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'The Bachelor' star Sean Lowe eliminates Jackie Parr and Robyn Howard

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 02/05/2013 

The Bachelor star Sean Lowe eliminated Jackie Parr and Robyn Howard during last night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series' seventeenth season.

Jackie, a 25-year-old cosmetics consultant from Boynton Beach, FL, was eliminated instead of Tierra LiCausi, a 24-year-old leasing consultant from Denver, CO, during their two-on-one date with Sean, while Robyn, a 24-year-old oil field account manager from Houston, TX, was ousted during the fifth episode's Rose Ceremony.

"It sucks. I mean, I don't put myself out there. He is a good guy. He'll find who he's supposed to be with and Tierra's not the girl he's supposed to be with. I came into this completely open-hearted and ready to fall in love, and I don't think she did. I don't know what he's looking for. I really don't. Maybe it's not me, but I know it's not Tierra," Jackie said following her ouster.

"What was he thinking? He sent home me over Tierra? He probably thinks I'm starting the drama in the house. I really do think that because he kept talking about drama, and I am like, 'I'm not starting crap.' If Sean ends up with Tierra, he better think twice about it, that's for sure. I'm just bitter about it. I saw myself as probably the best-fitting woman for Sean, but it didn't happen. Every time someone says they don't want you, you kind of don't understand why. He was someone I really cared for and it hurts, oh my gosh," Robyn explained.

The Bachelor's fifth seventeenth-season episode began with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison telling the 11 remaining bachelorettes they'd be traveling to Whitefish, MT and moving into a huge lodge for the week. Sean hoped to test the girls on whether they'd enjoy outdoorsy-type of dates.

Once they got settled in Montana, the bachelorettes discovered the date card and learned there would be a one-on-one date, a group date and a two-on-one date over the course of the next week. There would be a rose up for grabs during each date -- and if the bachelorettes on the one-on-one and two-on-one dates failed to receive a rose, they would be ousted immediately.

The date card then revealed that Lindsay Yenter, a 24-year-old substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, MO, would be accompanying Sean on the week's only one-on-one date. Lindsay cried when she found out about the opportunity because she was so happy he had chosen her out of everyone.

For their date, Sean and Lindsay took a helicopter ride over Glacier National Park to observe Montana's beautiful scenery, and Sean admitted he wrongly considered sending her home earlier in the process because he didn't know if she had much of a serious side. However, Lindsay kept showing him more sides to her than just a girl who stepped out of the limo that first night in a wedding dress. Afterward, the couple enjoyed a picnic in the park and Sean told her that he liked the fact she wasn't high maintenance.

In return, Lindsay said she felt she had known Sean for a long time and loved kissing him. She felt happy and blessed to have an amazing chemistry with the Bachelor, and Sean certainly felt the strong connection as well. That night, they sat by a fire and talked a little bit about their pasts. Lindsay described what it was like to be an army brat, and she said it was tough because she missed her father when he was away at war and yearned for a one-on-one relationship with him.

Sean learned that Lindsay in fact didn't like moving from state to state, and therefore, she was seeking security and a family with a man who was going to be able to stay by her side. Sean was beginning to believe he could just be that guy for her.

Meanwhile, the bachelorettes at the lodge learned who would share the group date with Sean.

Robyn; Catherine Giudici, a 26-year-old graphic designer from Seattle, WA; AshLee Frazier, a 32-year-old personal organizer from Houston, TX; Sarah Herron, a 26-year-old advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA; Selma Alameri, a 29-year-old real estate developer from San Diego, CA; Desiree Hartsock, a 26-year-old bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA; Lesley Murphy, a 25-year-old political consultant from Washington, D.C.; and Daniella McBride, a 24-year-old commercial casting associate from San Francisco, CA, learned they would be accompanying Sean on the week's group date, leaving Jackie and Tierra with the remaining two-on-one date.

Tierra was excited and believed the opportunity to get a date with Sean no matter the circumstances was amazing, while Jackie was a bit upset about having to share a date in which she could potentially be sent home -- anticipating that it would be awkward. However, Jackie figured it would be a good time for Sean to see Tierra's true colors sooner rather than later.

Back on Sean's date with Lindsay, things were going very smoothly and Sean decided to offer his bachelorette a rose.

"Every time I'm with you, you surprise me in a good way and I think you're going to be such an incredible wife. I don't doubt that for a second. Lindsay, will you accept this rose," Sean asked her.

Sean wanted her to know how "extremely special" she was and he assumed they wanted the same things out of life although they came from very different backgrounds. He said they just clicked and their personalities matched. Sean then surprised Lindsay with a Sarah Darling concert. The entire Whitefish town had gathered for the live music and to see the spectacle of Sean with his bachelorette.

