The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, which featured Zach Shallcross and most of the bachelorettes he had denied roses to during The Bachelor's 2023 season, was explosive as the women made jaw-dropping accusations and apologies, and Kat Izzo and Charity Lawson relived their heartbreak during the Season 27 episode that aired Tuesday night on ABC.

Tuesday night's The Women Tell All special for Zach's season was hosted by Jesse Palmer.

The women who attended the Tell-All were Aly Jacobs, Anastasia Keramidas, Brooklyn Willie, Cat Wong, Charity Lawson, Christina Mandrell, Jess Girod, Genevie Mayo, Greer Blitzer, Katherine Izzo, Kylee Russell, Madison Johnson, Mercedes Northup, Olivia Lewis, and Victoria Jameson.


The broadcast featured loads of drama as the women faced off against each other and were put on the spot about villainous -- and even racist behavior -- over the course of the season.

Christina apologized for intimidating the cast, Anastasia was accused of having a boyfriend back home during filming, Kat and Brooklyn's feud continued, and Greer discussed having defended Blackface in her past.

And Jesse teased, "Later tonight, something is going to happen that has never happened in the history of our show before. Someone's life will change forever."

It turned out Charity was announced as the next The Bachelorette star for Season 20 this year.

And Jesse said of next week's The Bachelor episode, "What transpires during overnights is so shocking, so explosive, and so emotional that it will have all of America talking."

Below are the highlights from The Bachelor: The Women Tell All broadcast.

Christina Mandrell Faces The Music

Brooklyn said Christina's words and actions came across "calculative and manipulative," adding, "She was trying to intimidate us." Brooklyn said she doesn't hold back and Christina set her off. Olivia said Christina is just "bold" and says that what she's thinking.

"You weren't there. You went home Night 1," Katherine snapped at Olivia.

"Yes Katherine, I got sent home on Night 1. And then Zach got to know your personality and sent you home," Olivia clapped back. "So what does that say about you?"
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Genevie said Christina's bold personality attacked someone else when Christina had complained about Charity receiving her group date rose. Genevie said it took away from Charity's validation from Zach.

Kat said Christina "was sucking up the energy" in every room she entered, but Cat said if someone was intimidated by Christina, it's that girl's own problem.

Kat and multiple other women insisted they weren't intimidated by Christina.

Christina said she's never been told she makes women uncomfortable before, admitting, "I could've shut the f-ck up a little more."

Christina said she was trying to be nice but it seemed like everything she was doing was the wrong thing. Christina thanked the women for their feedback, saying it will help her in the future.

Anastasia Keramidas Denies Being On The Show For Wrong Reasons

Anastasia said she was very shocked about the accusation because she was there being transparent and asking questions. She also confirmed social media is a part of her job.

"We both have mutual friends, and I was told that you explicitly said that were only going on the show as a business opportunity," Victoria announced.

Cat called Victoria's claim "bullsh-t" and then yelled out, "Anastasia, you had a boyfriend on the show! You called him in The Bahamas when you got your phone back!"


Anastasia appeared stunned, but Cat pointed out how it's the guy who had her dog on Instagram. Genevie, who was Anastasia's roommate on the show, said she would've known if Anastasia had a boyfriend.

Cat then said, "She wanted to go viral so she can quit her 9-5."

Anastasia denied having a boyfriend while filming the show, and so when Cat asked who was watching her dog, Anastasia replied, "My mom."

"I have receipts!" Cat alleged. "Don't lie!"

Anastasia told Jesse, "I didn't have a boyfriend, I still don't have a boyfriend, and I never dated that person [on my Instagram]."

Anastasia said those photos were taken at a friend's wedding in Seattle one week before the show.

"Okay keep lying Anastasia and maybe you'll hit the 50k [followers] you wanted so bad," Victoria said.

"I never said [that]! Okay," Anastasia griped.

Anastasia said she wasn't craving an apology but she didn't appreciate being lied about.

Kylee then recalled how she had given Anastasia plenty of time to speak with Zach in The Bahamas and she decided to argue with her. The girls were roommates in The Bahamas, and Kylee said Anastasia knew she not an aggressive person at all and would never physically harm someone.

"Why your brain immediately went to that and you were scared of me? I didn't appreciate that at all," Kylee said, adding how she was only aggressive for love and on the show for the right reasons.

Genevie said Black women deal with the stereotype of being aggressive as well as harsh microaggressions that communicate bias to historically marginalized people.

"You could've let that go, and instead, you went around the whole group date and made it a thing that it wasn't," Genevie told Anastasia.

Anastasia apologized to Kylee and said it wasn't her intention to put her down and she's always learning.

