Married at First Sight featured three weddings after which Kirsten Grimes admitted Shaquille Dillon had "two strikes" against him, Nicole Lilienthal called Chris Thielk the man of her dreams, and Gina Micheletti and Clint Webb felt an instant connection during the Season 16 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five Nashville-based Married at First Sight couples for Season 16 are Kirsten and Shaquille, Nicole and Chris, Gina and Clint, Domynique Kloss and Mackinley Gilbert, and Jasmine Secrest and Airris Williams.


Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz matched the five couples for matrimony in Tennessee.

The show will feature strangers meeting at the wedding altar and then spending the next eight weeks embarking on a honeymoon, moving in together, and navigating the joys and struggles of daily life together.

And at the end of the experiment, Married at First Sight's Season 16 couples will reach "Decision Day" and have to decide whether to remain married or decide to end their marriages and divorce.

According to Pastor Cal, this is going to be the "most intense season of Married at First Sight yet."

The second episode of Married at First Sight's sixteenth season began with Shaquille and Kirsten's wedding.

Shaquille smiled big at his bride when she walked down the aisle, but she took a breath upon meeting him at the altar and it was hard to read her expression.

Shaquille suddenly burst into laughter and laughed out loud, which prompted Kirsten to ask if he had something to say, and so her groom announced, "I am just stunned. You are beautiful! God knew what he was doing when He made you!"

Shaquille learned from Kirsten's family and friends that he was marrying the life of the party who knows all the hotspot in town, a woman with an "intoxicating" energy and confidence as "a Black Queen."

Kirsten was told Shaquille is "classy" in every way in that he dresses well and will probably need to share the closet space. Kirsten discovered Shaquille has had a lot of success in his life but a partner is what's missing.

In her vows, Kirsten said she may be a beauty or a beast on sometimes but she would show compassion and give him grace. She promised to express her true feelings and give the marriage her all.
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Shaquille vowed to his "newest best friend" that he'd respect her, be her strength when she's weak, and be a joyful spirit that would bring happiness to her life. Shaquille said he'd keep their spark bright and be "lit" as a couple, and he hoped to pray, laugh and grow together.

Once the couple said, "I do," Shaquille went in for a kiss but Kirsten gave him the cheek and a hug. One of Kirsten's bridesmaids could be shown mouthing in disappointment, "Oh my god."


Following the ceremony, Shaquille confirmed that Kirsten was definitely his "type" in that she has brown skin and nice teeth, and he said he actually respected her giving him the cheek because it showed she has boundaries.

"That was a moment in my life where I said, 'Wow, you're different,'" Shaquille told the cameras.

During their first chat as husband and wife, Kirsten shared how she likes sports and tailgating, and then Shaquille quickly opened up about how he was involved in a car accident as a kid and had a head injury that prevented him from playing sports himself.

"He's bald and he's younger than me, so that's two strikes," Kirsten complained in a confessional. "But he has pretty teeth and his personality definitely outweighs his exterior look."

Kirsten also loved that Shaquille is a mentor, and she said she loves children. As they got to know each other better, Shaquille thought Kirsten was extremely sweet, and she was surpassing his expectations.

Gina and Clint, who were matched because they're both passionate in their careers and value family as well as an adventurous and supportive partner, were then shown shopping for their wedding attire.

Clint's groomsmen talked about how a broken heart seemed to change Clint and he really wanted to share his life with somebody.

Clint told his boys how he'd love to have "a partner in crime" and he liked the "concept" of waking up next to the same woman every day.

While trying on gowns, Gina said her marriage wasn't going to work if her husband didn't like dogs given her dog Hank is her baby. She looked forward to coming home to a man and a human companion after a long work day.

Gina picked a lace, form-fitted dress that showed off her curves, and she shared how she's very proud of her body and wanted to show it off. Gina said she was "super excited" to pursue her own personal goals of marriage, and she hoped her groom was going to be her perfect match.

Nicole and Chris, who were matched because they're both deep-hearted and deeply committed individuals, then went shopping for their wedding attire.