"I am definitely into Sean and he's such a gentleman and he's so classy and very good looking on the eyes and he wants a family and would be a wonderful dad and a wonderful husband. He's just an all-around good guy. You can't ask for better," Lindsay said.

The pair danced to the music on a small elevated platform above the crowd and kissed. Sean felt they had a playful yet romantic balance -- a best friend and potentially the love of his life. He said he could see himself ending up with Lindsay and Lindsay had certainly envisioned herself being at the end with the Bachelor.

The next day, Sean took his girls on their group date. Chris Harrison then explained the rules to what would be a Montana-style relay race. In teams of four, the girls would have to choose two people at a time to compete in a canoe race, carry bundles of hay, saw through a giant log via cross-cutting, and then milk a goat. The first team to fill a jar with its goat's milk and have one person on the team drink the entire glass would win the competition.

The Red Team ended up being Selma, Desiree, Sarah, and Robyn. They squared off against Blue Team members AshLee, Lesley, Daniella, and Catherine

The winning team would get to move onto the second portion of the group date, while the losing team must head back to the lodge and be forced to miss out on precious time with Sean.

After a close battle, the Red Team won, and the Blue Team was particularly disappointed because they hadn't gotten much time with Sean prior to that moment. That night, while the Red Team was looking forward to private, intimate time with the Bachelor, Sean had another plan in mind. He wanted to break the rules and invite the losing team to the party as well.

Sean said he didn't want to send girls home just because he didn't get much time to get to know them and other relationships were developing faster. As a result, Chris Harrison brought the Blue Team a date card, asking them to attend the party.

"Sean felt like sending the entire Blue Team home was completely wrong and really defeated the purpose of what he's doing here. He's trying to find his wife here and felt like, 'Maybe my wife is on the Blue Team, so what am I doing?'" Chris explained to the group.

The Blue Team was absolutely thrilled, but once Sean revealed what was happening to the girls already on the date, they had a different reaction. At first, the girls thought he was joking and upon finding out he was completely serious, they felt a little jipped. Sean explained that he feared eliminating a girl he'd regret later on and felt it was important to spend time with everyone.

The girls seemed to understand but were still aggravated because they had won the relay race and ended up getting really nothing extra out of their victory.

"Right now I'm bummed that the Blue Team is coming back because I did get my heart set on having an extra amount of time with him this evening knowing it was only the four of us. Now I have to share that time and obviously our chances of getting the rose dwindle," Sarah said.

Daniella said Sean inviting the losing team to the party showed "such character" as he was genuinely looking for the right girl for him. Meanwhile, Tierra was growing more and more frustrated. She said Sean was well aware she had been waiting for a one-on-one date and she was disappointed because she felt Sean was ultimately misleading her. At that point, she found it necessary to approach Sean and figure out where his head was at.

Tierra then showed up on the group date and shocked Sean with her presence. Tierra told Sean she believed being denied a one-on-one date was like a slap in her face after all they had discussed. She said she didn't understand why she got stuck with a two-on-one when she came to Montana to spend time with him and date him.

Tierra insisted she just needed to see the man she's dating because that's the type of person she is, and then she requested Sean to follow his heart and make the right decision when it became time to choose between herself and Jackie. Tierra was proud of her accomplishments, as she acknowledged how she had gotten a head start on her two-on-one date by visiting Sean. She felt relieved and confident going forward, fully expecting to get the next rose.

"I worry about Tierra because I know she's having a hard time handling how this works, and the fact that she came out tonight, I don't know what to make of it," Sean said.

Afterward, Desiree got a couple minutes to talk to Sean but then AshLee interrupted them. AshLee told Sean that she believed they had a soul-connection that she couldn't put into words. She admitted she adored him, and in reply, Sean told her that he was crazy about her.

"My one-on-one time with Sean is always phenomenal. There's something in his eyes that I see that makes me feel protected with him and that's beyond huge for me. I can honestly say I'm falling in love with him. There's no question," AshLee explained.

Meanwhile, Tierra and Jackie got their official date card, confirming their two-on-one date. Jackie said although Tierra was a "good manipulator," she was looking forward to letting Sean get to know her and watching him discover Tierra was "fake."

Back on Sean's group date, he said he just loved being with Catherine and appreciated her confidence and trust in what they had together. Catherine felt comfortable with him, and they both seemed to get excited around one another. Daniella then saw Catherine sitting on Sean's lap, and she got very emotional and began to cry. She realized he had connections with many other women forming and she found it hard to fight for one man. Sean noticed Daniella's tears and asked to speak with her.

"Daniella has made a huge impression on me tonight and I wouldn't have seen that tonight had I not have invited the Blue Team to come join us," Sean said.

