90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Mahmoud threatening Nicole with divorce, Gabriel coming out to Isabel's parents, Jeymi and Kris getting engaged, Rishi proposing marriage to Jen before her flight back to America, Debbie giving Oussama another chance, and Daniele officially moving for Yohan during the Season 4 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The show's returning couple, Daniele, a 42-year-old from New York, NY, and Yohan, a 32-year-old from the Dominican Republic, first appeared on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.

Fresh from the 90 Day Fiance spinoff set in the Caribbean, Daniele left her home in New York and attempted to convince Yohan they should spend the rest of their lives in the Dominican Republic.


In addition to Daniele and Yohan, Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way also stars Jen, a 46-year-old from Stilwell, OK, and Rishi, a 32-year-old from Jaipur, India as well as Kris, a 40-year-old from Haleyville, AL, and Jeymi, a 30-year-old from Venezuela who currently resides in Bogota, Colombia.

The series also stars Gabriel, a 32-year-old from Margate, FL, and Isabel from Colombia; Nicole, a 38-year-old food delivery driver from Los Angeles, CA, and Mahmoud, a 26-year-old from Cairo, Egypt; and Debbie, a 67-year-old from Sugar Hill, GA, and Oussama, a 24-year-old from Khemisset, Morocco.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Episode 8 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season.


Nicole and Mahmoud were shown fighting in the streets of Egypt, with Nicole asking her husband to leave her alone.

"I'm done. I'm done," Mahmoud snapped.

Five hours earlier, the couple had set out to have a better day following their visit with Mahmoud's uncle, who was thinking about starting Nicole a clothing line and fashion business.

Nicole was struggling with her faith, and so she wondered if prayer was exactly what she needed. She thought that maybe prayer would be the answer to her crisis.

Mahmoud therefore taught Nicole how to clean herself and conduct a prayer at home. Nicole covered her body and her hair in a hijab, but she only wanted to wear the ensemble during prayer.

Mahmoud was hoping to convince Nicole that she loved to pray. As Mahmoud sang a song, she felt very close to Mahmoud in the moment and thought it was beautiful how dedicated he was to God. Nicole said the prayer exercise made her love Mahmoud more and appreciate Islam as a religion more.

Mahmoud took responsibility for not teaching Nicole better or earlier, and he apologized. The couple then decided to go swimming, and Nicole joked about how she should wear a bikini. Mahmoud told Nicole that she'd have to decide between swimming or wearing a bikini.

Nicole gave in and asked her husband if she was supposed to wear something under the conservative bathing suit. Mahmoud seemed mad, but he assured Nicole that he wasn't.

"I get so tired of him getting so mad at me. He really resents me for being American, I think, but he chose me," Nicole lamented to the cameras.

Mahmoud just wanted to have a good day, without fighting, but Nicole told him on the way to the pool that he wasn't willing to compromise for her. Nicole didn't know how dressing modestly would be in Egypt until she saw the swimsuit, and it made her very uncomfortable and unnerved.

Nicole acknowledged how she wasn't used to this new life and she didn't really like it.

Nicole dressed in a burkini for her husband, which included a hijab, but she decided that she wasn't going to cover her hair and play the part completely.

When Nicole walked out to the pool in her burkini, Mahmoud said she looked "so cute" and "amazing." He thanked her for the gesture and said it meant a lot to him.

Nicole expressed how the bathing suit was uncomfortable and she thought Mahmoud was "crazy." Mahmoud said he would try to change his mind and meet his wife in the middle because he loved her and wanted to see her happy.


But Mahmoud told the cameras, "I don't know how to change who I am," adding how he wasn't sure if he could make Nicole happy long-term.

Nicole wasn't sure if Mahmoud would ever come around and compromise, but she also wasn't ready to give up on their relationship. The pair had fun hanging out together in the pool, and Nicole said that's when they're at their best.

Suddenly, the fun stopped and Nicole was shown storming out of the pool area. Nicole said that when she changed out of her swimsuit and the cameras weren't rolling, Mahmoud was "acting funny" and he allegedly made a passive aggressive comment to her -- something like, "I don't think you care anyway."

Nicole has been building up resentment, and she thought the comment was totally uncalled for.

Mahmoud chased after Nicole and demanded to know what he had done wrong. Nicole yelled at Mahmoud to "leave [her] the f-ck alone." Mahmoud begged his wife to return home with him, and she complained about how Mahmoud wouldn't stop picking at her and she didn't feel good enough for him.

Nicole then pushed Mahmoud, and he grabbed her wrist, telling her never to do that again.

Nicole stormed away from Mahmoud, and he told the cameras that he was "done" and didn't understand what happened. Mahmoud thought Nicole yelling at him and pushing him in public was disrespectful, inappropriate and unacceptable.

