Married at First Sight: Couples Cam featured Danielle Bergman revealing the gender of their second child to Bobby Dodd, Shawniece Jackson admitting marriage is really hard after arguing with Jephte Pierre, Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd deciding to look for a home, and Jamie Thompson giving Elizabeth Bice a big surprise during Thursday night's episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam features raw, self-shot footage updating viewers on the current lives of former Married at First Sight couples from the show's first ten seasons.

The couples' domestic lives are documented in real time and shared via mounted cameras, Diary Cams and virtual group chats.


The couples featured on Married at First Sight: Couples Cam are Season 1 couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, Season 5 couple Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico, Season 6 couple Shawniece and Jephte, Season 7 couple Danielle and Bobby, Season 8 couple AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen, Season 8 couple Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar, Season 9 couple Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson, Season 9 couple Gregory Okotie and Deonna McNeill, and Season 10 couple Jessica and Austin.

Those nine Married at First Sight couples are all still married, and four of them have started families.

Below is the latest on each couple based on Episode 9 of Married at First Sight: Couples Cam.

Danielle and Bobby

Bobby said he and Danielle wanted pictures of their daughter Olivia revealing she's going to be a "Big Sis," but Olivia wasn't cooperating.

Bobby playfully said he and his wife have taken millions of photos of their daughter throughout her life so far.

Bobby drove Danielle to her doctor appointment where they'd be finding out the gender of their second baby together.

Bobby said, "I don't want to know," so Danielle planned to keep a secret from Bobby -- although he called her "the worst secret keeper" ever.

"Bobby is keeping really quiet about what he thinks the gender of our baby will be, but I know with my first pregnancy, he was really hoping for a boy," Danielle said.

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Bobby previously said he had always pictured himself having a son.

"But I know he's completely fallen in love with Olivia. He really does mean it when he says he'd be happy with another girl," Danielle shared.

"But I also think there's a part of him that's not trying to give his hopes up because he's always wanted a son."

When Danielle returned to the car after her appointment, Danielle said she had her blood taken and needed to wait for the results.

Danielle later received the results of the gender test in a voicemail on her phone, and Danielle learned everything looked "really good" in her blood work.

"The baby is healthy and it is confirmed that you guys are having a baby boy. Congratulations!" the doctor said on the phone.

Danielle appeared ecstatic and almost started crying immediately.

"It's confirmed then that it's a baby boy!" Danielle whispered as Bobby was in another room with Olivia.

Danielle knew that Bobby didn't want to know the sex of their baby, but now that Danielle knew the results, she said, "There is no way I can keep this from him, because I know how much he's always wanted a boy."

Danielle therefore approached Bobby and told him that their baby is healthy, which was "the best news."

"And you're having a baby boy," Danielle revealed.

"You're kidding me?!" Bobby responded. "You swear? 100 percent?"

"One hundred percent," Danielle replied in tears.


Danielle said she was "99.9 percent sure" they were having a baby boy, and then Bobby pulled her in for a hug.

Bobby told Olivia she's going to have a baby brother and everyone cheered. Bobby said have a child of each gender was the "absolute best of both worlds" and he couldn't wait to call and share the news with everyone they know.

Kristine and Keith

Kristine and Keith revealed they are 85 percent done with their home renovation, and Kristine added, "It's looking good!"

Keith and Kristine drove over to Keith's grandmother's house, where Keith needed to remove a tree stump from the yard.

"How hard is it to remove a tree stump?!" Kristine asked her husband.

"Are you serious?!" Keith replied, who subsequently struggled to remove the stump from the ground.

Kristine said it's about time her husband did a little hard work and he could stand to do it.

"I don't know who kidnapped my husband and replaced him with this strong, tree-chopping muscle man, but I am loving what I am seeing," Kristine told the cameras.

After taking down the tree stump, Keith said he felt like he could take on anything.

Kristine dad's Dave later helped her daughter and Keith open up walls in their home and work on a staircase. Apparently Keith tried to make an entrance to the basement under the stairs and underestimated the job, so the couple needed some help.

Dave said the couple needed to leave the home for a week while he worked, and Keith said they should look on the bright side and treat it like a vacation.

"I just want to [be able to] go downstairs," Kristine vented.

