Married at First Sight featured Johnny having major concerns and doubts about Bao and sleeping away from his wife, Gil Cuero losing patience over Myrla Feria not kissing him, Zack and Michaela reuniting after his COVID-19 diagnosis only to get into a huge fight, and Jose and Rachel revealing they've consummated their marriage during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Gil and Myrla, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Rachel and Jose, and Brett and Ryan.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 7 of marriage, with Jose gushing about how the experts had matched him with "the spitting image" of himself and he was thrilled.

Brett apparently had a much better flight home and then the couple moved into their new apartment together in Houston, TX.

All of the other couples also moved into their respective "neutral" apartments, which were provided by the show and all seemed to boast a beautiful view of the Houston skyline.

The Married at First Sight experts wanted the couples to enter their marriage on equal footing since honeymoons were over.

"This first night together in their new shared home is truly the beginning of the rest of their lives," Pastor Cal explained.

Rachel learned that Jose doesn't believe in dishwashers, and she worried about her bad habits rubbing her husband the wrong way, even though he thought she was perfect.

Rachel told her husband that she wanted to go to the gym at 5AM but needed four alarms to wake up. Jose naturally dreaded the idea of waking up numerous times so early in the morning.

"I'm afraid I won't wake up! I think you're just going to have to suffer through my alarms," Rachel pointed out.

Gil carried Myrla over the threshold into their first home together, but Myrla called the move "corny" instead of romantic. Gil looked forward to it being a tradition in their relationship, although Myrla considered it "awkward to do."
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The apartment was "most definitely" up to Myrla's standards, and Gil joked about his wife being a princess. Gil said he was relieved his wife was happy, but she had no intention of "making the magic happen" with Gil any time soon.

Meanwhile, Ryan was excited to not return home to an empty house every day, and he said he was genuinely happy to be married to Brett and have someone who would always be there and support him in life.

Brett, however, was a little nervous about mixing her daily routine with Ryan's and how they'd have to consider each other in every choice or decision made.

Johnny thought the apartment was beautiful, but Bao immediately did a home inspection and pointed out how she doesn't like electric stove cooktops and the refrigerator had no ice machine.

Johnny admitted that his wife sometimes took the fun out of things.

While Bao expressed her concern over Johnny being "particular," Johnny insisted all he needed was for his wife to shower before getting into bed, especially after working out.

"I'm not going to do that," Bao said. "I know that's your preference, but it's not my preference."

Johnny lamented how he was having "major concerns and doubts" and "didn't sign up for this."

Johnny said it seemed like every time he and Bao talked, they were on the verge of having an argument. Johnny therefore decided to be "real" and not blindside his wife with his feelings.

While sitting down for dinner, Johnny told Bao that it was nice being with her but he planned on going home after their meal, maybe for a couple of days in order to get a break "from the whole thing."

Johnny said the honeymoon was "draining" and "an emotional roller coaster" for him, and Bao appeared shocked and disappointed.

"I want to be completely transparent with you. After everything that happened, I'm conflicted about us and I need to figure out all the differences that came up between us, like, how do I really feel about them? Because I'm not sure," Johnny explained.

Bao was concerned about Johnny needing that much space when they're married and supposed to be living together.

"It does make me question if you're in it, like, if you're really committed," Bao responded.

Bao was feeling conflicted and disappointed, because she wanted to see her husband make a full effort and not "duck and run" whenever times got tough.

"I hope you're not setting the precedent that every time you think it's too much, you're just going to step away and just walk out of our home that we created," Bao told Johnny.

Johnny said he needed to reset and be alone, and Bao angrily replied, "That's fine. That's perfectly fine."

On Day 8 of marriage, Jose confessed that Rachel's alarms had pissed him off, but Brett and Ryan got a great night's sleep.

Zack then gushed about how he was happy to finally leave the Florida Keys hotel and head home to move in with Michaela, who looked forward to reuniting with her husband after his coronavirus battle.

While Johnny was away from his wife, he wondered if he could get past his differences from Bao and whether they could really have a successful marriage.

"They always told me marriage is not easy," Johnny noted. "I am barely married for a week, and I agree. What the hell."

Brett was then shown checking out Brett's former apartment, and he met her high-energy and athletic senior dog Baxter for the first time. Ryan liked the color of Brett's kitchen and the "calming" vibe of her bedroom, and he said he loved the idea of having a dog, which would be another "constant" in his life.

