90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Jeymi feeling abandoned and ignored in her marriage to Kris, Daniele considering leaving an "ungrateful" Yohan, Jen calling Rishi a "pathological liar," Gabriel and Isabel postponing their wedding, Debbie meeting Oussama's family, and Jen's girlfriends confronting Rishi in India during the Season 4 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The show's returning couple, Daniele, a 42-year-old from New York, NY, and Yohan, a 32-year-old from the Dominican Republic, first appeared on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.


Fresh from the 90 Day Fiance spinoff set in the Caribbean, Daniele left her home in New York and attempted to convince Yohan they should spend the rest of their lives in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to Daniele and Yohan, Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Jen, a 46-year-old from Stilwell, OK, and Rishi, a 32-year-old from Jaipur, India as well as Kris, a 40-year-old from Haleyville, AL, and Jeymi, a 30-year-old from Venezuela who currently resides in Bogota, Colombia.

The TLC series also stars Gabriel, a 32-year-old from Margate, FL, and Isabel from Colombia; Nicole, a 38-year-old food delivery driver from Los Angeles, CA, and Mahmoud, a 26-year-old from Cairo, Egypt; and Debbie, a 67-year-old from Sugar Hill, GA, and Oussama, a 24-year-old from Khemisset, Morocco.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Episode 11 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season.


After spending a couple of days in Rabat in Morocco, the pair was heading to Khemisset to meet Oussama's family. Debbie was a little nervous, but Oussama just asked his girlfriend to be herself because he believed her smile would win everybody over.

Debbie was concerned about her age difference from Oussama and what his parents would think about it, but Oussama said it's what was in Debbie's heart and mind that really mattered.

"They know I'm American?" Debbie asked.

"Yes, and they know that I love you," Oussama replied.

Debbie insisted her intentions were good, but Oussama was secretly worried about Debbie meeting his parents since they came from very different cultures. Oussama's parents also didn't know, apparently, that Debbie had moved to Morocco permanently to be their son's future wife.

Debbie was thinking Oussama hadn't shown her all of his cards, and so she considered his secrecy "a warning sign" of some sort.

Debbie then met Oussama's mother Fatima, sister Asmaa, and father Mohammed. Oussama's relatives smiled at Debbie and were kind, and Debbie said she felt like "an honored guest," which really surprised her. 

Oussama's parents said they were okay with the age difference because they had given Oussama trust and their blessing to make his own decisions. Oussama's dad was also still older than Debbie, which she found to be a relief.


"After meeting his family, my dream of marrying Oussama is starting to become a reality. It's like, 'Okay, we're headed in the right direction now,'" Debbie said in a confessional.

But the pair still had to break the news that Debbie had already moved to Morocco permanently.


Jen explained to Rishi how it was extremely "embarrassing" for her to have found out that he had sent a woman named Randi -- who just so happened to be Jen's friend trying to catfish Rishi -- a shirtless photo of himself as well as a picture of roses.

Rishi claimed that he knew Randi was Jen's friend all along and so he was just joking around and "pulling her leg" on social media, but Jen wasn't believing his story, especially because he had offered to meet up with her in India.

Rishi told the cameras that while his messages started out as a prank, once she began sending him a lot of messages, he found the exchange "inappropriate" and so he blocked her.

"You're not even sorry. You don't care," Jen complained while the couple was visiting a spa. "You don't think you did anything wrong."

Rishi didn't know what to say, and Jen acknowledged that she was having a really hard time trusting him.

Rishi then offered to show Jen his phone so she could check it herself, and she took advantage of the opportunity. However, the content in Rishi's phone wasn't in English, and so she couldn't understand anything.

"She found nothing," Rishi boasted in a confessional.

"The message made me question everything. And there's a lot of things you said you were going to do, and you still haven't done it," Jen complained. "Telling your family about me [is one example]... You keep putting it off."

Rishi explained how his astrologist friend had recommended August 2 for the conversation with his parents, and Jen wasn't happy about waiting that long to tell them about their engagement. Jen called his friend's advice "bullsh-t" and lamented about how she was "really frustrated."

Jen didn't want to have to wait another two months to tell his parents about their engagement when she had already been dating him for three years. Jen was also wary of Rishi's explanation about his selfie considering he could've just called Randi out for trying to trick him if he had really known she was behind the prank.

Randi and Myra then visited Jen in India to see where she had uprooted her life and moved to. Jen hoped her close friends would help her sort everything out, so she thought their visit was great timing.

Jen was still embarrassed and upset about Rishi's shirtless picture, and she wasn't happy that he was taking the situation so lightly. The pair was having the same conversation over and over again, and so Jen was beginning to question her own judgment and intuition.