Kylee alleged Anastasia never really apologized for making her feel a certain way because she was allegedly only concerned about how her actions were going to make her look and how the nation was going to respond to her.

Kylee said Anastasia was worried about her career and "still playing the victim." Kylee said she hoped Anastasia educated herself and will become a better person from this.

Kat Izzo And Brooklyn Willie Face Off

Kat said she was taken aback by Brooklyn and the other women's reactions to her stealing Zach for a quick chat before his one-on-one date with Charity.

Kat said she never meant to hurt anybody, nor did she think it would rise to the level that it had. Kat recalled apologizing immediately and feeling really bad about it.

Charity said it was "a lot" and it wasn't the appropriate time to do that. Charity, however, confirmed she and Kat had squashed their beef. Kat agreed they had worked it through as mature adults but Brooklyn, and the way she had spoken about Kat's character, was not mature.

"I will say it again: if the shoe fits, lace that b-tch right on up," Brooklyn said.


Brooklyn said Kat's move was classless and disrespectful because the group had openly talked about how Charity had a group-date moment snatched from her as well as her one-on-one date in London when Zach had COVID-19.

Brooklyn said Kat's move didn't sit right with her and calling her classless fit the narrative.

"That's now how it works," Kat argued.

"It's the fact you went after me day after day, belittling and speaking about my character. I have shown my compassion and my respect and my love for everybody up to that point... and for you to come at my character at that level, that's why I was pissed," Kat explained.

Brooklyn said that's just how she felt and she is passionate about defending her friends. Brooklyn, however, acknowledged it was "a harsh delivery," and she said, "Some people need it."

Kat said Brooklyn had claimed Kat is such a bad person that she couldn't be saged clean on a group date. Brooklyn confirmed she had made the statement, and Kat said that was right of her to say.

Jess suggested everyone should be kind women to each other, but Kat snapped, "She doesn't know how to do that."

Jess Girod Sits In The Hot Seat

Jess said she felt "so misunderstood" by Zach because at the end of the day, she just wanted a solo date and quality time with Zach. Jess said her concerns weren't coming across to Zach and he wasn't understanding her.

Jess said it hurt to watch herself being so upset, but at the same time, she's never been so strong before in a breakup. Jess told Jesse that she was proud of herself for how she had handled the situation with Zach.

Jess was emotional, and she gushed about how the other women had helped her so much. Jess also said she learned a lot about herself through this journey.

"I think I truly did fall in love with myself. I know what I deserve, and it's way more than that," Jess declared.

Jesse said the goodbye came out of nowhere, and Jess agreed.

Jess said she needed more "time and compassion" from Zach, and after being in relationships where she had to beg and fight to keep a man, she wanted someone to do that for her.

"It was very frustrating. I'm not crazy for wanting what I want, and I didn't see that night going the way it did -- in such a negative way, because I do respect him and I think he's awesome," Jess explained.

"I think he did the best he could, just like I did in that moment. I hate that we left in such a weird place. But I think the whole point of this is I felt very led on and blindsided, and I just wanted him to be honest from the start."

Jess wondered why Zach hadn't shown her any of the emotion that he showed once she was driving away from him. Jess said she would've felt more validated had she known Zach cared about her that much.

On her body glitter, Jess announced that no one should let you dim your sparkle.

Greer Blitzer Relives Her Painful Elimination

When watching her breakup with Zach back, Greer had tears streaming down her face.

Greer was ousted from The Bachelor in Budapest, Hungary shortly after recovering from COVID-19 in Estonia.

Greer said she knew exactly where Zach was coming from, that his other connections had grown and they didn't have enough time to catch up.

Greer had been hoping to spend more time with Zach and pick up where they had left off, but she acknowledged how it didn't work.

"I knew I was behind. And that's why I was so insecure and so overwhelmed in London. I just kept thinking, 'Okay, we're losing time, which means I'm losing him,'" Greer explained. "Every week that went by, I felt I was losing our relationship."

Greer said while she loves tea, it wasn't about the tea in London.

Greer concluded that she and Zach are not each other's person and she's excited to find hers in the future.

Jesse brought up Greer's resurfaced social-media posts in which she had defended a classmate that posed in Blackface. Jesse admitted the franchise has done a very poor job of addressing those topics in the past, and so he said they weren't going to miss this opportunity.

Jesse gave Greer a chance to address her controversy and share her experience with everyone.

Greer admitted she was nervous to talk about it but what she had failed to mention in her apology "was that what happened was racist."

"It's not about the intent; it's about the impact... Wearing Blackface was racist," Greer declared.

