criticize me all the time," Jonathan said in a confessional.

Jonathan said he worked 14 hours a day and deserved a drink after, but Fernanda noted during those hours -- she's at home just waiting for him to return. He wasn't sure Fernanda was ready to get married.

Fernanda told Jonathan that she wanted to return to her native country so she could reunite with her family and friends, whom she missed terribly. Jonathan couldn't believe what he was hearing, because he didn't want to lose her.

Jonathan argued the sacrifices he had made for her didn't seem to matter and the thought of her ending the 90 days early was ridiculous. Fernanda half-heartedly thanked him for everything he had done for her and then demanded that he leave her alone.

Fernanda didn't think any amount of money in the world could compare to the sacrifices she had made for him.

"I'm just asking him to be a man," Fernanda said in a confessional, before calling her father to vent and cry about the couple's issues.

Fernanda told her father that Jonathan was "shaming" her and she no longer felt like she belonged in the United States.

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