Randi and Myra, who thought India was "hot and noisy," wanted to see that Rishi was truly committed to Jen and was pure of heart.

Jen showed the women her apartment and said she wasn't going to be intimate with Rishi until they got married. Jen shared how the astrological date Rishi had set for them was ridiculous, and Jen also said she was worried Rishi was getting action from somebody else.

Jen said if she found out Rishi was cheating on her, she'd be "done." But Randi and Myra said Jen already had her proof and she wasn't accepting it. The women asked Jen to open her eyes and be aware.


Randi thought Rishi was "full of sh-t" and putting things off and making excuses. Myra agreed Rishi was feeding Jen "a load of crap" and something was "off" in their relationship, so she wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Randi and Myra didn't have the best impression of Rishi, but they maintained an open mind while meeting him. They just wanted to know if he was the real deal or a faker.

The three women then met up with Rishi at a restaurant, and Randi expressed how she thought Rishi sending her a modeling photo of himself was "inappropriate." Rishi, however, repeated how he was pulling Randi's leg and just sent her a photo that was already on his Instagram page for the world to see.

Randi then asked Rishi why he blocked her and deleted their message history, and Rishi explained how he thought their conversation was becoming inappropriate and so he thought he needed to put a stop to it. Rishi also admitted to receiving messages from other women pretty often.

Rishi showed Jen one of the DMs, and he insisted that he blocked the person.

Randi and Myra thought Rishi wouldn't have shown Jen that message if he was trying to hide something, but Jen still didn't think some of Rishi's excuses lined up. However, the ladies gave Rishi the benefit of the doubt, and Jen wondered if some things were just being "lost in translation."

Rishi shared how his parents had been looking for a wife for him but they didn't have specific requirements for the woman, such as being from the same religion.

Jen asked Rishi how many women his parents had presented him to potentially marry, and he replied, "Two or three."

However, Rishi previously told Jen that he had no idea his parents were looking for a wife for him over the course of two years. Jen pointed out the inconsistency in his story and accused Rishi of lying. Randi agreed that Rishi was being "shady."

While Rishi attempted to explain himself, Jen stood up and left the table upset.

"He originally said his family didn't know that his family's been looking for a bride for him until recently. Hello, you just found out they're looking for you yet you rejected a variety of options for the last two years?!" Jen complained.

"I really don't understand Rishi's timeline of events, but it's clear to me he's known about this the whole time. We can't go forward to a future if I find out he's lying about everything in the past. There are so many lies!... He is some kind of pathological liar."


After Gabriel and Isabel told her parents about their engagement, Gabriel felt they could keep moving forward. The pair therefore planned to meet with a lawyer since Gabriel had less than a month left on his visa.

"We need to get married before my visa expires, because if not, I have to leave the country for six months until the next calendar year. That would be my worst fear, because there's no way I'm going to go six months without seeing Isabel," Gabriel explained.

Isabel wanted a romantic wedding on the beach, even though they had to plan the event quickly. She had never been married before, and so she wanted her big day to be very special and lovely.

When the engaged couple sat down with an immigration lawyer, she said Gabriel needed to show his passport and birth certificate before getting married in Colombia. Gabriel's birth certificate, however, said "female" on it, and the lawyer said it needed to match his passport.


The law in Colombia required an accurate birth certificate in order for two people to get married. She called it an "insurmountable obstacle" that was going to take time to correct.

Gabriel said changing his birth certificate would take months. He claimed he had sent all of the evidence of his transitioning into the government and they never got back to him and so all of his documents were gone. Isabel called Gabriel "careless" for not having copies of those important documents.

Knowing Gabriel would have to return to America, he hoped their relationship could survive the distance. Isabel, in turn, felt powerless and said there was nothing she could do.

Isabel had been excited about their wedding and looking for a bigger house, but she was going to have to wait longer to tie the knot. Isabel didn't look forward to being alone again, and Gabriel felt bad that Isabel was upset.

Gabriel said Isabel didn't understand that all he cared about when he was younger was becoming a man, not keeping track of his records. Isabel said a surgery is a life-changing procedure and so he should've kept the documents for it.

The pair argued, and Gabriel said none of this would matter if they were in the United States.

"It's not important," Gabriel said.

"Okay, then stay in the United States," Isabel clapped back.

Gabriel said he never knew he'd end up in Colombia. Isabel was mad and frustrated because their plans were put on hold and she didn't think Gabriel was taking their wedding seriously.

Isabel, however, eventually forgave Gabriel because she loved him and couldn't stay mad at him for long.

Gabriel hadn't told his mother and sister Monica about his engagement yet, and so Isabel worried his family didn't like her or approve of her.