Sean then gave the group date's rose to Daniella, saying she had stood out amongst the rest and showed him a new side to herself. 

The next day, Tierra and Jackie embarked on their two-on-one date with Sean. The girls arrived to the Barn W. Guest Ranch to go horseback riding. Tierra planned to pretend like Jackie wasn't even on the date, as she said she was on it with her "husband," and she thought it was hilarious. Jackie was catching on to Tierra's antics but noted she wasn't intimidated.

"I'm gonna be looking for different things in both of the girls. In Jackie, I want to know that she can be my best friend and that we can have fun and I can enjoy being with her. With Tierra, I'll definitely ask some probing questions just to see if there's anything I need to know about her," Sean explained.

When Sean spent a little time with Jackie, Jackie decided to warn Sean of Tierra's multiple personalities because she wanted to be honest with him at all times. Jackie said she'd hate to see Sean fall in love with a girl who wasn't her true self -- one person around the girls and someone different in his presence. Jackie told Sean that what he saw was what he'd get with her and that Tierra had flirted with a "cute" guy in the airport when traveling to Montana.

Sean didn't seem frustrated or offended by Jackie's choice of conversation. He told her that Tierra's actions directly affected him and those were the things he needed to know. Jackie said she wouldn't want Sean to be tricked or fooled, and Sean explained he knew how real and genuine she was. Sean told Jackie he liked that a lot about her. The pair then kissed and Jackie noted she could see herself falling in love with Sean, as she had never met anyone like him before.

Jackie was pleased because she said the things she needed to say about Tierra, putting the ball in Sean's court. She admitted she was completely anticipating a one-on-one with Sean that night after receiving the rose.

Later on, the threesome sat around a table in awkward silence at dinner. It obviously uncomfortable for all parties and Sean admitted he was "left with a lot of questions." He said he just didn't know whom to give the rose to. He acknowledged Jackie would love a man with all her heart and always be good, and while Tierra wanted to love someone, that love came with a lot of drama.

Sean then pulled Tierra aside to chat to help him make up his mind. Tierra was flustered with her emotions and could feel tension in the room. Tierra said she had the biggest heart and just wanted to be loved and give love back. She told Sean she was nervous and then finally opened up about a past relationship that apparently changed her life.

Tierra explained her ex-boyfriend of five years was in and out of rehab and passed away in 2009 when they were together. She said she lost her best friend of almost 10 years and it was very painful, so it made her very vulnerable and afraid to get serious and give herself to someone. She ultimately feared losing a guy again. Tierra then told the cameras she was just afraid of having her heart broken and didn't want Sean to be the guy to do that.

After their talk, Sean determined which girl he wanted to continue dating and which relationship was over.

"Jackie, our relationship has been slower to develop, but I know why and I definitely respect that and I appreciate that. Tierra, from the very first night, there's just something special about you. But since that first night, it hasn't been really easy. But with that, I appreciate you opening up tonight, allowing me to see some of the reasons why it hasn't been so easy. So thank you. And so I'm left with a very tough decision and I just have to be true to my heart. And with that, Tierra, will you accept this rose?" Sean asked.

Tierra accepted and then Sean walked Jackie out. He told the cameras that although she was very sweet, she just wasn't the girl for him. Sean felt it was a shame he didn't have stronger romantic feelings for Jackie because he was well aware she had a lot to offer a man.

"I just want you to be careful with your heart. I see a lot of things in the house and I don't want you to get hurt. Just follow your heart," Jackie told him before departing in her limo.

"I feel confident in what I have with Tierra because I'm starting to figure out why she's the woman she is and why she's so emotional and why she attaches herself so strongly to men. I'm glad I see that side of Tierra because I need that depth if we're going to move forward," Sean explained.

Tierra then flaunted the rose to the cameras and said she was so happy. She just wanted all the other girls to "get the boot" and found it hilarious Jackie left with tears in her eyes -- sarcastically saying it melted her heart. Tierra and Sean then enjoyed their alone time, sitting together on a beach in front of a bonfire. Much to Tierra's surprise, they pair then watched fireworks light up the night sky.

Meanwhile, Sean's other bachelorettes noted they had been rooting for Jackie and believed Tierra was manipulating him.

The following night, the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony took place, so each of the bachelorettes would have one last chance to snag some personal time with Sean. Sean felt a weight had been lifted off his shoulders following the two-on-one date and he was ready to take advantage of some crucial time with the ladies.

Desiree pulled Sean aside first to talk. She was looking for reassurance she potentially could be the one for him. Desiree told the cameras she was a bit aggravated that Sean was giving out roses to girls -- especially Tierra -- who needed affirmation and comfort rather than the girls he was strongly connecting with. She then admitted to Sean that his decisions were confusing only because he was simply unpredictable.