Shawniece and Jephte

Shawniece acknowledged she and Jephte were "fighting over cereal," so the quarantine was clearly taking a toll on them.

Jephte said he and Shawniece were fighting and there was "crazy tension" between them because she didn't think he helped out enough around the house.

Shawniece complained she has "too many duties," and while Jephte thought he was helping out by doing his own laundry, she said it didn't take away from the fact Shawniece still had her own laundry to do, as well as their daughter Laura's laundry.


Jephte could tell his wife was feeling "overwhelmed," and Shawniece decided to come up with a list of all the chores and tasks she does on a daily basis, including cooking and cleaning vs. the chores Jephte got down.

Shawniece had a long list of things, but Jephte could only come up with a few things such as walking the dog and doing some laundry.

Jephte, however, insisted Shawniece liked things done a certain way, and so even if he tried to clean, she would just do it again and "fix" it.

"I'm very upset," Shawniece admitted, adding that she never gets to sit down and watch TV or relax.

Jephte advised Shawniece to wake up earlier so she'd have more time to do things, but then Shawniece pointed out, "Me and you are two different people."

"It doesn't even make sense," Jephte argued.

But then Shawniece said she was going to show Jephte how busy she is during a normal, average day.

The next day, Jephte said he was going to take control of the situation and plan out a schedule for them regarding Laura. Jephte didn't want his wife feeling swamped anymore.

Jephte wanted to start their day at 7AM, but Shawniece said the schedule didn't make sense for her because she's up late doing her work as an entrepreneur. That's the only time she's apparently able to be in her "creative mind."

Shawniece refused to wake up early for Jephte, saying she didn't want to function on his time or his clock. But Jephte said he didn't understand how waking up at 8AM would be so hard or should be such a big deal.

Shawniece called Jephte "a drill sergeant" and the pair continued to bicker because Shawniece said she was exhausted.

Since Jephte's schedule didn't work out, Jephte offered to take some of the household responsibilities off his wife's plate. Shawniece explained she had grown up with a single mother and saw how hard it is to take care of a kid alone.

"Nobody talks about how hard marriage is going to be," Shawniece cried. "They really only glorify the love, the kisses, the hugs -- it's hard and it takes a lot of adjusting. It takes a lot of figuring out."

Jephte said they were going on Year 3 but skipped important steps, such as getting engaged, and so Jephte explained they were naturally going to hit bumps in the road.

Shawniece admitted she has the tendency to shut down when times get hard but she loved Jephte and didn't want to do that. Shawniece told her husband, "I want to be a better person and I want to change."

Jephte gave Shawniece a kiss, and they were clearly working through their issues.

Deonna and Greg

Greg walked in on Deonna doing some yoga, saying it's good for ovulation. Deonna learned, for example, the "Three-legged downward facing dog" pose can be a hip-opener and increase blood flow.

Deonna joked she was trying to get her body into "tip, top baby-making shape."

Deonna wasn't sure how certain stretches would help with her fertility, but she tried everything anyway and Greg even joined her in their living room to be supportive.

But Deonna admitted to Greg she was kind of making things up as she went along.

"Why am I doing this? Deonna doesn't know what she's doing, and she's the one who wants to get pregnant!" Greg told the cameras.

Deonna insisted her dog Sandy wanted to have a sibling, but Greg disagreed based on Sandy's body language and reaction to Deonna talking about having a child.

Deonna read on the Internet there are a bunch of foods that can help with fertility, so she took out salmon, oats, items to make smoothies and more.

Given Deonna was trying to get her body in "baby mode," which Greg thought was "kind of cute," he opted to do better himself and help his wife.

Greg therefore made a beautiful healthy dinner for his wife comprised of foods that supposedly help with fertility, and he called it "an aphrodisiac dinner."

"I googled some stuff," Greg said.

"Googling has never looked so sexy," Deonna joked.

During a prayer before dinner, Greg said he hoped the meal would help Deonna to pop out a baby soon, and she laughed while enjoying the nice meal.

"I think this aphrodisiac dinner is working," Deonna said.

"Or it's the margaritas," Greg pointed out.

AJ and Stephanie

AJ said his work was starting to take off and he really needed his office back, even though he was very grateful to Stephanie for "bringing home the bacon" during the coronavirus pandemic.