Nicole told Mahmoud that he wasn't going to control her anymore, and she didn't know how -- or if -- they were going to move forward. Nicole said she didn't have to answer to anybody, especially a man nine years her younger.

Mahmoud thought he had done nothing wrong, and then he texted Nicole, saying he hoped she'd find someone right for her. Mahmoud allegedly threatened Nicole with divorce if she refused to get into the Uber with him.

Nicole refused and told the cameras, "I don't have anything left in me."


Jeymi brought Kris cheese in bed called Bunuelo, and Kris was feeling a little better. Kris said Jeymi had seen her at her worst, and so she thanked Jeymi for taking care of her and never giving up.

Five days into Kris' move to Colombia, Kris revealed they were going to try to do court in America without her, and so Jeymi was thrilled to go glamping with her girlfriend on the one-year anniversary of when they started talking.

Kris had planned the outing to spoil Jeymi with a "perfect romantic setting." The couple looked forward to relaxing and reducing stress. The pair got settled into a big tent with balloons and rose petals inside. Kris had asked the company to help her pull off an amazing marriage proposal.


Before Jeymi arrived, Kris wrote "MARRY ME?" in rose petals along with a big heart, and she put an engagement ring on the bed.

Once Jeymi read the message, Kris got down on one knee and popped the question. Jeymi broke down into tears and responded, "I marry you." The women expressed their love to each other, and Jeymi called it a "perfect" moment. Jeymi apparently thought they were already engaged, but this proposal made their engagement more official.

"I would say 'yes' all day, for my life," Jeymi told the cameras.

Kris and Jeymi enjoyed a romantic dinner that night, and they already had a wedding planner working on their wedding.

Jeymi told Kris that none of her family was going to attend the wedding because her mother didn't even know she's a lesbian or in a relationship with another woman. Jeymi said while her parents aren't homophobic, she assumed her parents would like or really approve of her romance.

Jeymi said she had observed her mother being "rude" to gay people before and so she was prepared for the worst.

Kris thought the situation was sad, mainly because Jeymi didn't feel comfortable talking to her mother and leaning on her. Kris thought Jeymi's mother was going to be devastated by the lie.


Daniele was back in America. She needed to wait for the school year to end before she could move to live with Yohan in the Dominican Republic permanently.

This was going to be Daniele's first time in 19 years not teaching a high school class, but she was excited to slow things down and not have to work multiple jobs at once to make money.

Daniele shipped all of her boxes and handed in the keys to her apartment, and then she stayed the night in a hotel in New York. She had about 10 suitcases to fly to the Dominican Republic.

Daniele was about to give up her job and leave her family and friends for love. She was hoping for more peace and a partnership in her life, which she believed would make her life better.

"Okay, I'm actually doing this! I'm moving to another country. Here we go," Daniele said. "I'm really nervous about living with Yohan... Our life together may not be as easy as our vacations together."


Daniele was making sacrifices and taking risks for love, without really knowing if her marriage was going to work out and last forever.

Yohan had found an apartment for Daniele while she was gone, and then the pair reunited in the airport in the Dominican Republic and she was so relieved and thankful to be done with the back and forth trips.

Yohan was pretty shocked to see Daniele's 10 suitcases, and her bags didn't fit in the car. Daniele couldn't believe Yohan hadn't rented a van for her given he should've known she'd have a lot of stuff with her. The couple therefore tied several suitcases to the top of the car.

The couple then bickered about who was going to drive the car, with Daniele insisting that she's the better driver. Daniele, however, let Yohan win the battle, especially because he wanted to feel like a man.

The couple apparently didn't see eye to eye when it came to traditional gender roles, and Daniele hoped Yohan would bend for her and understand that she's a strong American woman at heart.


Gabriel and Isabel were shown spending the weekend at her parents' home. Isabel's family clearly loved Gabriel and were so nice to him, so he felt really guilty about keeping a secret from them.

Gabriel said it would be "the worst feeling in the world" if her parents stopped liking him -- or viewed him differently -- just because of who he is. He wanted to receive their blessing to marry Isabel.

Gabriel, however, didn't have his speech planned out, which gave Isabel doubts and fears about whether they'd have a future together.

"If you don't know what you're going to say, then I don't know what decision I'm going to make. I don't know anything," Isabel told Gabriel.

The revelation made Gabriel's heart drop.

"She just told me that she doesn't know who she would pick, me or her family, and I did not expect that. I thought that in the back of my head, no matter what, we're going to be together. It makes me feel like our relationship isn't as solid as I thought it was," Gabriel explained in a confessional.

"So if they don't accept me, is she still going to be with me or is she just going to go with her family's views? That really scares me. Everything could be taken away from me with our relationship because of someone else."

Isabel told Gabriel that she didn't want to have to make a decision between him and her parents.

Later on, Isabel and Gabriel went horseback riding with Isabel's parents. When the group sat down to have lunch together, Gabriel, who was struggling with anxiety and fear, decided to share his secret.