"Me defending it was racist. My ignorance was racist. And I'm just so ashamed. I'm just deeply sorry that I hurt the Black community. I can't go back in time. All I can do is try to be better now and try to do better in my future."

Greer had spoken with Dr. Kira Banks -- a professor and noted diversity, equity and inclusion consultant -- and Greer said she had learned to be open-minded, ask questions, do research. and think before saying something that could hurt someone else.

Greer said she had done research on the history of Blackface and why it's offensive, and she ultimately realized it was a symbolism for dehumanizing the Black community. Greer said defending that girl was "wrong" and "racist."

"I want to take that accountability and I don't want to excuse it," Greer noted.

Dr. Banks said when you see something, name it, and it's important to understand the history behind actions and then being willing to do something different.

Kat Opens Up About Her Heartbreak

Kat started crying when she watched her The Bachelor elimination back. She said it was hard to remember how happy she was with Zach.

Jesse admitted that he thought Kat was going to be the one with a ring on her finger at the end of the process, and Kat confessed, "I too thought he's my person and I'm his."

Kat said she had shared all of her deepest fears with Zach, and so she was also emotional because all of her insecurities -- about her family and wanting a person to fight through the hard times -- bubbled to the surface.

Kat explained how Zach giving up on their relationship right before hometowns made her feel like she wasn't good enough again. Kat also said that when she asked Zach why he was breaking up with her, he didn't "give a straightforward answer."

"Even watching it now, I don't understand. I'm hearing the things he's saying about me... We had a hard week leading up to hometowns, but I still don't know what shifted," Kat admitted.

Kat said she had shown her authentic self to Zach and was proud of her background and resilience.

Kat told Jesse that her stint on the show impacted her family more than she thought it would in that she has a mother-daughter relationship with her mother now because of it.

Kat shared how her whole family came together through this and she's building a healthy relationship with her mother now, which she's so grateful for and happy about.

Charity Lawson Breaks Down Over Losing Zach

Charity was in tears watching her story back. She said it was evident how open she had been through the whole experience and it didn't get easier once she brought Zach home to meet her family and closest friends.

"I was falling in love, and I don't even remember the last time I said those words to anyone," Charity told Jesse.

Charity recalled trusting Zach because he's "a stand-up guy" who's "genuine" and made her feel safe and comforted. Charity couldn't stop crying as she spoke about their former relationship.

Charity also said Zach validated her and really saw her for who she is.

"To get to that place of vulnerability and then to be blindsided a little bit, [it was tough]," Charity admitted.

Once Charity returned home from the show, Charity said it was "really hard" and her loved ones worried about her being heartbroken. Charity acknowledged that she truly was heartbroken but she's a person who can take lessons from things and apply them to her future.

"And they know that good things are in store," Charity said, potentially teasing The Bachelorette.

Charity said she's truly ready for love now, that her time on The Bachelor removed a veil that had been over her eyes for a while.

"I'm even more eager and truly ready to find my person," Charity said. "So I don't know what's to come."

Zach Shallcross Confronts His Exes In "Pure Panic"

Zach explained to Jesse that he had tried to follow his gut throughout The Bachelor journey and just wanted to go to bed each night feeling at peace with his decisions.

Kat told Zach that it was hard watching their relationship back on TV and how it had grown from week to week -- only for it to end so abruptly.

Kat therefore asked the Bachelor if there was any tangible time or instance that shifted their relationship and changed his mindset about her.

Zach explained how they had a fast and intense connection, especially in The Bahamas, and it never faltered. Zach said there wasn't one moment, date, or thing said that made him look at Kat any differently.

"It was just a difficult decision and I had to make one. And I took it really hard," Zach recalled.

Charity also announced how she struggled with trying to figure out how Zach had made the decision to dump her. She asked Zach for the turning point, and he said that after meeting four different families, he didn't know what to do.

Zach told Charity that he thought the world of her and letting her go was "hands down one of the hardest things." Zach said he just needed to make a decision that would sit well with him and he thought the world of her.

On Jess' goodbye in Estonia, she told Zach that she respected and cared for him. Jess explained how she just felt misunderstood and was bothered by the fact she was the only one showing emotion and confusion during their final conversation that resulted in their breakup.

Jess said she was shocked to see how upset Zach became following her elimination and she wished she had seen that emotion from him earlier. Zach insisted that he really cared for Jess and never expected their night together in Estonia to go that way.

Zach explained that his frustration and shock from his conversation with Jess hit him "like a truck" and made him cry as she was driving away. He wasn't sure why he wasn't able to convey that emotion to her during their chat, but he repeated how his feelings for her were strong and real.

And finally, Zach teased how his Fantasy Suite Week was "overwhelming."


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