Nicole admitted she hates shopping for clothes, and she said she was nervous about her groom not being attracted to her. Nicole noted her personality would seem like a lot if the man automatically didn't like her looks.


"In the past, I've had some women say that I'm 'too nice,' but honestly, I think that I'm a catch. I think I'm a hopeless romantic and definitely selfless, and I think at times, people take advantage of that," Chris explained.

Chris selected a gray suit with a bow tie, and Nicole fell in love with a lace dress. She said it wasn't going to matter what her husband looked like because she planned to get to know his heart and "his body."

Airris and Jasmine went shopping next. Jasmine hoped for a supportive partner with whom to start a family, and Airris, a reformed bad boy, looked forward to giving his wife his heart.

Jasmine's goal was to feel like a bride and not look like she was going to compete in another beauty pageant. Jasmine said she wanted a compassionate groom who looked like he's seen the gym before, and Airris envisioned his bride in a dress that tightly grips her body and hugs her curves.

Jasmine ended up selecting a long-sleeve, tight dress with lace and sheer appliques throughout. Jasmine was so pleased her mother could be there given she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Airris shared how he had a great relationship with his father, who was murdered when Airris was only 11 years old. Airris said he always wondered if he's "man enough" to do certain things because he never got to witness a man leading a household.

"I'm definitely ready to leave my f-ckboy ways in the past and be committed to one woman," Airris said. "I want something permanent, something that will last forever -- a flame that will never burn out."

Domynique and Mackinley shopped for their wedding dress and tuxedo next. They were matched because Domynique, an "old soul," wants an emotionally mature husband, and Mackinley was looking for an enthusiastic wife who would support him in his career endeavors.

Mackinley said he loves to try new bars and restaurants and couldn't wait to have nights in with his wife so they could binge a new Netflix series at home. He said he wants to have a family and had enough fun with his boys up to that point.

Domynique chose a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a trumpet skirt.

Nicole and Chris' wedding was up next, and her mother advised the bride not to rush into sex that night. Nicole agreed she wasn't going to have sex that night because her husband needed to meet the men in her life the next morning and she didn't want that hanging over his head.

"Divorce to me means failure, and that's something I do not want," Chris said. "I don't want to be a failure."

Before walking down the aisle, Nicole opened a diamond ring from her husband, and Nicole gifted her future husband a picture frame for one of their wedding photos as well as a blue crystal that symbolizes communication and fear release.


Chris ironically gifted Nicole a moonstone bracelet that represents strength, hope and clarity. He also gave her a diamond necklace, and Nicole gushed about how her husband has great taste and she loved him already.

"I don't think a man, other than a family member, has ever put this much thought into something for me. It's what I've always been hoping for. I don't even know him but he already thinks about me and cares about me more than anyone I've ever chosen for myself," Nicole told her friends in tears.

She added, "If it takes marrying a stranger to feel this way, I would do it again... I'm so excited to meet him!"

Chris then shared how his ideal bride would have a nice smile, beautiful eyes and around 5'4" to 5'7". Chris just didn't want a bride who's taller than him given he's 6'2" and he hoped his bride would find his impersonations funny.

Nicole hoped her husband wouldn't be too boring or think she's too much for him.

Once the pair met at the altar, they apparently guessed each other's names would be Chris and Nicole.

Chris learned Nicole is "a motor mouth" who loves to talk and has the personality of a strong Italian woman. Chris was told she is kind, selfless and generous, and he was advised to give her a lot of affection.

Nicole was then informed her groom is loyal, kind, affectionate, caring, and thoughtful but tends to overthink things. He was looking for a woman who can match his emotional level but also put him in his place whenever needed.

Nicole was also told that Chris likes to talk and re-tell stories over and over again and has two furbabies, Kobie and Koda, who each weigh 10 pounds.

In her vows, Nicole promised to respect and protect Chris' heart and emotions as well as encourage his hopes and dreams. She vowed to make him laugh every day because she's "hilarious" and choose him every day going forward.