AJ therefore told Stephanie he had piles of work to get done, which was great since he basically jumpstarted a new business, but then he broke the news he needed his work space back.

"Like how soon though?" Stephanie asked.

"Like, yesterday," AJ admitted.

Stephanie had gotten used to working in the office for three months, so she told her husband that she wasn't happy about it.

Since AJ had asked Stephanie to vacate his office and she was working right outside his door, he decided to have a little fun and invite Stephanie to "an office mixer" in the common area of her office.

AJ wrote Stephanie an email asking her to RSVP so he could have an "accurate head count" for food and beverage.

Stephanie never replied to AJ's RSVP but Stephanie said she never replied.

The couple then enjoyed a mixer complete with alcohol and popcorn, and Stephanie thought the gesture was "adorable." It was a way for AJ to apologize for kicking his wife out of the office area.

"Thank you, I appreciate it. I'm not mad anymore," Stephanie said.

"Wait, you were mad?!" AJ asked.

Jessica and Austin

Jessica discussed with Austin what their next step was going to be since Step 1 was getting a dog, and the pair agreed it was time to look for a house.

After Step 2 of finding a house, Jessica joked Step 3 would be getting a second dog.

Jessica said she'd be open to moving father out from the city so they'd be closer to Austin's family. Jessica thought it would be nice for Austin's relatives to be near by when they decide they're ready to expand their family.

Jessica and Austin admitted they're clueless when it comes to real estate, so they decided to FaceTime with Kristine and ask her for some advice. Kristine told the couple to get a pre-approval from a lender, who would look at their credit.

Jessica asked Kristine how they could avoid finding a house that's haunted and has ghosts in it, and Kristine replied, "If you don't ask about that, you're probably not going to find out."

Austin was surprised his wife's No. 1 concern about buying a home seemed to be whether or not it's haunted.

Kristine insisted she'd have Jessica and Austin's back but they should probably talk to a medium when it comes to chasing down ghosts.

Jessica and Austin then looked at "an older house" that was in their price range.

It was a four-bedroom, two-bath place with a fenced-in backyard. However, no one was living in the house, and the realtor revealed the people had already moved out.

Surprisingly, however, clothes were still in the closets and Jessica pointed out that if the people left the house in that condition, it appeared like they "left in a hurry."

There was also a greenhouse in the backyard, and Jessica said it looked like something out of a scary movie. The basement also apparently creeped Jessica out, and Austin even admitted he had found the house "terrifying" even though he really doesn't believe in ghosts.

"I don't think we should go forward with that house," Jessica told the cameras.

"I'm convinced that that house is haunted, for sure. I just don't understand where they would go and leave their clothes... [And] who's taking care of all the plants?!"

Elizabeth and Jamie

Elizabeth said she had done everything in her power to try to convince Jamie to go home with her to the Carolinas to visit with their families, including crying and cooking southern food.

Elizabeth determined her last resort was to involve their dog, Dharma. Elizabeth wrote a letter on Dharma's behalf and put it on Dharma's back so she could walk over to Jamie and give him the letter to read.

"Dear Dad, has anyone told you that you are the best dad in the world?" the letter read. "But for the love of dog treats, please let us go home. [The other dogs] take all my lap space and eat all my treats -- those are my treats. I will love you forever and so will mom. Love, Dharma."

Elizabeth added that Dharma cried to her and was "so sad," but Jamie pointed out, "I don't think she's that sad," as Dharma was on the verge of falling asleep in Jamie's office.

Jamie said he appreciated how creative Elizabeth was getting with her plea to go home, but he told his wife, "[We're staying here] for our own safety right now."

"I give up Jamie," Elizabeth complained.

Later on, Jamie delivered a letter to Elizabeth via Dharma again and said "she wrote back."

Jamie gifted his wife plane tickets to Charlotte, NC, saying, "It's time to go home, don't you think?"

"I'm so in shock I don't even know what to say. I'm so excited!" Elizabeth said on the verge of tears.

Elizabeth thanked her husband and was so happy and surprised. Jamie said it was simply time for them to go home, especially because he knew how much Elizabeth was missing her family.

Jamie said he and Elizabeth were going to wear masks, sanitize and do everything they could to stay safe, clean and healthy.

"I'm so happy!" Elizabeth gushed.

"Well I'm happy you're happy," Jamie noted.


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