Gabriel and Isabel had an emotional goodbye at the airport, and Gabriel promised that he'd be there for her and they'd end up together. Isabel just hoped Gabriel's family wouldn't influence him to stay in America and not return to Colombia.


Kris was shown back in her life in Alabama, and Jeymi revealed she had coronavirus again. When Jeymi had COVID-19 for the first time, she had complications and it put her in the hospital.

"She almost died, so of course I'm concerned this is going to happen again," Kris told the cameras, adding how she was "scared to death" for her wife.

Jeymi said it was difficult being alone in Colombia. Kris was only supposed to be in Alabama for two weeks, but three months had passed. Kris said she had extended her trip to take care of some of her medical issues.

Kris also said she and Jeymi were running out of money too fast, and so she stayed in the U.S. longer to work and make money. Kris insisted that she didn't enjoy being away from her wife at all but she needed to work for their future together.


Kris had given Jeymi her blessing to quit her job in Colombia, but Kris was expecting Jeymi to look for another job, which allegedly never happened. Kris said the couple's financial burden was therefore put on her shoulders and their only real option was for her to work in Alabama.

The pair got into an argument via FaceTime about how Kris was supporting Jeymi and every penny she made went to Jeymi. Jeymi said she didn't care about the money; she needed support from her wife.

"You called me three times," Jeymi complained.

"That's a lie," Kris said.

Jeymi asked Kris to check her phone, insisting that she wasn't lying. Jeymi said many of her calls and texts went unanswered, but Kris reminded Jeymi that she was working every day in order to be able to send her money.

Kris said the couple was fighting often while Kris was taking on odd jobs such as painting houses and pressure-washing driveways. Kris explained how she couldn't answer the phone every time Jeymi called.

"You don't call me, never! It's the first time I look at you in one month," Jeymi claimed in tears.

Kris yelled about how nothing was ever enough for Jeymi and so she didn't want to talk to her and fight with her. Kris accused Jeymi of "b-tching all the time," saying Jeymi needed to find a job so they'd have stability and security in Colombia together.

Jeymi promised she'd look for a job, but she cried about how she didn't feel like she had a wife.

"At this point, I'm not sure you love me," Jeymi lamented.

"Wow. I gave up everything to be there with you," Kris said.

"But you're not here, and this is my point," Jeymi countered.

"Everything I do is never enough for you, and you just proved that... I'm done with this conversation," Kris said, before hanging up on Jeymi.

Jeymi wondered if Kris was ever going to come back to Colombia, or even if she wanted to return. Jeymi said she understood they needed money to pay bills, but at the same time, Kris wasn't staying in touch with her.

Kris told the cameras that she felt "completely defeated." If she returned to Colombia, they'd have no money to live. But Kris said if she stayed in Alabama, their relationship was going to suffer. Kris therefore had "no idea" what to do.


Daniele and Yohan were fighting ever since Daniele had gotten off her plane in the Dominican Republic. However, it was time for Yohan's birthday, and so Daniele wanted it to be special for her husband.

Daniele therefore conducted a coconut cleansing ritual by kicking a coconut all around the apartment. She was trying to spread light and peace around her apartment, and Yohan joked about how his wife was "crazy."


Daniele then broke apart the coconut in the hope it would rid them of bad energy.

Daniele said it finally felt like she and Yohan were on the same page, and they hugged and kissed. Daniele also planned a surprise party for Yohan, giving him the birthday that she thought he deserved.

Daniele tried to create a fancy cake for her husband, and she just wanted to celebrate Yohan and have a wonderful evening with him -- without fighting.

Yohan was surprised to see all of his family, about 21 people, at his birthday party, and everyone enjoyed a big buffet.

Yohan announced how he wanted to thank God for another year of his life and for his family. Yohan, however, didn't thank Daniele in his speech, and so she excused herself and stormed away from the table.

Yohan thought he had already thanked Daniele, but Daniele felt totally ignored in front of his entire family. She called Yohan's actions "humiliating."

Yohan explained to Daniele how he was still upset that she had wanted to meet up with her ex-boyfriend, and that she had brought this up one day before his birthday.

Daniele started crying, telling Yohan that he was her entire world and he was crazy for thinking otherwise. But Yohan felt Daniele had "ruined" his birthday by wanting to visit with her ex.

Daniele said Yohan didn't appreciate her grand gesture and he was very ungrateful for everything she had done for him. Daniele said she had a relationship like this before and it ended badly -- and so she didn't want to go through it again.

"So I need to go home and figure out what I'm going to do with my life, because I'm not going to live like this. It's not worth it for me," Daniele lamented to the cameras.


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