Married at First Sight: Nashville Reunion Part 2 featured Shaquille Dillon regretting his decision to divorce Kirsten Grimes and asking for another chance, Domynique Kloss breaking down into tears and wishing Mackinley Gilbert had fought for her, and Mackinley asking Gina Micheletti out on another date during the Season 16 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The two-part reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, featured all five couples reuniting months after Decision Day, long after the cameras went away.


On Decision Day, Nicole Lilienthal and Chris Thielk were the only couple who decided to stay together.

Gina and Clint Webb had decided to get a divorce, along with Airris Williams and Jasmine Secrest. Kirsten had wanted to stay married to Shaquille, but he ultimately asked her for a divorce.

Mackinley and Domynique had divorced early in the process, less than two weeks into the extreme experiment.

Each couple provided a relationship update at the reunion, and the cast members discussed how much has changed since they starred on the show. Show experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz also confronted two of the couples, along with guest expert Dr. Pia Holec.

The eight-week experiment was clearly a learning experience for all, and the cast agreed they all could've done things better and have things to work on for the future.

Below is what happened on Part 2 of Married at First Sight's dramatic Season 16 reunion.


Shaquille had just admitted to Kirsten that he felt like he wasn't enough for her as a husband and that's why he asked her for a divorce on Decision Day.

"Ultimately, I did get in my head and didn't think I was good enough for Kirsten. It caused me to say, 'No,'" Shaquille told Kevin.

"Do you regret that decision?" Kevin asked.

"I do regret it because, like, listening to her saying, 'Time. We would've had time after this to do things outside [of cameras].' We hung out a few weeks ago and it was a great time!... That's what it could have been," Shaquille explained.
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When Kevin pointed out their relationship still "could be" that, Kirsten interjected of her former husband, "He had his moment!"

Kevin reminded Kirsten that Shaquille had just confessed to making a mistake and regretting his final decision.

But Kirsten, appearing a little bothered and frustrated, acknowledged, "We are where we are in this divorce. We are not together and we're not going to get back together... I just feel like we had that moment and we had a chance to take advantage of it, and we did not."

Kirsten and Shaquille's mothers joined them onstage and revealed that they would like to see the couple get back together. The women apparently respected and loved Kirsten and Shaquille as spouses, and they said they would've liked the couple to allow more time to get to know one another.


The mothers thought there had been too much miscommunication in Kirsten and Shaquille's marriage as well as high expectations that couldn't be met.

Kirsten also didn't want to show Shaquille off at all of her favorite hotspots in Nashville, fearing they'd end up divorced and everyone would gossip about it.

Shaquille, however, felt "hidden" because of that, and it created insecurities in him. Shaquille had been hoping his wife would open his eyes to the nightlife in Nashville, but Kirsten said she never felt secure in her marriage.

"If we would've stayed together, Shaquille would've been seen with me... People would've known we're together and we would've had a bigger and better celebration," Kirsten explained.

Shaquille's mother refused to stop calling Kirsten her "daughter-in-law," and that announcement made Kirsten smile. Shaquille also noted how he wanted Kirsten to find her "person," and if it ended up being him, "so be it."

Kevin asked Kirsten and Shaquille to go out together and have dinner that evening as "the first step," and Kirsten said that'd be fine with her. Kirsten said she felt great, and Shaquille added it was nice to talk through some things with their family.


Domynique and Mackinley watched back their happiest and sweetest moments from their wedding day and the honeymoon, and the pair acknowledged they had been into each other for the first few days of their marriage.

Domynique said she felt comfortable with Mackinley right off the bat as well as an instant chemistry, and Mackinley added how they were definitely both attracted to each other.

When asked what went wrong, Mackinley said spending 24/7 with a stranger was "a lot to take on" and Domynique probably felt "overwhelmed" with his extroverted, "different" and silly personality.

Domynique had requested during the matchmaking process that her husband would want to stay in Nashville long-term because she didn't want to move away, and so she admitted that seeing Mackinley's living space in a friend's basement was a little off-putting.

Mackinley's mother had also asked her during the post-wedding brunch how she'd feel if Mackinley wanted to move back to Michigan.