Jose also welcomed Rachel into his home, where he also wanted Rachel to live after the experiment. Rachel, however, wanted to make the house their "home" and not feel like she was just moving into Jose's place.

Jose gushed about his comfortable couch, high ceilings and where he puts his Christmas tree, and then Rachel saw the whiteboard of Jose's budget and monthly expenses.

Rachel appeared worried, saying she only had a calendar, but Jose said he'd help her get organized and better manage her finances.

"I don't know if I can fit in a box like that when it comes to finances," Rachel said. "We work hard... and splurging a little now and then isn't such a big deal."

Meanwhile, Myrla invited Gil into her apartment, and he expected a full-on diva's place with glitz and glam all over. Myrla had a memory wall of herself enjoying different trips, and Gil joked, "You love yourself!"

Myrla's small closet was stuffed with Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more.

Gil asked Myrla how many times a year she buys designer clothes or shoes, and she replied, "I'll buy two or three pairs -- I usually go two or three times a year."

Gil was a little taken aback by how much Myrla spends on clothes because he'd like to put his money into investments or real estate. Gil hoped Myrla would understand that their relationship comes first, before material items and shopping.

"I don't keep count of how much I spend on shoes," Myrla admitted.

"Must be nice!" Gil replied with a little sarcasm.

Brett then went over to Ryan's place and met his dog Maisey. Brett immediately loved the dog but just hoped he'd get along with Baxter, who was growling inside the car.

The two dogs met and wagged their tags outside of the apartment, but then Baxter got a little angry and aggressive.

Ryan noticed how Brett was stressed out and can be "highstrung" about things. He hoped she would relax a little bit and not overthink things.

When Jose checked out Rachel's apartment, he immediately noticed the clutter of giant water jugs blocking the front door. She also had a vanity full of makeup and a desk cluttered with about 50 pencils from everywhere she's traveled.

Rachel also had a storage globe in her living room from which she selects random countries to visit. Jose called Rachel's love for traveling "extreme," acknowledging how such trips would cost them a lot of money.

Brett then saw Ryan's house and called it "gorgeous," but she noted how there was a lot of brown and it needed some color. Brett was also not a fan of the deer head in Ryan's bedroom considering she doesn't shoot stuff.

Ryan said he wouldn't mind putting the deer head in the garage, where he joked Baxter's time out would be for snipping at Maisey.

It then became time for Myrla to meet Gil's dog and see his apartment. She said the place smelled like a dog and she had been imagining a smaller dog.

Gil promised that his dog Hype was friendly, but Myrla admitted she wasn't looking forward to the smell, slobber and hair in her apartment. However, Myrla said she was willing to compromise since she wanted to be married.

Gil kissed Hype in front of Myrla and she called it "gross."

"It's going to push the kiss-coming a lot further!" Myrla told the cameras. "But there's a reason why we were matched."

Meanwhile, while Johnny was away, Bao came to the conclusion she's the more "emotionally mature" person in the relationship. But she said she was trying really hard to not feel discouraged since Johnny had potential and really wanted their marriage to work.

"I think if you really want it, you just make it happen," Bao said.

Johnny brought Bao Thai food for dinner, and she managed to maintain a smile on her face. Johnny said the distance they had was "necessary and therapeutic" and allowed him to re-evaluate how he handled some things with his wife. He therefore entered the marriage with a fresh perspective.

Johnny said he was matched with a good communicator, and that was definitely a positive.

Johnny explained to Bao how he was feeling overwhelmed in their relationship because they'd get into arguments and then have no time to process or resolve things.

Johnny shared how some things are worth compromising on and realized the dating process for them was accelerated and so more issues popped up earlier than usual.

"By Day 2 or 3, if we had that many arguments, I would've already said, 'We are not meant to date,'" Johnny shared, which clearly upset Bao.

"But because the experts matched us for a reason, I feel like at some point over the next two months, we're going to grow to find out we have so much in common and that we do actually complement one another."

Bao promised Johnny that she was in it for the long haul as long as he'd stick around and be present with her, and Johnny agreed he was going to remain focused and not walk away from their marriage during times of hardship.

