The latest trailer for Chelsea Handler's upcoming four-part "Chelsea Does..." docu-series shows the raunchy comedian confronting racism as she travels the country and the world.

Uploaded to YouTube Monday, the clip shows Handler visiting controversial border sites including that between the United States and Mexico and interviewing South Carolina locals about the ongoing issue of police brutality.

The promo also features an interview with civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton, in which Handler asks if it is offensive to say "black people like watermelon and fried chicken?"

"Yeah, 'cause I'm a vegetarian," Sharpton responds.

"I make fun of everyone. And I think that's helpful," Handler is heard saying about her comedy, which is at times blunt and unapologetic. "I just want to live in a place where a person of every color is able to hit on me," she says.

"Chelsea Does...," a Netflix special, said to be a precursor to a more long-term stint, will debut on the streaming website Jan. 23.