"It scared me. It terrified me because I'm scared to give myself to someone who I don't even know if he's committed to being in Nashville. There is a lot of Mack that's still in Michigan, and I wasn't convinced [he was going to stay]," Domynique reasoned.

Mackinley, however, insisted his intent was always to stay in Nashville with his wife if things ended up working out. He told Kevin he had never misled Domynique but he could understand how Domynique was given that impression, especially since he never directly calmed her fears.

Domynique added how she and Mackinley didn't communicate very well and then they started to argue frequently. She also apparently got the vibe that Mackinley wanted out of the marriage less than two weeks into the process as well, which Mackinley didn't exactly deny.


Mackinley explained how he and Domynique were certainly butting heads but he never mentioned wanting to get a divorce. He claimed he had thought they were going to follow the experts' advice and work on things, which meant her request for a divorce "caught him by surprise."

"I didn't go into that session [with Pastor Cal] with the intentions of asking for a divorce that day. I did not," Domynique announced. "Mack had mentioned [beforehand], 'I'm checked out of this.' And I think I was feeling the same way."

Domynique said if they had both checked out already, she didn't think there was a point in continuing the extreme marriage experiment, especially since neither of them cared about starring on a reality TV show.

Mackinley confessed that, yes, he was checked out in that minute, but he claimed he didn't mean that in a way where he wanted to be done and get a divorce. Domynique, however, wasn't convinced that Mackinley truly wanted to stay married to her.

"A part of me felt like, 'If Mack really wanted to be here, he wouldn't have let me run him off like that," Domynique shared.

"Yes, that's a good argument," Mackinley conceded.

Kevin therefore asked Domynique for clarification that she had wanted Mackinley to stand up and fight for her.

"Yes, like, 'Hey, this is just a rough patch and we're going to get through this. Get your sh-t and move it in the bedroom. Stay here!' Because I know I need that sometimes; I can be hard-headed... I need a good checking sometimes," Domynique admitted.

But Mackinley explained that he was so hurt and caught off-guard in that moment that he was angry and didn't have a fight left in him. Mackinley recalled being wrapped up in his feelings and not wanting to beg a woman -- who didn't seem to like him for who he is -- to stay with him.

In never-before-seen footage of a post-divorce dinner, Domynique expressed disappointment in how Mackinley and his entire family had unfollowed her and her relatives on social media. Mackinley admitted he had told them too, which was a move Domynique called "petty."

Mackinley apologized to Domynique for being so fired up that night, but Domynique admitted she kind of liked that feisty side of her former husband and was wondering where that was during the process. Domynique apparently liked that tough side of Mackinley.

The former couple ended their chat by agreeing to remain friends going forward. Mackinley pointed out how Domynique is "a good person," and she reciprocated the compliment.

Mackinley then revealed he was a dating a little bit, here or there, and that he liked the "cool" and "awesome" Gina. Domynique told Kevin that she thought Mackinley and Gina would've been a great match.

Domynique shared how she has "a little boo boo" at home but they weren't exclusive just yet.

When asked what she learned throughout the process, Domynique said she'd like to ask more questions and be more vulnerable in relationships. She said she needs to soften up a little bit.

And Mackinley told Kevin that he needs to work on his communication and patience.

"Going back to... fighting for [Dom], I think if I would've had a little bit more patience and gave [her] the benefit of the doubt, it would've made a difference," Mackinley reasoned.


During the five couples' honeymoon, Mackinley essentially told Clint that he was crazy for not being attracted to the "gorgeous" Gina.

Gina said it was sexy to watch Mackinley go to bat for her and defend her.

Mackinley said he started a conversation with Gina before her divorce from Clint by sending her "a friendly" flame emoji on something she had posted to Instagram Stories. Mackinley then asked Gina about one of her pretty friends since Gina wasn't single at the time.

Gina said the chat was "harmless" at the time, and Mackinley added how he wasn't trying to make Gina feel jealous or anything like that. Mackinley insisted he wasn't trying to break up Gina's marriage to Clint.