Gabriel took a deep breath and said, "I have something very important to tell you, and I don't want you to see me any differently than you do now."

After Gabriel's app translated for him, Gabriel continued, "I have to tell you this because I don't want to keep a secret and I don't want to lie. And I don't want you to think that I'm being deceitful to you."

Isabel's parents appeared worried, and then Gabriel said, "When I was born, I was born a woman. And I've been a man for 10 years, and I am trans."


Debbie and Oussama had gotten into a huge fight because Oussama wasn't sure if he wanted to marry Debbie right away.

Oussama asked Debbie if they could get to know each other for a couple months in Morocco. He was okay with Debbie returning to the United States afterward. Debbie felt shocked, confused and disrespected.

"What happened to our plans? Someone tell me I'm freaking dreaming because this is a nightmare right now!" Debbie vented in a confessional.


After sleeping apart, Debbie and Oussama met for a chat, and Debbie said Oussama had slapped her in the face with a new version of himself.

Debbie said her intent was to move to Morocco permanently, but Oussama claimed they had a misunderstanding because he had assumed she'd go back and forth between America and Morocco so she could continue her business at home and making money. Debbie found it hard to believe Oussama had misunderstood her intentions and plans.

But Oussama recalled Debbie allegedly saying that she wanted to get to know his family before tying the knot. Regardless, Oussama said he wanted to prove his love to Debbie and make her happy. Debbie got emotional and said she never would have moved to Morocco had she known the truth.

"You took something away from my yesterday and I need to feel trust again," Debbie explained.

Oussama apologized to Debbie and assured her that he cared about her and wanted to be with her. Oussama said, as a team, they were strong, and Debbie asked him to take things slow and get the peace and security back in their relationship so there would be no more misunderstandings.

Debbie decided to cut Oussama some slack and give him the benefit of the doubt, hoping there was just some miscommunication. She intended to work on things, but she also felt building trust is a difficult task.

During Debbie's first full day in Morocco, she and Oussama went to the beach. Debbie found the water relaxing, and she hoped this would be the start of everything going right. Debbie saw a camel on the beach and got to ride it, and Oussama said he loved this fun-loving and silly side of Debbie.

Debbie showed a younger, vibrant, energetic side of herself, and Oussama said that's what he liked about her.

"When I'm out in public with Oussama, we get a lot of looks. Even though he says he doesn't care, he might be a little self-conscious. I never want him to feel ashamed or embarrassed," Debbie explained to the cameras.


Oussama told Debbie that when they were together, the world -- and all of its judging people -- disappeared around them.

Debbie felt rejuvenated in her relationship with Oussama, and she hoped they could remain on the same page in terms of logistics.


Jen was shown packing up her suitcase because she had to go back to the United States. Jen had reached the final day on her Tourist Visa, and she said the worst part was she and Rishi had been growing closer to telling Rishi's parents about their relationship. Their relationship was also getting stronger.

Rishi promised Jen that they would connect every day and he was committed to making their relationship work. Jen planned to apply for another visa as soon as possible.

It was hard for the couple to be torn apart considering they had waited two years to see each other, since that's how long it took for Jen's first visa to get approved.

"I feel completely heartbroken right now. I don't know when I will get to see Jen again in-person. I do not want to lose her," Rishi told the cameras.

Before taking Jen to the airport, he surprised Jen by getting down on one knee and presenting her with an engagement ring.

"Will you marry me?!" Rishi asked.

"Oh my gosh! Of course I will! Oh my gosh," Jen replied.

The couple hugged and kissed in the street, and Jen felt "happy and overwhelmed. She said she never expected this was going to happen, and Rishi asked her not to lose this ring.

This marked the couple's second engagement. Rishi said whatever was missing for Jen before, he'd fix it for her in the future.

Jen said she was willing to fight for her relationship because Rishi was worth it.

Jen felt defeated and said she was "devastated" to leave Rishi so soon. She was nervous to talk to her family about everything, and she hoped they were going to give her support and not say, "I told you so."

Jen revealed that she and Rishi didn't have sex in India and Rishi totally respected her decision to wait until marriage. Jen showed off her engagement ring to her loved ones.

When asked to share the wedding date, Jen said there were still "a lot of issues to work out" with Rishi. Jen explained how Rishi had introduced her as a friend and his parents were looking for a wife for him.

Jen's family worried Rishi was "stalling" and making excuses in attempt to avoid a commitment, but Jen insisted that Rishi was going to choose her above his family. Jen said Rishi would even be willing to move out of his family's home and into an apartment together as a married couple.

Jen was disappointed -- but not surprised -- to hear that her family didn't trust Rishi. However, she didn't think there was anything she could do except maintain contact with Rishi and try not to lose momentum they had going.

"I don't think I could handle any more setbacks," Jen noted.


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