Sean seemed a little turned off by Desiree's observations, because he wanted some specifics on what was wrong. Desiree was giving him ambiguous statements Sean just apparently couldn't work with.

"Honestly, I left my conversation with Des having doubts. She tells me that she's confused and she doesn't tell me why, and so, it leaves me confused. I don't feel great about where I am with Des right now," Sean noted.

Afterward, while sitting in a circle that included Tierra, the girls agreed it was difficult seeing Jackie go home because she was basically the "sweetest girl in the house." Tierra then stormed off and sat in a room alone. Desiree believed Tierra loved playing the victim and assumed girls were jealous of her when they really weren't. 

"I honestly wish I was a fighter. I honestly do because I would beat the sh-t out of these b-tches," Tierra told the cameras.

Robyn said she was so sick of Tierra and was willing to turn The Bachelor into The Bad Girls Club in order to no longer feel awkward or walk on eggshells in the house. Robyn then confronted Tierra and said she thought her act was "bull," as it was obvious she was only being nice to girls when the cameras or Sean were around. Tierra told Robyn maybe she handled situations differently out of nerves or anxiety at times. Tierra asked Robyn to stop arguing and leave her alone, but Robyn insisted she was just trying to talk.

"This is ridiculous. This is petty sh-t and it's really starting to annoy me... I'm going to lay it out to you all. I don't care what people say at the end of the day. Everyone's in each other's ears about Tierra... When I walk into a room, the looks at each other, that needs to stop. Put it on somebody else because I'm getting to the point where enough is enough. This is childish sh-t," Tierra explained to the group of girls around her.

"Yeah, do I have feelings for Sean? Absolutely. Do I like him? Absolutely. But I'm not about to get f-cking threatened. You're insecure. Not me. I'm so over this. I don't even care. I really don't anymore. If I want to go get engaged, I can go easily get engaged. There's plenty of f-cking guys in the world."

During a part of Tierra's rant while she was fighting with Robyn, Sean walked into the room and was caught completely off guard by hearing her yelling.

"I turn the corner and saw Tierra so angry. That blows me away. I don't know if the girls are picking on her, like ganging up on her because she has isolated herself and she got the rose on the first night and she's got this big target on her back, or maybe she does act differently when she's not around me. So I honestly don't know what to think at this point. I wasn't happy and I wanted to get to the bottom of it," Sean said.

Sean then stole Tierra away, and she told him that the girls were attacking her and things were getting out of control because she wasn't doing anything to them. Sean asked for specifics, like who was doing the attacking, and Tierra replied, "Everyone." She said she wasn't sure if it was because they saw she had a connection with him -- but regardless, Tierra said she believed she didn't deserve to go through such a difficult time. She insisted to Sean she was a nice girl and no one gave her credit.

Sean didn't want to be naive about something that affected him directly, and he said he'd hope somebody would say something if there was an issue that needed to be addressed. Sean then sat down with Lesley and asked her if there was something he needed to know. He was annoyed girls were giving him vague answers like, "Tierra's not here for the right reasons," and when he'd ask what reasons, he wouldn't get a response.

Lesley said Sean wanted a girl who was fun to be around with other people and Tierra was cold around the girls in the house. Lesley said she was not an engaging person and didn't have a relationship with anyone in the house.

Sean said he just didn't like feeling like he was in the dark. He said he had to figure out whether Tierra was the sweet girl he believed her to be or kind of the mean girl her fellow bachelorettes were suggesting. Sean admitted that if he determined Tierra wasn't the girl for him, he's have no problem sending her home.

Before the night's Rose Ceremony commenced, Sean sat down with Chris Harrison for a bit and said he was left frustrated with a lot of questions. Sean admitted he had taken steps forward and backward with different girls because of the drama.

Sean then explained Tierra was on an emotional rollercoaster but hearing things from his bachelorettes such as "Tierra's not a friendly person," didn't sit well with him. The problem was, Sean wanted specifics and evidence of what Tierra was doing wrong rather than general accusations. He liked her and wanted to move forward in their relationship but there was an obvious cloud hanging above his head.

Sean told Chris Harrison it just wasn't a good week for him. He said it started out great with his one-on-one with Lindsay but then just went completely downhill. Sean acknowledged how he feared falling in love with a girl who was playing him or didn't have the best intentions, especially since he didn't want to be made out to look like a naive fool.

As a result, Sean just wasn't so confident his wife was in the room anymore. He wanted to take bigger steps forward but was simply feeling unsure and apprehensive about some of his bachelorettes mainly due to the Tierra situation. It then became time for Sean to hand out his roses. He told the girls the week was "turbulent" for him, complete with good and bad times.

Besides Lindsay, Tierra and Daniella, Sean then gave roses to Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, and Desiree.

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