Once Gina and Clint didn't work, Gina and Mackinley went out on a date to make lattes. Gina shared how she and Clint weren't going anywhere for a while and so there were no emotional ties, which made her romance with Mackinley not feel like cheating at all.

Gina gushed about feeling "giddy" on her date with Mackinley because they had "unexplainable chemistry" -- something that had been missing in her marriage.

Mackinley said he and Gina simply got along well and had shared life experiences. Mackinley also liked the fact Gina is a business woman with a sweet smile.

In turn, Gina said Mackinley understood her better than Clint did and she appreciated the fact he's chased multiple businesses and is easy to talk to, as well as being stylish and easy on the eyes. She felt their conversation also came naturally and organically.

"It was nice to hear some compliments [from Gina]. I didn't feel judged right off the get. It was a very good feeling," Mackinley recalled.

When asked if there was going to be a second date, Gina -- who had been talking to Mackinley on the phone -- put the ball in Mackinley's court.

Mackinley shared how he was going to be in Nashville for the next couple of weeks and would love to take her out. Gina replied, "I'm open to it!"

"I'll take you out tonight as well," Mackinley added.

Mackinley said he could see Gina and himself really hitting it off and "having something real" if they both still lived in Nashville, but Kevin asked the pair not to let distance get in their way since a flight here or there isn't that big of a deal.


The men from Married at First Sight 16 had become good friends, and Clint even took them all -- except for Mackinley, who was in Michigan -- sailing on one of his boats.

Airris explained how he had been hoping sex would be a big part of his marriage but he refrained from consummating his marriage to Jasmine because they weren't on the same page and so he didn't want to send mixed signals, confuse her or lead her on.

Clint also admitted it was "ridiculously hard" not to have sex throughout the whole experiment because he's a physical guy. Clint said he "wasn't feeling it" with Gina and that she also had never given him any cues that she'd like to get intimate with him.

Clint, however, claimed he had "passionate" sex with a woman after filming the show, although the encounter did not evolve into dating or a relationship.

When asked if Gina and Mackinley's romance was a "violation of the bro code," Clint said he was perfectly fine with it because he and Gina had already made their decision to get a divorce.

Shaquille confessed he wouldn't have crossed that line, but Clint assured viewers that he didn't think the situation was weird.

Mackinley told Kevin that he had attempted to approach the situation respectfully, and Clint concluded, "We're all big boys, we're all adults. If they're a match, then great, I'd be happy for both of them!... [If they get married], I'll be the Best Man!"

The men revealed their DMs on Instagram had been blowing up. One lady apparently told Mackinley that she wanted to drink his bath water, and Clint said he had received a lot of support, compliments and invitations to go sailing.


Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson, and Dr. Pia Holec joined Kevin on the stage.

Pastor Cal said he was "saddened" by the relationships that could have been successes but weren't due to a lack of commitment and effort. He said the experts were always expecting a 100 percent success rate and so four divorces wasn't a happy time for them.

Dr. Pia added how it was disappointing for her to watch couples give up.

Domynique and Mackinley openly and honestly didn't think they were a good match from the start, but Dr. Pepper said they're two ambitious people starting life with goals of family, marriage and being the best version of themselves.

Pastor Cal added how the pressure of the show didn't bring out the best in them.

"And I think you made a rash decision," Pastor Cal said. "Had you stuck in and worked through it, you would've found out that there are so many positive things about each other that you guys would've really, really enjoyed."

Kevin and the experts accused Domynique of being really hard on Mackinley in her marriage before just totally shutting down on him. Dr. Pepper added how Domynique criticized her husband a lot and had made it known he wasn't exactly the person she's looking for.

Dr. Pepper wishes Domynique had allowed her relationship more time to evolve and that Mackinley had been more open to communicating and collaborating so that he could do a better job.

Domynique acknowledged she had acted out of fear and could see Mackinley's value now, long after the fact, and Mackinley agreed that he felt the same way. Mackinley said he and Domynique had something good in the start but then they ran their relationship into the ground.

Dr. Pepper pointed out how Domynique and Mackinley are both great people who never filled their potential together, and then Domynique broke down into tears.