In turn, Chris said he was excited to discover his wife's likes and dislikes, and also do "the little things" for her such as surprising her with flowers. Chris promised to be the best husband he can be.

Once they were declared husband and wife, they kissed at the altar and both seemed happy.

It then became time for Gina and Clint's wedding, and Clint was optimistic his wife was going to be cool -- or else he'd have to "force" her to be cool.

Gina's friends advised her to have a conversation with her husband after the ceremony and not treat it like a job interview, and Clint was optimistic he and his wife would get along and have things in common.

"I've slept with 65 partners, but at the end of the day, I just haven't found Mrs. Right. But I'm super ready for it," Clint revealed in a confessional.

"This is the ultimate journey for an adventurer like me and the guy who has been trying to find the right person for my whole life... But what if she doesn't get along with my family? What if she doesn't get along with my friends? What if we're not attracted to each other?"

Gina started crying before walking down the aisle, but she managed to keep herself composed.

When Gina walked down the aisle, she had a jaw-dropping smile on her face, and Clint looked happy as well.

Clint's family and friends told Gina that he's a captain of two sailboats and she's in for the ride of her life. Gina's loved ones informed Clint that he's very lucky to be marrying a kind-hearted and fierce woman who is an amazing travel partner and believes love is a daily choice.

In their self-written vows, Gina expressed thanks and inspiration in Clint's willingness to take a crazy chance on love. She promised to go on adventures with him and give love a chance.

Clint then read his vows and said he'd make their journey together exciting and interested. Clint vowed to be a co-captain Gina could rely on, and he vowed to have an open mind, heart and soul.

"I promise to seek a deep understanding of your wishes, your desires, your fears, and your dreams," Clint said. "I'm looking forward to writing this story for you."

Gina's dog Hank brought up the rings, and Clint immediately started speaking in a baby voice and petting him.

Once Gina and Clint both said, "I do," they shared a pretty sexy and passionate kiss at the altar.

Clint gushed about how Gina has natural beauty, beautiful eyes and a nice figure. He said he melted into her eyes and couldn't wait to dive deeper and get to know her.

When the newlyweds talked after their ceremony, Clint said when he heard she's up for an adventure, he figured it would be smooth sailing. Gina shared how she owns a hair salon in Nashville, and Clint said he owns a technology company who does consulting for 100 million-plus dollar businesses.

The pair discovered they both lived in the same high-rise downtown, and then Gina admitted he looked "a tad" familiar. She wondered if they had actually met in the elevator before.

"I feel like the stars have aligned and the universe is working in our favor. He has a sense of humor, he has a nice wave to his hair -- which is super sexy -- and so I'm excited to just have fun and get to know him," Gina told the cameras.

Clint could see excitement and passion behind Gina's eyes, and so he felt they'd be "golden," just like her Goldendoodle.

Footage then flashed to Nicole and Chris' wedding, and she said they were getting along wonderfully and having a great time.

Chris said Nicole's looks were "great" and he thought she had a very pretty face and nice smile. He thought she was "glowing," and Chris thought their union was awesome.

"This marriage to Chris has to work, because if I can't make it work with him, I am meant to be alone forever -- because he seems to have every single thing I am looking for in a husband," Nicole said, adding how Chris was the man of her dreams.

The episode concluded with Jasmine and Airris getting ready for their wedding.

Before Airris walked up to the altar, his cousin Fallina tried to talk him out of marrying a stranger outside of the ceremony room, saying they could walk out right now and never look back.

Airris was extremely nervous given he had never even lived with a woman before.

"I could turn around and leave out of this venue, but I am hopeful that it's going to shake the rest of my life out in a positive way," Airris explained Fallina, who didn't want Airris to "play" with his life.

Airris recognized what he was doing was "crazy" and there were "real concerns."

"It's scary when I think about it because I've never even lived with a woman. A lot of thoughts are going through my head and I'm all over the place, honestly," Airris confessed to the cameras.


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