Johnny decided to face the adversity head-on and find out what Bao would be like as a potential lifetime partner, and Bao said she was optimistic about having a beautiful and incredible love story.

On Day 9 of marriage, Zack told Michaela that he was still testing positive for COVID-19 so he could surprise her and bring her some flowers. The couple hadn't been able to see each other, and so their reunion was happy and sweet.

"Being apart sucked and it's been a hard lesson to learn about him wanting to protect me from COVID and being harmed," Michaela said, adding how she was super excited to meet her dog Nova and get some quality time with her husband.

Michaela gifted Zack a sweet package of items for their one-week anniversary, and Zack said it felt great to hug and kiss his wife.

Pastor Cal then checked in with the couples in their new apartments, starting with Rachel and Jose. "Decision Day" was only seven weeks away.

Rachel said she couldn't wipe the smile off her face and she felt so happy and grateful to have been matched with Jose. Both individuals believed they had "married up."

Jose told Pastor Cal they'd have a joint account and didn't always see eye to eye on what they're going to spend their money on, like a trip to Europe vs. buying a car.

Pastor Cal advised Jose to push himself out of his comfort zone, while the expert also asked Rachel to acknowledge Jose's planning was only for the best.

The couple also revealed they had consummated their marriage.

Zack and Michaela's dogs Bella and Noah then met each other, and Michaela told her husband that she wouldn't walk out on him and leave the apartment if they ever got into a fight.

Because they were getting along so well, Zack said he was actually looking forward to their first argument to see how Michaela would act and react.

Bao then gave Johnny a tour of her apartment, which she kept really clean. Johnny even said he could envision himself living there.

Bao also liked Johnny's spacious apartment but told the cameras he needed some decorating help and she'd be happy to assist him.

Although the couple has a lot of differences, Bao realized they have a lot in common as well. She was able to be her goofy self with Johnny, and that gave him hope.

Ryan then gushed to Pastor Cal how Brett is the coolest girl he's ever met and their connection was just easy and they appreciate each other's humor and tendency to tease one another.

Brett also pointed out how Ryan has "a soft side" and takes care of everyone around her, which makes her feel like she can relax and not always have to be strong or in charge.

"It's still very new but I trust him a lot," Brett shared.

But Ryan said Brett doesn't share his hobby of being outdoors and he wanted to introduce her to some country things. Pastor Cal asked Brett to keep an open mind and learn from Ryan and the other way around.

Ryan confirmed he and Brett were affectionate with each other but were still waiting to have sex. Ryan said the relationship was moving slower than he had anticipated but it was growing and he's a big fan of his wife.

"I have a crush on you," Brett said while blushing, adding that she could probably express herself verbally more often.

And Ryan said he definitely liked his wife and could see himself falling in love with her, which Brett agreed.

On Day 10 of marriage, Zack left his apartment around 7:15AM and when Michaela woke up an hour later, she didn't know where he went. Michaela was very angry Zack had left without leaving a note or even sending her a quick text. He also wouldn't answer her phone calls.

"And so -- I'm out!" Michaela said, throwing something down onto the floor.

When Pastor Cal said down with Gil, Gil guessed Myrla's closet was worth $75,000. Myrla said she had about 10 "red bottom" shoes, and Gil confessed that he thought that was "too much."

Myrla said she wouldn't be open to shopping less unless there was a good reason to cut down, and for the time being, she was still able to save money.

Pastor Cal told Myrla she must make "marriage decisions" with Gil and take his perspective into account.

Gil then revealed he and Myrla had yet to kiss each other, although they had begun touching and cuddling before bed.

"But that's the peak. That's the climax right there... It's a low-budget film," Gil told Pastor Cal. "She's been cheeking me [instead of kissing me]."

Gil, however, confirmed he felt sexual vibes and chemistry with Myrla, who also said she would "eventually" like to have sex with her husband once she gets to know him a little better.

Gil said he could make it through the entire experiment without having sex but he was craving a kiss pretty badly. Myrla said kissing was still out of her comfort zone because it's a very intimate encounter, but she assured Gil that it would happen with time.

"I asked her straight up, 'Do you think you could go from now until 'Decision Day' without a kiss? Without giving me a kiss?' She said, 'Probably,' and I said, 'Okay, well just know, I'm going to be 100 percent real with you -- if that happens, I am going to ask for a divorce,'" Gil explained.