"Sorry," Domynique blurted out in tears. "Let me collect myself so that I can actually speak. I came into this process really wanting it to work and it's just hard. It feels like a failure and it weighs heavy on my heart. And just seeing the way I was responding and things like that, it does make me sad."

Dr. Pepper assured Domynique that growth comes through failure and that wisdom comes through loss. Pastor Cal also reminded Domynique that she's not a failure as a person just because her marriage didn't last.


Kirsten admitted that Shaquille was always good enough for her as a husband but she could understood why he felt otherwise since she hadn't been vulnerable with him in their relationship. Kirsten also recalled how she had hurt Shaquille with her words sometimes.

Dr. Pepper asked the couple why they couldn't learn from their mistakes and try again, and Shaquille noted, "I think we can learn and go on. I can definitely see Kirsten and I starting fresh, but on a better foot. We've got to get past what we went through. Will we get back to that marriage stage? I don't know. But I'm glad we're at least friends."

Kirsten wasn't sure if there was a possibility for more with Shaquille, and she admitted to being at a loss for words because she wasn't sure if Shaquille was being genuine.

Kirsten got upset and choked back some tears because she wasn't sure what was in Shaquille's heart. Kevin announced how Kirsten had clearly been hurt by Shaquille.

"No one is initiating, and someone has to step across that gap and say, 'Hey, this is going to happen,' or it's not," Pastor Cal said. "At some point, you've got to say, 'I want this and I want you and I want us to start over and see what can come of this.'"

Kirsten said it would feel great to hear that from Shaquille, who had been the one to say "no" to Kirsten. Dr. Pepper told Shaquille that Kirsten was scared and so he needed to be the one to make a move and embrace her and give her strength.

Shaquille explained how he wasn't sure what to say or how to move forward.

"How do I tell her that I need her in my life? I don't have the words," Shaquille asked.

"Those were the words," the experts said simultaneously.

Shaquille then turned to Kirsten and promised that he would work on things from his end and that he wanted to work on them as a couple, but that wasn't good enough for the experts.

Shaquille then apologized to Kirsten for hurting her and said he'd like to fix their problems, which could maybe lead back to them getting married or just being friends.

Kirsten said she appreciated Shaquille's words and that they could talk.

"If we need to stay here, in this cordial place, then we can do that," Kirsten replied. "We'll just see how things go, because I feel if something is truly and genuinely there, then we can make it stay there."

Dr. Pia then asked Kirsten to "take the guess work out" and make her demands to Shaquille in order for a repair to happen.

Kirsten proceeded to ask Shaquille to make it known how serious he was about them potentially getting back together. Kirsten voiced, "I'm not anything to play with. I don't have time for my emotions to be all over the place. If you do want me, and if you do want marriage and for this to work out, that's what I need to hear and that's what I need to see. I need to know 100 percent."

Kirsten asked for the honest, 100 percent truth, and Shaquille responded by saying he understood her.


Nicole took some heat for being so vocal throughout the season in which she asked the couples personal questions and demanded certain behaviors from certain cast members. But Chris said Nicole had inspired him to open up and candid, which helped their marriage in the long run.

Shaquille also gave Nicole props for always speaking from her heart and having the best of intentions at all times.

Jasmine joked about how Kirsten lied to the women about when she had consummated her marriage to Shaquille. Jasmine was particularly bothered by Kirsten secretiveness given she had poured her heart out to her fellow cast members about the demise of her marriage to Airris.

Kirsten told everyone how the experts had hope for her relationship with Shaquille, and so she had some hope as well.

"And what do you want?" Kevin asked Kirsten directly.

"I'm not sure right now. I'm not sure," Kirsten replied.

Shaquille suggested he and Kirsten should work towards being friends first. He said he wanted them both to be happy individually.

"Can we be happy together? That's the question," Shaquille said.

Nicole said Shaquille and Kirsten had some work to do on their own time and the couple would share with the world, eventually, if they're ready to get back together. Kirsten confirmed, however, they'd be going on a date that night.

Clint and Gina then watched back footage of Clint bonding with her dog Hank, and it made both of them cry. Clint said he loved that dog and will one day have "a lifesize horse dog" of his own.


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