Married at First Sight alum Steve Moy has responded to Noi Phommasak's slams and accusations against him as their split continues to play out publicly.

Shortly after Noi announced her split from Steve with a "divorce feels good" Instagram post and then Steve confirmed it hours later on July 9, Noi commented on Steve's breakup statement alleging he had asked for the divorce against her will, never checked on Sushi when he got cancer and simply doesn't care about her or is heartbroken over losing her.


Noi later wrote on Instagram in an additional post captured by the @MAFSfan account, "[Steve] filed $0 on his tax return and has no money (saw his savings) or plans to work. How do I know? Bc we filed tax returns together bc we're married -- but go ahead Internet lol. I am also glad he divorced me."

@MAFSfan pointed out how if Noi and Steve filed a tax return jointly as Noi claimed, it seemed suspect for her to have written "our" instead of "his" tax return. And the Instagram account also questioned why, even if he had no other source of income during the year, Steve wouldn't have still claimed his Married at First Sight income on his 2021 taxes.

In addition, it also seemed possible Steve has wealth in other bank accounts, stock brokerages, or other assets that were not included in the "savings" documents Noi had allegedly seen.

Steve shared his version of the breakup events in another lengthy statement via a series of slides posted Tuesday on his Instagram Stories.

"I am far from perfect. And have plenty to work on. There were things that I certainly could have done differently to improve the well-being of our relationship. I am a flawed individual just as much as the next person," Steve wrote.

"I will continue to try to do my best every day. With the energy and patience that each day grants us. I'd like to take a moment to speak my truth and refute the inaccuracies and misconceptions being spoken about me in the hope that [we can] move forward. We will live in the truth when telling our stories and not resort to falsehoods."

Steve said if the falsehoods continue, he'll respond as he feels necessary.

"But [I] won't respond to everything I see that is untrue in an attempt to not be unnecessarily drawn in. I do however feel it's necessary that people recognize the goal posts have been shifted and that the door is now open for fabrication," Steve continued in his post.

"Noi was fully involved in the conversations about how our relationship wasn't working. And at one point, we were in agreement for weeks. She eventually had a change of heart. But this decision wasn't sudden or always one sided."

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Steve claimed that Noi had asked him to hold off on making any public announcements "until late July."

"There have been times since then where I asked her if we should go public now/sooner. But she preferred not to. I've never asked her to keep quiet about it or tried to silence her," Steve insisted.

In regards to his finances, Steve wrote, "I most certainly claimed income on my tax returns. She hasn't seen any of my accounts. But we have had plenty of conversations around finances. I've also made compromises around the time table for getting back into my previous career."

Steve also said that while it "may sound silly to refute" his next point, he definitely cared about Noi's beloved dog Sushi, who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, according to Noi.

"I love Sushi and have checked in on him several times. When he initially got sick, I bought him high quality refrigerated dog food and delivered it at a time when we weren't speaking. I believe in the power of food as medicine," Steve explained.

"[I] saw my brother's dog Dexter's health significantly improve after making a similar change."

Steve proceeded to address Noi directly, writing, "I understand that you are hurt by all of this. We both are. The problem is in the way it's being handled. When you say these things as a way to respond to the pain you feel, you end up further hurting me, yourself, our family and friends as well as everyone who watched and became invested in our story."

"While we all can mourn the loss of what we shared collectively, the pain we feel is ours to carry and work through."

Steve admitted Noi's words and allegations really bothered him.

"Although I am very upset that somebody I love and care about is speaking about me in this way, I'm doing all I can to not become reactive and instead attempt to be understanding and somehow be constructive," Steve wrote.

"I promise you it is not easy to put my ego and pride aside in these moments. It's still not too late to change our story. Let's try to make it about healing and growth as opposed to what it's becoming."


Steve said he struggled with the decision to speak his truths, but important people in his life pushed him to say something.

"There are arguments for both remaining silent and coming forward. I'm doing it with hope that it doesn't trigger or perpetuate further negativity from either Noi or the people that are invested," Steve noted.

"We are capable of expressing our feelings and opinions without being hurtful. And I encourage people to do so. Thank you for all the positive and encouraging comments and messages I've been receiving through this tough time. They mean so much to me."

Although Steve's feelings are clearly hurt, he concluded his statement by defending Noi.

"If you have it in you, please send her the compassionate care and encouragement she needs at a time like this, or at the very least, please don't attack her in the comments and messages," Steve concluded.

Steve explained in his initial Instagram statement about the split that he and Noi were no longer functioning happily and healthily as a couple.

Steve called his marriage "unsustainable" and said, "I wish we could meet each other's needs without feeling like we have to compromise ourselves to a point beyond that we consider acceptable. I wish that our willingness to be flexible to each other matched the chemistry we were lucky to have."

Steve also revealed he and Noi had "been apart for a little while" prior to their July 9 breakup announcements "to the point of moving on" and with "hope pretty much fading for any chance we could recover."

Back on June 17, Steve hinted at there being trouble in paradise, and he let fans know that he and Noi would essentially be taking a break from social media.

Noi and Steve appeared to be a great match on Married at First Sight, but Steve's decision not to get a part-time or full-time job began presenting problems in their relationship, especially since Steve -- a former sales engineer who claimed he was in a good place financially with a lot of savings -- expected Noi to take on some of their household chores while she was working full-time as a talent acquisition coordinator.

Noi, who longs to be a mother, said she never envisioned herself being her family's breadwinner.

Noi sometimes questioned on the show if Steve was enough for her and if she deserved better -- and she'd post those feelings on social media, which Steve found to be immature and disrespectful to their relationship.

On the Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? special for Season 14 -- which filmed five months after Decision Day and aired on June 1 -- Noi finally determined that she was going to move in with Steve in a couple of months, and she came around to the idea of having two children instead of three.

But on the Married at First Sight: Kickoff Special for Season 15, which aired in late June, Steve and Noi revealed they still hadn't moved in together yet. Steve also admitted he had yet to secure a steady job.

"I have a plan and I have a timetable when me and Noi are going to reconnect and talk about where things stand and if she's happy with where it's at or if she wants me to get a job or if things are going well in the other creative outlets that I'm doing," Steve shared.

Noi admitted that while she wanted Steve to be able to pursue creative outlets, she found it "unnerving" he was still technically unemployed.


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