Big Brother evicted Jasmine Davis and Joseph Abdin in back-to-back evictions at separate festivals during the Season 24 live eviction episode that aired Thursday night on CBS.

Jasmine, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Terry, MS who currently resides in Atlanta, GA, was evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 51 through a 2-0 vote instead of Monte Taylor, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Bear, DE, under Michael Bruner's Head of Household reign.


Minutes later, Joseph, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, FL, was also evicted from the game in a 2-0 vote instead of Kyle Capener, a 29-year-old unemployed cast member from Bountiful, UT, under Terrance Higgins' Head of Household reign.

The Big Brother broadcast began with Brittany Hoopes explaining how she, Michael and Taylor Hale at "Big Brochella" planned to stay loyal to "The Leftovers" and vote out Jasmine.

Monte only needed two votes to stay, and there were two Leftovers voting. He also assumed Michael could break a tie, in the worst case scenario, as the HoH.

Jasmine attempted to convince her fellow festival goers that Monte was the bigger threat, and the group had no idea what was going on outside at "Dyre Fest."

It then became time for the vote and eviction at "Big Brochella" inside the Big Brother house.

In his brief statement ahead of the vote, Monte insisted he's an honest man who wasn't going to target anyone in his group, and Jasmine said her fellow houseguests should keep her in the house if they wanted to continue to laugh, eat chicken wings and enjoy candied bacon.

Neither of the two nominees were allowed to vote, and Michael, the HoH, could only vote in the event of a tie.

Taylor and Brittany both voted to evict Jasmine, and so Jasmine was sent packing.

"I'm not going to say that I'm completely shocked," Jasmine told Big Brother host Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview.


"When Monte came off the block when Michael was HoH before, I figured something else was going on. But I really did start to believe that Monte was a bigger threat than I was, but then, their mannerisms and body language this week at Big Brochella told me that I was probably going to be on the block this week."

Jasmine, who became Juror No. 2, said she felt "most betrayed" by Alyssa Snider because they had been in multiple alliances together yet Alyssa was plotting behind her back and allegedly sharing information.

Jasmine also predicted Joseph would probably be evicted at "Dyre Fest" because he hadn't won any competitions and Terrance would probably nominate two threats during his first Head of Household reign.

Footage then flashed back to Day 48 in the backyard, with Terrance up against a showmance, Kyle and Alyssa, and a bromance, Joseph and Monte. Matthew "Turner" Turner was also a part of this festival group.

Turner knew one of "The Leftovers" would be going home this week, and he acknowledged how that totally sucked.

Terrance told Kyle how he had nominated him just to keep things cool for a couple of days. Terrance admitted he was "more nervous" about Joseph in the game because "MOJO," Joseph's alliance with Monte, seemed stronger and more threatening than Kyle and Alyssa's partnership.

Turner thanked Terrance for using the Power of Veto on him, and then Kyle talked to Alyssa how Turner was "persuadable" to join their side.

Meanwhile, Joseph explained to Terrance how Kyle had betrayed him and exposed "The Leftovers." Terrance warned Joseph that Kyle had said Joseph and Monte were actually running the big alliance.

"He built it," Joseph said of Kyle. "He betrayed his entire alliance and then spilled information people trusted him with... And you think he's not going to do that when you make a new alliance and you walk in [the house] with everyone else?"

While Joseph was in the Diary Room, Terrance, Turner, Kyle and Alyssa agreed to a Final 4 alliance and called themselves "The Afterparty."

Turner said he was "ready to rock" with this group because he never felt close with everyone in "The Leftovers" alliance. They had also bonded over eating bread and Spam all week.

Joseph then openly talked to Kyle, Alyssa, Turner and Terrance. Joseph made the point that when Alyssa was on the block when Kyle and Daniel Durston were the Veto holders, Alyssa only came off the block because Daniel wanted to use the Veto -- not Kyle.


"Kyle was down to leave you guys [Alyssa and Indy Santos] up there," Joseph said.

Kyle insisted it was "The Leftovers" forcing that plan upon him and leaving Alyssa on the chopping block was never an option for him. Kyle accused Joseph of putting words in his mouth, and then Alyssa pointed out how Joseph had lied to her at the time.

Kyle then accused Joseph of having lied to Alyssa two days prior at the Indy vote.

Alyssa therefore determined that Joseph was "a big liar" and she could no longer believe or trust him. Alyssa scolded Joseph for being a double agent and playing both sides of the house, and Turner supported Alyssa's complaint.

Turner said he only felt like he was a part of "The Leftovers" because he had won HoH that week, and he thought Kyle had people's backs. Joseph noted how he had never lied to Turner or Kyle, but Alyssa was voting -- and he had lied to her.

Turner told the cameras that Joseph was digging his own grave, and Kyle boasted in the Diary Room how Joseph trying to defend himself was only helping Kyle out more.

Turner said the people at "Big Brochella" had no idea about "the savages" the players at "Dyre Fest" had turned into.

It then became time for the second eviction of the night at "Dyre Fest."

Joseph addressed the group and said this game-changing twist opened up a new chapter for how they could re-enter the house. He asked them to pick the person who had always been "a team player," referring to himself.

Kyle said that he hoped he had proven he can win competitions and that, behind closed doors, he had kept both Alyssa and Turner safe. Kyle concluded his speech with the following message to everyone except Joseph: "Let's go to war."

Turner and Alyssa both voted to evict Joseph, who was unable to see the rest of the houseguests inside the Big Brother house before he exited the game.

Joseph received a warm round of applause from the live audience, and Julie asked why Joseph thought he was evicted over a showmance.

"Apparently it looks like my bromance was more intimidating than [Kyle]'s showmance. My bromance with Monte seemed to be everybody's concern," Joseph explained.

Joseph added, "Kyle and Alyssa were together and so they were running the backyard. It was a hard battle, but I might as well try."

Joseph said he didn't regret remaining loyal to "The Leftovers" alliance because he wanted to prove that loyalty can exist in Big Brother in some aspect.

Joseph also suggested that he didn't respect Kyle's gameplay, telling Julie, "I think that's not a game I wanted to play. I took the harder route going forward. I tried to keep some form of my moral compass in line. I should've done a better job; I should've saw it coming."


In addition, Joseph, who became Juror No. 3, admitted that it broke his heart to leave the house without saying goodbye to Taylor and he hopes that she'll "reach out" to him once the game is over.

"I know you can't always put yourself first... It takes a team to get to the end, and that's what I was trying to do," Joseph noted. "The Big Brother house is something else!"

All of the remaining houseguests then reunited inside the Big Brother house, and the members of "Big Brochella" -- especially Monte and Taylor -- seemed shocked about Joseph's eviction.


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