"The fact you will say it but won't show me, knowing I do want to be with you... do you really want to be with me?"

Before Pastor Cal met up with Michaela and Zack, Michaela opened up to Zack about how she was upset to wake up in the early morning without Zack next to her. Zack said he fell asleep somewhere else in the apartment and didn't mean to.

Zack said he had to take Bella to daycare once he woke up, but Michaela said he never communicated that.

Zack explained that he didn't leave her in the dark on purpose, but Michaela said it felt "intentional" and he could've sent her a simple text message to be clear about his whereabouts.

Zack laughed about the situation and didn't think it was a big deal, and he called Michaela's behavior "a red flag." He said he hated her behavior.

Michaela pointed out how Zack never came back, but Zack said he returned home around 9AM and she wasn't there.

"You lie. You're a damn f-cking liar," Michaela griped.

The couple did not reach a resolution and then Pastor Cal came into the apartment when things were pretty tense.

Michaela told Pastor Cal that Zack was challenging, dynamic and strong, and Zack complimented Michaela on being amazing, caring and loving. He said their argument was just "a bump in the road."

Zack insisted he had been nothing but honest with Michaela so far and it hurt his feelings that she didn't believe him and was suspicious of him.

Michaela then broke down into tears, saying she was nervous to let her guard down and totally trust Zack.

Michaela shared how Zack is a phenomenal man and she'd like to be with him for the rest of her life; however, she was worried about having safety and security since she had to protect herself after her beloved father's passing.

Michaela struggled to let Zack take on that masculine role and take care of her, and the pair slowly worked things out with Pastor Cal's help.

Michaela admitted how she felt abandoned once her father died, and Pastor Cal asked Michaela to allow Zack to be there for her and console her.

Pastor Cal told Zack that him leaving the house stirred up something deep in his wife, who had to question where her protector went. Zack couldn't relate to Michaela's traumatic experience, but he promised to have her back and be there for her.

Michaela worried Zack was trying to take on too much responsibility, but he assured he wanted to do that and it wasn't too much for him.

"I don't want you to derail this early on," Pastor Cal noted.

And finally, Pastor Cal visited Bao and Johnny and explained how any challenges they were facing probably stemmed from fear of not being accepted or things now working out.

Bao revealed how she and Johnny had argued about her snoring because Johnny had dismissed her insecurity and poked fun at her vulnerability.

"I feel like sometimes you're rejecting me. I feel like I have to initiate all the physical touch, just trying to get any kind of affection," Bao said.

"But I do feel like I initiate," Johnny responded.

Pastor Cal warned Johnny that Bao wasn't feeling attractive to her husband, who therefore opened up about what was really bothering him.

Johnny clearly struggled to speak because he didn't want to hurt Bao's feelings, but Bao said she wanted to hear and know the truth.

"When you get happy and excited, it feels like you get very giddy, almost like a little kid. I personally don't find it attractive," Johnny said.

"I think it's because I'm trying to be physically intimate. I want that to grow. And when you do that, it turns me off. And a lot of your advances towards me are also... in that line."

Johnny recalled Bao essentially looking at him with puppy-dog eyes, wanting a kiss, but it's not the passion, hotness and spice he wants to feel from his wife.

Johnny said such behavior didn't get him going and her actions would result in just a friendly kiss.

Bao admitted that she didn't feel attractive at all because Johnny was comparing her to a child, and Johnny replied, "That's why I didn't want to say it."

Pastor Cal told the pair that it was great to say how they felt, but Bao therefore questioned if she can't be herself.

"In my moments of joy -- and most people don't see that side of me -- when I'm just giddy, that's how I express that, and I only do that with a romantic partner. I feel like in a way, he's disgusted by my joy or the way that I express joy," Bao shared.

Pastor Cal asked Bao not to get inside her head because there's nothing wrong with the way she expresses joy.

Pastor Cal challenged Bao to continue being giddy, before advising Johnny to look at it like something cute. Pastor Cal reminded Johnny how Bao is a grown woman in every sense and this issue was not Bao's issue -- it was his issue.

Pastor Cal told Bao not to diminish who she is because there's nothing wrong with who she is.

The expert predicted both individuals would grow intense and deep feelings for one another as long as they don't let the relationship fail.


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